Top 10 Tips for Bloggers Starting a YouTube Channel

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Hello everyone! I felt really strongly about making this blog post because I think it is really needed in the blogging community.


This blog post is geared towards bloggers, but anyone starting a channel can utilize these tips.

You may have heard that videos are a really big deal at the moment and their presence is only growing. Many bloggers are looking at growing a YouTube Channel as another way to grow their brand, gain subscribers and really just grow their following.

However, I was looking at some fellow bloggers today and there were a few "no-nos" that I really wish someone had told them before they started their channels.

A little background: I've been on youtube since 2006, have 3 channels, including a lifestyle channel where I post DIY and Beauty videos. Being a videographer with a background in editing really gives me pause when I see videos that had so much potential but needed just a little TLC.

Many of the clips that I will be putting are from YouTuber "Gabrielle Marie". She makes AMAZING tutorials on everything from making channel banners to editing. I've learned a lot from her and will share a few of her videos.

Top 10 Tips for Bloggers Starting a YouTube Channel

Tip #1. Figure out if/why you should have a YouTube channel.

Are you a fitness blogger and want to show some routines? Are you a food blogger and want to be the next Food Network star? Are you a beauty or DIY blogger and want to film yourself talking about makeup or doing a project? Are you a mom blogger and want to show of some vlogs of your kids? Are you a fashion blogger and want to do some look books? If there is no benefit to you, it's not worth the effort. However, for most people, video is a bonus and can grow your audience if used correctly. On the flip side, it can hurt you and your brand if it sucks.

Tip #2. Have a Thumbnail.

This is a an important step that many don't realize is available. It used to be that you could choose between 3 images randomly in your video as your thumbnail, but that has not been the case for several years. You can upload your own (I suggest using

Tip #3. Don't hold your phone camera vertically.

If you don't have a nice point-and-shoot or DSLR, phones can work fine if used correctly. My biggest pet peeve of all time is when people film something vertically knowing it could potentially be put on YouTube. I just don't get it.

Here's an awesome video to explain!

I personally use a Canon 80d, but would suggest if you can afford it, a T5i or a Mark iii 

Tip #4. Get some good lighting.

Nothing is worse than someone talking in a room to a camera and it just looks dark. Either invest in some lights (between $30-50 on amazon), sit in a lit space (outside is great!) or find some lighting around the house. Another thing to do is raise your ISO or edit in post (I do both as I film in a room that doesn't get lighting). I learned a lot from this video!

Here's what I use! (I use 2 of them)

Tip #5. Do some basic editing.

If you have a Mac, it comes with iMovie. Or invest in Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere. Whether it's transitions, text or music, nothing is more boring than watching a video straight that has no cuts or anything happening besides someone talking.

Tip #6. Have purpose or a theme to your video.

Basically ask yourself. Why am I making this? Would I watch it/share it? Who is my audience and what is my point?

Tip #7. Write a blog post that you can insert your video into.

If you are making YouTube videos to increase blog views, put the link to the correlating blog post in your description. Put all your social media links in as well (that promo though!)

Tip #8. Add an intro and an End Slate.

This is important for consistency, branding purposes and to grow subscribers or followers. An Endslate is basically an image that you can put your social media links as well as a link to your last video.

Here's a video explaining how to make one.
Tip #9. Have your account have either a picture or a logo and a channel banner.

This can be made easily on picmonkey or Canva. I'll post below a video, but not having one seems lazy, sloppy and unprofessional.

Tip #10. Make videos consistently!

If it's once a month, that's fine. But if it has been 2 years since your last post, people aren't expecting much from you and will probably unsubscribe. Numbers aren't always the reason to either stop or continue, if you really think it will help your blog, make a video at least every 3 months.

Those are my top 10 tips for bloggers starting a YouTube Channel!

Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you want more on this topic!

Top 10 Tips for Bloggers Starting a YouTube Channel