4 Awesome tools to discover what elements a website is using


I thought I'd share some recent finds of mine that will help bloggers, social media marketers, designers and just casual internet viewers alike! This will be a short one, as I needed to introduce the series. Here's 4 Awesome Tools!

Want to know a specific element a company or person is using on their website (color, font, theme)? These awesome tools will help you out!


Ever been on a website and wanted to know what font they are using? This helpful chrome extension tool will hover over text and let you know what it is using.

(This only works on certain texts and doesn't work on text within an image, only text that has been typed within the website)


Color combinations have never been my strongest suit, so I was so pleased to discover this chrome extension that uses an eyedropper to figure out what color your mouse is pointing at. Extremely useful when developing graphics of any kind.


I'm always curious about Web Design, and as nearly 20% of the internet runs of Wordpress, it's most likely that it is the underlying source, but sometimes it's squarespace or a similar site or completely coded. BuiltWith not only lets you see what theme someone is using, but their plugins as well.


This tool is mostly used for if you want to write something yourself and you don't know what font to choose. This site searches your computer for all of your fonts, has you type a phrase, and you can see how each font looks with that phrase.

What are some of your favorite extensions or websites that help you scope out the competition?

Hope you check out the rest of my Blogmas in July Series! I'm beyond excited for some of the DIY videos I've filmed!

4 Awesome tools to discover what elements a website is using