Why I Switched from Wordpress to Squarespace


When I first started blogging 2 years ago, I literally had no idea what I was doing. I made the mistake of making a free wordpress.com account with the .wordpress.com attached to the url, which was super unprofessional looking if you want to be taken seriously.

I do believe it’s a better system to start blogging on than blogger, but there is seriously so many negatives to using the free platform. So last year I transitioned from wordpress.com to a self hosted wordpress.org site which I hosted on Hostgator. Nearly a year to the date of the start of my blog in June 2014, I changed platforms and urls. I thought I was set for a while. Then things changed.

I was meanwhile also hosting my videography website on Squarespace and in December 2014, launched another squarespace site for my Stock Photography site, so I was maintaining and paying monthly for 3 websites.


My life became overwhelming at the thought of handling 3 sites. Then in early 2016, I decided to end my wedding video biz. It tooks months, but eventually redirected my one squarespace site to my stock photo site. So I was down to 2 sites, jennaredfielddesigns.com on Squarespace and jennaredfield.com on Wordpress. However, my content on jennaredfield.com was slipping and I was stressing about how to keep the momentum going on 2 different sites.

It wasn’t until I was pushed by my friends to combine my brands that I finally decided it was time for just one site and you would not believe the relief when I realized I only would need to handle one site.

Now I could have transferred everything over to my wordpress site, but deep inside I knew that I was going to stay on the squarespace platform. Since I had worked on both for over a year, I knew the positives and negatives of each and for what I needed, I decided to stick with Squarespace.

I hadn’t blogged much on squarespace with either site, but decided to transfer all my blog content and eventually redirect all the links to the new URL

Redirecting was another challenge. I almost hired someone to do it for me, until I discovered this amazing plugin called Redirection. Since I was still going to keep jennaredfield.com until my payment ran out and would eventually redirect it over to jennaredfielddesigns.com, I set it up so all of my blog posts redirected to my new site. The fact that I had months left made it a perfect setup because then the Google results would over time reflect my new URL and my jennaredfield.com links would disappear. I’m currently waiting until the end of September and will eventually add jennaredfield.com to squarespace to redirect, keeping my name url and making it a vanity URL for my site.

Then after a long time, I merged my two squarespace sites together, bringing jennaredfield.com into twincitiescollective.com. I kept my domain jennaredfield.com so I could redirect with ease.


  1. Easier Blogging platform. My favorite thing about blogging on squarespace is the amount of time I save when creating a post.
    It used to take me so long to write a blog post on wordpress because there was so many things to remember. With the squarespace selecting tool for text and other features, you can quickly add all you need and not worry about making sure everything was clicked, turned on or off, added, etc.. You could just focus on writing and publishing in a timely manner.

  2. Less time spent looking for plugins. One of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade from wordpress.com and switch to wordpress.org was the fact that you could add plugins. However, I became plugin crazy and the amount of plugins I used really slowed down my site, which prompted me to install a plugin that sped it up, which was pretty sad. With Squarespace, because there are no plugins, I save so much time on looking at plugins and just do what I need to do. Plus, squarespace has many built-in features that you would have had to download as a plugin for wordpress. I.E. One thing I love about squarespace is the amazon insert. I spent forever looking for an amazon plugin that turned an amazon link into a visual. It had to use code and took forever. I love the amazon insert that squarespace uses and cut my blogging time in half. So many things like this make it so easy to add features to my blog post

  3. Simplicity overall. My stress was coming mostly from all the options that wordpress provided. I wanted simple, not super custom. The time spent adding plugins & searching for paid themes, including some that I never ended up using, was a pain and expensive. For someone that DIY’d their web design, I needed something that was easy to figure out and edit quickly. Wordpress didn’t provide that and more than once I had to search to figure out how to change a setting.

  4. All in one spot. I didn’t have to worry about dealing with a domain company, as squarespace does all that for you. I paid upfront for the year and got a discount with a code.

  5. It’s made for websites + blog, not just blog. When I started on wordpress, I wasn’t selling anything. Now that I am, I’m using the e-commerce version of squarespace, which is a bit more expensive, but not as confusing as setting up woocommerce.


  1. Website Crashes. Every time I open the blog, squarespace seizes up and crashes. Which is why I’m currently using google docs to write this and will copy it over when I’m done. It’s my biggest pet peeve and something I hope they fix.

  2. More customization. There are some features I wish they had (like Yoast) but nothing that I cannot live without. However, I have purchased some plugins but there’s not nearly as many options as wordpress.

  3. Really, that’s about it. It’s such a great platform and really not much to complain about on my end. The simplicity and beauty is what I needed for my business and my blog. 

Do you use Squarespace or Wordpress? What are your reasons for picking your platform?

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Why I Switched from Wordpress to Squarespace