5 YouTube Tools you didn't know about

5 YouTube Tools you didn't know about

One thing that has always improved YouTube videos are captions. Many of the deaf youtube community has rallyed for youtubers to add captions and it helps with SEO. Rev.com is a service that charges $1 per minute to add captions to your videos. I haven't used it myself, but it was a recommendation from a fellow YouTube user.

2. Tubebuddy

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I've been hearing a lot about this chrome extension lately, apparently it's supposed to help with keywords and YouTube SEO. It can also help with annotations, info cards & more! While I have yet to use it, I'm excited to test it out.

3. Loom

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Quicktime is a great way to film your screen, but if you want to record both your screen and audio, loom is a new chrome extension that records your screen and audio and you can quickly send it. You can also use this clip to upload to YouTube. This is a great tool to add to youtube as well.

4. Parrot Teleprompter

I had been following this device since it was first on kickstarter and recently decided to purchase it. It's a teleprompter that you can get for $99 that can attach to your DSLR and use your iphone as the teleprompter script. It works great for those who film themselves talking but have to memorize lines.

5. YouTube Creator Studio App

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You may know about this app but many do not. It's a great way to track youtube analytics, revenue and more from youtube itself. I usually put this right next to my youtube app on my phone. It's a really nifty app if you are active on your channel

What are some tools I didn't mention?

Are you interested in getting professional video editing?

5 YouTube Tools you didn't know about