5 Elements Every YouTube Video Needs to Have to be Successful

5 Elements Every YouTube Video Needs to Have to be Successful

5 Elements Every YouTube Video Needs to Have to be Successful

1. Intro

Having an intro graphic or video either at the start or about 30 seconds into the video shows new viewers and subscribers who you are and what your videos are offering the audience.

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2. Outro

It is super important to have as well this is the best place where you can add annotations and other things that you need to grab people's attention you want to make sure that they know what's next and how they can do the next step in their business

3. Annotations

YouTube has recently updated it’s endslate and annotations section, with pre-made templates, a circle with your youtube logo that’s clickable as well as approved websites and previous videos available to be featured in the last 5-10 seconds of the video. I wrote a blog post about this, but it’s really important to use if you want to have your viewers and subscribers doing something with your content.

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4. Calls to action in cards

Adding links in the description and adding links to cards is another way to draw your audience to whatever your call to action is. Are you selling a product or a service? A blog post? A sales funnel or opt-in? Make sure to share it in your video and in your cards. Also make sure to tell your viewers to subscribe!

5. Thumbnail

Last but not least, a Thumbnail. Thumbnails are so important for videos because they will make or break whether or not someone clicks on your video. Some people like adding text to their thumbnails while some keep them plain with a simple photo adding a border or something using canva.com is a great way to make a thumbnail that is very clickable and goes alongside the title of the YouTube video.