What is Twin Cities Collective?


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What is Twin Cities Collective?

What TCC offers

Community Resources Education

The Twin Cities Collective was created to help Twin Cities bloggers and creatives connect with other like-minded individuals in our area. We come together to teach, learn, connect and support - all with the purpose of helping you grow your business and brand! Basically Local “Chamber of Commerce” Reimagined for the Gig Economy, ran by Jenna Redfield.

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Who runs this organization?


Jenna Redfield is a Business & Social Media Coach, here to help you bring more visibility and followers to your business since 2016!

Creating visual content, educating my audience through strategic marketing & connecting & being a positive influence in the Twin Cities area are some of my biggest strengths.

I help Twin Cities Based Businesses market themselves online so they can grow their influence and connect with other local professionals.

I’ve spoken at many events, podcasts & tv appearances

In my free time, I am active in my local community, enjoy game nights with friends & love to sing, create YouTube videos & spend too much time on my phone.


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