Why You need an Intro and an Outro in your YouTube Videos

Why You need an Intro and an Outro in your YouTube Videos

Many of my clients ask "Should I do both an intro and an outro? Why not just an intro?

I thought I'd provide a brief summary on why I believe both are important to have in your YouTube videos, not just to make the videos consistent and on brand, but also as an important call to action.


Intros are very important to have so your audience knows who you are & can show that you have a brand, are dedicated to your channel and who you are! If your intro doesn't do these three things, it's time to get a new intro.

Length: My maximum length of an intro is 15 seconds. Any more than that and people may click away. I personally like intros that are a bit longer and have a catchy song or some eye catching transitions and fun clips.

Where to put them: Some choose to put it at the very beginning of the video while others wait until about 30 seconds to a minute into the video. Either works!

Below are a few recent intros I created for past clients. 


Outros, also called "EndSlates" are important if the person watching your video watches the entire thing and wants to continue with your call to action, whether it's a download, a free guide or a blog post, make sure to have something on the end of the video.

I wrote did a video explaining how to add annotations to the endslates. Note that YouTube has changed how annotations & endslates work since this post was written back in February-they have some awesome templates!

I also recommend adding a Subscribe button and a link to a previous video to keep them on your channel. This reminds your viewers to get notifications of future videos! These can be added via annotations or there are some new settings in youtube that can add cards and video clips at the end of the video. 

While you can also have your social links and website link in the description, you can also make the outro links clickable with annotations.

I'm going to show some examples of Outros of famous YouTubers that feature previous videos and a subscribe button

Aspyn Ovard

Sprinkle of Glitter

My Life as Eva

Alisha Marie

Why You need an Intro and an Outro in your YouTube Videos