Top 10 Tech Tips People should know & use




#1. Add Adblock Plus to your browser

Many people complain and complain (or they just sit and obliviously waste their time) about ads online. Either before a video or cluttering up a website. There is a solution!!

There's a great browser add-on (that's free mind you) that eliminates all that wasted time. I've installed it on every browser I use. An absolute must-have.

#2. Download Memory Clean

Many mac computers can get slow, as RAM is eaten up by many programs. I downloaded a free mac app called "Memory Clean" that sits in the top of my computer and it tells me when my ram is full and I click "Clean Memory" and it eats up excess memory and cache that is taking up unnecessary space. So important for a fast computer (also don't have more than 5 applications open at once, it really slows the computer down).


#3. How To Easily Fix Computer Issues

I used to work at an IT call center, and two of the easiest ways to fix a computer is #1. Clear Cache and Cookies on your browser. This clears 75% of problems. If you don't know what that means, google it. #2. Restart the computer. It really does work wonders. The other 25% usually had real problems, but a majority just needs a reboot.

Cell Phones

4. Utilizing Tools to help you find online.

Check out my blog post on website tools that allow you to find out what’s happening on another person’s website

5. Use Find my phone on iCloud

This app should really come with the iPhone and people should be forced to use it. I've gotten so many calls at one of my jobs asking if a phone had been turned in to the desk. Every single time I ask if they have "Find My Phone" turned on and they say no. It's their fault if they lose a $200 phone without adding something that tracks it online. It's so easy to use. Unfortunately, it doesn't work if the phone is dead, but for 90% of the time, it will lead you right to it. Also, it can wipe your phone if it is stolen.

6. Add a password & 2 step authentication

This is an additional piece to find my phone, so no one can turn off the feature if the phone is stolen. Many items on one's phone may include SS numbers, credit card #s, phone numbers, addresses. Even though most people don't believe their phone will be lost or stolen, it happens all the time. Just add a quick password and it will save you grief later. Also, you can now add Medical information in case of an emergency.

Also ADD TWO STEP AUTHENTICATION! TO EVERYTHING!! I’ve been hacked before & it’s soo important!

7. Backup your computer

With the advent of cloud computing and autosave, it isn't as common as it used to be to lose word documents and such. However, crashes happen (even to myself!) and it's best to have a plan.

My dad purchased a two year subscription to an online cloud storage company called Crashplan, where I could upload my entire hard drive. Let me say that this was the best present ever because just 6 months later, my entire computer crashed. Good thing I had been constantly updating my Crashplan account, because I didn't lose anything. There are free sites now, like iCloud Drive and Google Drive, that let you upload documents, and sites like Flickr that have 1TB of free storage for photos!

8. Upload phone photos to a computer/cloud

When the new IOS came out, everyone was freaking out on Twitter that because the update was so big, they had to delete all their photos (many were sad because they would be deleted forever). Seriously?

Amazon Drive, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Facebook, iPhoto and many others let you upload photos to them (for free!) while they are still on your phone, so you never have to worry about deleting them off your phone, they will be safe and sound in the cloud. Just don't upload anything scandalous, we learned that the hard way with the iCloud photo scandal. I use Google Photos. It’s the best photo app I’ve ever found & I’m on a map.


There are some amazing chrome extensions out there! Check out my list

10. Update phone software.

I know it may take an hour or two, but seriously, updates are great (for the most part).

I don't understand the hesitation, especially if something has been out for a month or two, to update software (especially if it is free). Many times bugs can get into older software and many times apps aren't able to be downloaded on outdated software.

What are your tech pet peeves?

Top 10 Tech Tips People should know & use