5 Ways to add Text to Styled Stock Images

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I had someone ask me the best way to add text to my styled stock. I use the following apps and websites for different purposes.

 1. Canva

My favorite thing about Canva is that it has premade sizes for you. You can also choose from a variety of not just text but also can get other overlays in different designs. Definitely a must if you

2. Picmonkey

Picmonkey I use every time I need an overlay on top of an image, whether it's making a mac screen black or adding graphic design elements in addition to text. I prefer Picmonkey to Canva in the fact that you can upload your own fonts and don't have to work with a limited selection.

Here's a video to assist on Picmonkey

3. Over

If you are on your phone and need to add text on the go, which I have at certain times, I use the app Over to add text. It's easy to change color, size and font. You can also purchase additional packs of fonts and graphics. It's worth the money!

4 & 5. Photoshop/Lightroom

Of course, the most professional method is Photoshop/Lightroom. I have an older version of it, CS5, but you can get the creative cloud for $10 a month. I use photoshop when I need something really custom that I can't use any of the others with (i.e. removing the Apple Logo from the Macs I use, to keep the branding off).