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Go from online to offline and connect with other like-minded locals while you grow your blog or biz!

Our Story

In 2015, while browsing FB, Jenna stumbled upon a group called Minnesota Bloggers. It was a group for local bloggers to connect & meet each other. Little did she know this was the start of her journey into the world of local networking groups for creatives. She realized the importance of finding a local community and meeting face to face, but also to stay connected via social media. Fast forward to 2016, another group called “Twin Cities Blogger Collective” had been created, but the leader was moving away. Jenna jumped at the opportunity to become the leader. Through a series of events, the Minnesota Bloggers group she had originally found was also leaderless, so she decided to combine the groups into one big community & rename it Twin Cities Collective (For Bloggers, Businesses & Creatives). In late 2018, she also merged her business into the group, adding services like Instagram Coaching & Stock Photography to the services.

What TCC offers

The Twin Cities Collective was created to help Twin Cities bloggers and creatives connect with other like-minded individuals in our area. We come together to teach, learn, connect and support - all with the purpose of helping you grow your business and brand!

We have an active Facebook group along with monthly meet-ups and educational events that we'd love for you to be a part of (like our signature Instagram Growth Workshop) as well as services like Instagram Coaching

Who runs this organization?

Jenna Redfield is a Business & Social Media Coach, here to help you bring more visibility and followers to your business since 2016!

I help Twin Cities Based Businesses market themselves online so they can grow their influence and connect with other local professionals.
I’m Jenna Redfield, social media strategist & online community leader with an emphasis in instagram. I own Twin Cities Collective LLC, which started as a community networking group that has turned into a business & marketing educational organization as well. I’ve been growing the Twin Cities Collective audience for nearly 3 years and built it to over 14 thousand local people following & interacting through Instagram and over three thousand in our Facebook group. Now I’m helping others learn how to do it for their brand. I have over 5 years of experience working in marketing & have created 3 businesses with multiple jobs in the space. I have worked as a marketing director for several businesses, & now am a coach for small businesses wanting to grow their audience & influence in the online space. My skillset is broad, with a background in video, I have skills in photography, website design & more design side while also focusing on strategy & local in person communication.

I'm also a sought after public speaker, speaking at such events as Startup Week, MN Bloggers Conference, Twin Cities Social Media Marketing Meetup, Women Entrepreneur's of MN. I've also been featured on Twin Cities Live, sharing instagram tips with their viewers

In my free time, I am active in my local community, enjoy game nights with friends & love to sing, create YouTube videos & spend too much time on my phone.

Creating visual content, educating my audience through strategic marketing & connecting & being a positive influence in the Twin Cities area are some of my biggest strengths.


Who makes up the Twin Cities Collective?

Product Based Businesses: Artistans, Jewelry Designers, Clothing Designers, Makers, Crafters, Stationary, Direct Sales, Promotional Products

Service Based Businesses: Advertisers & Marketers, Consultants, Coaches, Copywriters, Lawyers, Fitness Instructors, Health Coaches, Teachers, Authors, Photographers, Videographers, Event Planners, Interior Designers, Realtors, Web Designers, Brand Designers, Accountants, Chiropractors, Content Creators, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Developers
Bloggers: Parenting, Fashion, Home, Fitness, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Specific Niche

Brick & Mortar Businesses: Boutiques, Restaurants, Experiences, Spas, Gyms, Event Spaces, Coworking Spaces, Printing Shops

Full Time Workers, Part Time Workers, Side Hustlers, Full Time in Your Business

All living in the wonderful state of Minnesota!

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We started with a bang and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Here’s a little bit of our story:

  • Twin Cities Blogger Collective was formed as a local networking group for bloggers

  • Jenna took over as director + owner

  • We partnered with local businesses and TCC members Allie Marie Design (branding) and Branding Babes Co (website) to relaunch as the Twin Cities Collective! It was so amazing to relaunch as a deeper, wider network!

  • We launched the Twin Cities Collective podcast, now named one of the best 50 local podcasts on Apple Podcasts!

  • We created our first physical product - our very own TCC mug designed by local business and TCC member Sara Hynes Designs

  • Our first series of workshops launched at our TCC headquarters inside of Studio Cowork. You guys loved the Instagram Growth Workshop so much that we made it our signature program!

  • WE HIT 10K FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM!! We are so incredibly humbled to be making such an impact in the Twin Cities!

  • We partnered with local business and TCC member My Billie Design Studio to launch the newest version of our website. Our aim is to better showcase all of our new offerings and help you get plugged in easier + faster to the things that matter most to you.

  • Twin Cities Collective launched our Online Courses

  • Twin Cities Collective launched Shirts

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 We’ve got even more fun things up our sleeves and can’t wait to share them with you later this year. Be sure to join our Facebook group, follow along on Instagram or sign up below for our updates so you never miss a beat!

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