Wordpress vs Squarespace: Which One Should You Choose?


Do you use wordpress? How do you like it? Do you use squarespace? Is it easy to set up?

These are the questions I hear constantly being asked in the Facebook groups I'm in on a daily basis. Wordpress vs Squarespace. I keep wanting to jump and give my thoughts but didn't want to keep repeating myself so I thought I'd share my thoughts, as I use both!

I will share with you the

-Pros and Cons

-Cost differences

-My Experience with both

Let's get started!




  • Super customizable,

  • able to purchase templates

  • many plugins to add

  • works with Woocommerce

  • you can find your own host and pricing

  • you own your site

  • Can use SEO plugin to handle your own SEO


  • Hard to figure out how to set up

  • doesn't look good unless you get a good template

  • have some skill to customize

  • Expensive templates and frameworks



  • 24/hour support

  • Great looking themes

  • Easy to understand and customize

  • Supports customization

  • Free 14 day trial

  • SEO is handled by Squarespace to be optimized


  • Limited number of templates

  • Not as customizable

  • Not as many plugins

  • Steady rate per month



Theme + Monthly Hosting + Domain

I spent $100 on the Genesis Framework + Foodie Theme, $10 on monthly hosting and $10 for my domain

This  year: $230

Next Year: $130


Either $12/month, $18/month or $26/month + including a domain name for the first year.

I spend the $8 a month (cheaper if you do yearly)

This year: $96

Next year: $96  (10% off using the code jj at checkout (thanks Jenna and Julien Podcast!)

Squarespace to me is both easier and cheaper to set up.


I like both Wordpress and Squarespace for different reasons.

But the real question and the takeaway from this blog: Which one is for you?

Some specific things I like better about Wordpress:

-I use the Google Analytics for both, but the Jetpack enabled Wordpress analytics is much better and has more information that the Squarespace Analytics

-I'm a plugin junkie so using the Wordpress Plugin shop is much easier than Squarespace

-You can add more to the sidebar, including a FB likebox (you can only do that on Squarespace with the Business account)

If you are:

A quick learner

A plugin lover

Wanting a super custom website & focused on e-commerce

Wanting to use a template you've found/bought

I vote Wordpress!

Some Specific things I like better about Squarespace:

-It just looks good no matter what template and what you do to it

-Easy to maneuver and add content blocks. Very easy to customize compared to Wordpress

-Free sliders and galleries that are easy to add new images to.

If you are:

Brand new to blogging,

Want a website that non-techie small business owners or entrepreneurs can use

Put value on Design over Customization

Wanting to save money

I vote Squarespace!

What are your thoughts? Which one do you like better?


Wordpress vs Squarespace: Which One Should You Choose?