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Do you ever feel any of this?

I have no people in my life to ask questions about my business

I feel like I'm going through entrepreneurship alone

I don't know what I'm doing

Is this idea worth pursuing?

Will I ever make money beyond friends & family discounts (yuck!)

It's so overwhelming! I have no time to spend trying to find this Info all over the web!


Well good news! Take a breath (inhale!) the TCC Circle is here to help!


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The Vision Behind 30 days of posts instagram service



Hey all! I'm Jenna!

When I graduated from college & started my first blog in 2014, I searched long & hard to find a local online & offline group for online creatives, bloggers, artists, influencers & entrepreneurs and found NOTHING! So instead of waiting around for one to come (& to be honest probably lose steam and disappear), I decided to make my VISION a reality! 

We've had EXPLOSIVE growth at TCC since launching in 2016, hitting 10K followers on Instagram earlier this year and launching our signature courses. 

The number of people interested in CONNECTING & UPLEVELING their brands & businesses has been growing. With more people means more opportunities to connect.

Now we are ready to uplevel TCC by launching the #30daysofposts instagram launch service by offering a step by step way to launch or relaunch your instagram with consistency, both with a content & posting schedule

Why signup up for the one on one
30 days of posts instagram launch service?

You are ready to take the next step in your Instagram

You want to learn all about marketing your business, gaining visibility amongst the local & online community through instagram & create beautiful images you can use to promote your service

We will do all that and more in this program

Invest in your education of the instagram platform in 2019!

Instagram Service Packages


30 days of posts INstagram Launch Package

6 week program

You have some ideas but don’t know where to start! What if I could get you up & running with 30 days of images, strategy & a template to continue with your account moving forward? Welcome to the 30 day Launch Your Brand Package

Package Price: $649

30 Days of Posts Features

6 weeks of work to launch your instagram


Step 1: Audit & Planning

Step 1: Instagram & Website Audit I will be going through your current instagram feed and give personalized feedback on hashtags, grid layout, setup, calls to action & much more

  • Website Audit: I will be sharing tips about your website looking from a stranger’s point of view

  • Branding help & feedback on the following

    • Logo

    • Website Design & Copy

    • Brand Colors

    • Fonts

    • Brand Tone of Voice

  • I’ll also share some resources on branding professionals  & online options for creating a cohesive brand

  • Planning Session (Ideas for a month of posts)


Step 2: Brand photoshoot

lifestyle or product Photos with 30 images for the month

  • These photos can be taken at my studio in Minnetonka or on location (within 30 miles of Minneapolis)

  • Options for photos include

    • product images (photos of your product solo)

    • lifestyle & working shots (shots of you working at a desk, sitting,working, etc…)

    • styled flatlays with props from our prop library

    • headshots & photos of employees


Step 3: Strategy & Education

We will walk through photography, including phone and dslr photos, editing in lightroom & crafting your one month content & photography plan & education of the app “Canva” for graphics. We will work on engagement & growing your followers as well as working on stories and additional ways to grow your audience. You will be in charge of posting the photos we took and utilizing the photos we’ve taken and planned to post.


Step 4: Follow uP

Follow up: After 30 days of posting, we will do a call to follow up to see how you did and if you have additional questions.

Who is the person right for this program?


This service is for those DIYers who want to learn how to post on instagram & want to have a long term instagrma strategy in place for their business. Someone who believes they can take control of their account after getting help setting up

THis is not for those who plan to pass it off to a social media manager after the 30 days, as i instruct you how to dIY


Artists, Moms, Dads, Marketers, Consultants, Coaches, Jewelry Designers, Clothing Designers, Copywriters, Lawyers, Fitness Instructors, Health Coaches, Teachers, Authors, Photographers, Videographers, Event Planners, Store Owners, Hobbyists, Interior Designers, Realtors, Web Designers, Brand Designers, & so many more!

Full Time Workers, Part Time Workers, Side Hustlers, Full Time in Your Business

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Signup for the 30 Days to Post Signature Consulting service


30 days to post consulting service




-Instagram Audit to run through your account

-planning session of 30 posts for the brand photoshoot

-Brand photoshoot with 30 edited photos to use on social media

-Strategy session to post, including caption ideas & hashtags, times to post and more

-Follow up session after 30 days of posting


Listen to some of those involved in the TCC community & how it's impacted them!

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