10 Easy Ways To Get Your Brand Noticed!



1. Join Facebook Groups!

This method has been by far the most beneficial to me in terms of getting new customers. People ask for things in Facebook groups all the time, sometimes asking for specifically what I sell and do or sometimes not, which I also try to point in different directions. IE if they are looking for a VA, I tag a few I know. That makes me seem helpful and also helps me make strong connections with those in different fields.

A few of my all time favorite groups include The Rising Tide Society, Being Boss, Savvy Business Owners & Flourish (paid group for etsy sellers)

2. Make a Facebook Page and put it in your personal Facebook Description

When going on these groups, the most important thing is when someone clicks on you to learn more, you need to make sure that your business or brands FB page is listed and linked in your employment area. That way you get more likes and hopefully more traffic to your site and sales!

3. Use Hashtags

Both with Twitter and Instagram, but especially with Instagram

I use this guide from The Rising Tide Society, and I also look at my competition to see what hashtags they are using. I also do the "notes" trick, where you put all your hashtags in the iPhone note app like this:

#girlboss #risingtidesociety #love, etc.....

This way, your hashtags aren't cluttering up your comment area but are still being listed. Plus you don't have to write them ever, single, time.

4. Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter chats made me like Twitter-honestly! Before Twitter chats, I had no idea how to use Twitter to grow my brand. Once I discovered them, my world and view of twitter was forever changed! 

I started by doing 5-6 chats a week (usually an hour each) but as I got busier only 2 really stuck

#creativecoffeehour on Mondays from 8-9pm Central time and #createlounge on Wednesdays from 7-8pm Central Time. SO amazing!

5. Update your website & have awesome content

Making sure your website has updated information and is "active" is crucial to making it seem like you haven't abandoned your site and it's still current! Using squarespace or responsive Wordpress themes are the best way to make it mobile friendly and fast. (Make sure your Copyright year on the bottom is current as well!)

6. Do trades!

I've gotten many things by trading services with other creatives and makers. I got my logo in exchange for free styled stock. Plus, it's a way to get noticed to their audience.

7. Have amazing quality images

Having quality images helps your brand stand out. If you are interested in learning more, check out my stock photos to go along with your style guide and colors!  

8. Write Blog Posts to increase traffic and SEO results

Blogging is a huge and important way to drive traffic to your site. No matter what you are selling, you can have a blog (I work also for a moving company and can think of things to write about!)

9. Comment

Comment on Blogs, Comment on YouTube Videos, Comment whenever you read or watch something. More and more people will see your name and become curious about who you are and what you do!

10. Try video!

Video, which has a special place in my heart, is one of the best ways to grow a brand. Whether it's live streaming like Periscope or Facebook Live or edited like Snapchat or YouTube, showing your face can really help people trust you!

Need more tips? Let me know what you'd like to see in the comments!

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10 Easy Ways To Get Your Brand Noticed!