Video: Comparing YouTube vs Vimeo vs Wistia: Which Video Platform should you choose?



When you should use each platform & why

Since the debut of YouTube in 2005, many other video platforms have been introduced, but only two others have really had staying power in the online space and continue to be used by the masses in the digital video realm.

These two include Vimeo and Wistia.

For those who are new to video, it's confusing to know the difference and what each is used for and why.

I personally have used and continue to use all three for different reasons. In this post, I will share the pros and cons of each platform and when they should be used and for what purposes.

While YouTube may seem like the obvious choice, some of the other platforms can be just as and even more useful in different situations. Let’s get started!


Why Use YouTube: There are 3 main reasons I use YouTube. The main reason to use YouTube is that it is the #1 most searched and viewed digital video platform. Owned by the largest search engine in the world, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and can show up in Google search results, which can bring traffic to your brand.

The second reason is monetization. YouTube is one of the only direct video methods to monetize without any effort. You simply sign up and select if you want to monetize each video.

The third reason is subscribers. You have the largest audience of viewers, the ability to subscribe. The number of subscribers you have on YouTube is very important and can impact how you are viewed in the community when it comes to brand deals & other sponsorship opportunities.

There really are not a lot of negatives to the YouTube platform. Why would you even try another platform? That’s what we will discuss now



Large Audience & Subscribers

Opportunity for Revenue & monetization


Limited Analytics

Limited Customization Options

Cannot replace video file (replace the video but not upset the link/# of views)


Vimeo, an anagram of “movie” and a play on the words “video” and “me”, was started in 2004 (a year before YouTube) and was the first platform to had HD video. YouTube has never been seen as the place to put highly polished short professional Films & Wedding videos-that has been reserved for Vimeo. Professional videographers have often chosen Vimeo, which has many more options for higher end videos & it’s a much more of a creative and professional environment than YouTube. There are no ads and it's strictly for professionals. You can even add passwords to videos for restrictions.


More professional

Higher Quality

Ability to replace video file

Ability to embed in website backgrounds

No ads, which makes it easier to view and less annoying


Expensive to post more than 1GB a week.

Limited Audience & viewers

Cannot earn ad money



Wistia is a newer platform and has recently become the go-to platform for many small businesses for their website promo videos. I personally have switched from youtube to wisita to host all the professional business vides on my site

There are two main reasons I like wistia:

  1. Customization of looks. Wistia videos can be edited in terms of the colors, and I love how I can use my brand colors to make it fit into my website.

  2. Analytics: Much better analytics than vimeo or wistia, including location & dropoff time.

Wisita is mostly used for businesses, including Promo Videos & Marketing Videos


Can change the color of the play button & customize to brand

Better video analytics that vimeo or even YouTube

Ability to replace video file


Not a great following platform, mostly just for embedding


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Video: Comparing YouTube vs Vimeo vs Wistia: Which Video Platform should you choose?