5 Ways to add Text to Styled Stock Images

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I had someone ask me the best way to add text to my styled stock. I use the following apps and websites for different purposes. If you are looking for fonts, here's some of my favorites

1. Picasa

One of my favorite applications of ALL time (which is saying a lot!) is something I use everyday. Picasa is not just a great app to add text, but also to crop, make collages, change colors and brighten. If you can't afford photoshop/aren't a graphic design expert, Picasa is the perfect option. 

2. Picmonkey

Picmonkey I use every time I need an overlay on top of an image, whether it's making a mac screen black or adding graphic design elements in addition to text. I prefer Picmonkey to Canva in the fact that you can upload your own fonts and don't have to work with a limited selection.

Here's a video to assist on Picmonkey


3. Canva

My favorite thing about Canva is that it has premade sizes for you. You can also choose from a variety of not just text but also can get other overlays in different designs. Definitely a must if you

4. Over

If you are on your phone and need to add text on the go, which I have at certain times, I use the app Over to add text. It's easy to change color, size and font. You can also purchase additional packs of fonts and graphics. It's worth the money!

5. Photoshop

Of course, the most professional method is Photoshop/Lightroom. I have an older version of it, CS5, but you can get the creative cloud for $10 a month. I use photoshop when I need something really custom that I can't use any of the others with (i.e. removing the Apple Logo from the Macs I use, to keep the branding off).

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