5 Easy Ways to improve your website/blog-for free!

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Do you want a beautiful website but can't afford a web designer? Do you want to find out about some free tools that can help improve your site-even if you have had it already professionally designed? 

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Sumo (formerly sumome) is a website where you can go and add a heatmap and other trackers to your website. I use it here on this website and it's my favorite tool for seeing what people actually click on. It's an amazing tool! 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a super helpful tool for seeing how long someone stays on a site, where they come from, when they leave, what pages they go to. It's indispensable as a website owner!

Peek Testing

Peek, a part of UserTesting.com allows for 1 free website audit from a stranger per month! Simply add your url and info and a video showing someone going through your website will show up in less than a day! 


Canva is one of the most used websites that I have used for my website. I've created so many graphics it's hard to count the ways. I highly recommend this free site to use if you are DIY-ing your site!

Site Audit Swap

One of the best ways to get insight into how your site comes off to people is to swap website audits with a fellow website owner. Have them look at your site and give their feedback.

Finally, if you are looking for some stock images for your site, make sure to check out my stock shop

5 Easy Ways to improve your website/blog-for free!