30 Local Minnesota Based Podcasts you need to be listening to

30 Local Minnesota Based Podcasts you need to be listening to

30 Local Minnesota Based Podcasts you need to be listening to

Podcasting is So Hot right now. We wanted to share some local Twin cities based podcasts you will be obsessed with!

Podcasting is a great way to share your thoughts, opinions, personality & perhaps most importantly, your expertise with an audience. We started our own podcast for TCC in 2017 & now record in person at Studio Americana in Golden Valley.

Scroll down to check out some local podcasting resources as well as our list of

30 Local Minnesota Based Podcasts you need to be listening to

Recording the Twin Cities Collective Podcast

Minnesota is rapidly expanding when it comes to podcasts, here’s just a few of the most popular & up and coming podcasts!

Some local podcasting resources!

Women in Podcasting Meetups

For ladies wanting to learn more about podcasting, check out this monthly meetup with other women podcasters run by Matriarch Digital Media

Minnesota Du Nord Podcasting Conference in June

A new podcast conference coming to Minnesota next June!

Studio Americana Professional Podcasting Studio

Want the most professional sounding podcast? Check out my podcast producer Ian and his studio in Golden Valley. Best decision I’ve ever made for my podcast!!

Marketing & Business Podcasts

Under the Veil Podcast


Under the Veil is great for wedding professionals as well as brides & grooms to be who are wanting wedding advice from a wedding planner & day of coordinator

170x170bb (1).jpg

iTunes Description: A podcast for introverts and homebodies to get out into the world and push their boundaries. Living a fulfilling life without having to change what’s fundamentally you.

Are you an introvert? Learn more from a fellow introvert how to expand beyond your comfort zone!

170x170bb (2).jpg

Quick, strategic podcast episodes from the Queen of Social Media!

170x170bb (3).jpg

The Boss Life Podcast with Stefanie Peters

Interviews with ladies who are the bosses of their own lives & businesses

170x170bb (5).jpg

Yours truly! We’ve been publishing social media & marketing based podcasts since February 2017. Check out our backlog of episodes here!

170x170bb (4).jpg

A monthly podcast talking high level PR & marketing topics

170x170bb (6).jpg

Interviews with product makers in MN, great insight to fun local businesses & makers!

Hubbard broadcasting has been launching podcasts, including ones on social media like the Social Feed Podcast

170x170bb (8).jpg

Janet’s podcast is about all things social media, with an emphasis on facebook!

Bonus! I was a guest on an episode!

170x170bb (9).jpg

Interviewing women (many of them local) who are inspiring from the makers of Her Spirit Vodka!

170x170bb (26).jpg

A new podcast from facebook ad strategist Allie Bjerk

268x0w (1).jpg

Ready to double your sales? Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to double, triple and quadruple their sales in a short amount of time—so you can do the same!

268x0w (2).jpg

Welcome to Uplevel together podcast, place where we teach you how to move from stagnant to growing, from ordinary to extraordinary. We believe that together we do better and we want to provide resources and insight to help you grow in all areas of your life. Join us and let's see how far we can go

Storytelling Podcasts

On Being with Krista Tippett

170x170bb (10).jpg

An MPR podcast, this is an award winning podcast recorded here in MN!

170x170bb (11).jpg

Hyperbole is a local pop culture podcast sharing fun stories & interviews about all the things happening here in the Twin Cities

170x170bb (12).jpg

Falen, a local radio personality, started this podcast hearing people’s stories of heartbreak after going through her own.


Lead Stories

170x170bb (13).jpg

Lead Stories is a podcast interviewing and sharing stories to inspire church leaders

170x170bb (14).jpg

Cafeteria Christian is a podcast exploring Christianity from a modern day perspective & talks about current issues inside the church.

170x170bb (15).jpg

Interviews with creatives & well known entrepreneurs in the community.

Women’s Empowerment

170x170bb (16).jpg

Inspiring conversations with women who are doing good things


 Hosted by Kate Arends. Each week we discuss where life and style intersect and how the choices we make (both big and small) can help us find empowerment, self-discovery, and beauty in unexpected places. 

170x170bb (18).jpg

Female driven podcast focused on fashion, style, creativity & self-empowerment

170x170bb (20).jpg

Interviews with single mother’s and female entrepreneurs who have overcome great obstacles.

170x170bb (21).jpg

Hosted by acclaimed author & speaker Nora McInerny, this podcast goes deeper into the darker sides of life & overcoming grief.

Random Topics Podcasts

170x170bb (22).jpg

A very popular true crime podcast, wine and crime is a funny & interesting look at true crime.

170x170bb (23).jpg

Turning depression & mental illness into a conversation & not a stigma

170x170bb (24).jpg

Deep investigations to unsolved crimes, including the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling.

170x170bb (25).jpg

Minneapolis podcast about craft beer, sports & pop culture

We are 2 wildly average guys who make trying something new comfortable. Every week we have conversations with people from all walks of life who are following their passion. We unpack their story talking about failures, average qualities, items in their Backpocket, and much more. It’s a 2 for 1 deal when it comes to our podcast where the listeners (what we call Marketing Interns) are not only growing with us, but also developing. GROW & DEVELOP with us every week Monday through Thursday (yeah not to brag we release a podcast almost every day FOR YOU). Enjoy!

Join the stationary astronauts in a journey to the beyond! Listen as the guys bring you great guest and great genuine conversations. nothing off limits and no holding back. Get ready to blast off!!!

DIY Your Podcast Online Course

Do you want to start your own podcast but don't even know which way to turn? Have you gotten stuck & want to throw it all away?

Stop Procrastinating by being overwhelmed with the process. You CAN Do It Yourself!!

First, take a breath. Then take this course.

I was once you! I wanted to launch a podcast, but had nowhere to turn & had to rely on many many long nights googlingreading blogs posts, watching youtube & more before I even launched, then spent a year and a half learning all the ways to improve & speed up my process, as it can be so time consuming if you are new to it.

Over time, I've created an extremely tight & fast process to get one episode up a week & quickly add artwork, descriptions, upload and more.

In this course, you will learn the why's but mostly the how's, with video tutorials for each step of the way.

+ You can do it in one day!!

Quit Googling for all the answers & get everything you need in ONE SPOT!

Check out the course curriculum to see all the information about the topics & what is covered.

The Experience:

Similar to my in person workshops, you will be walked through a presentation with step by step online tutorials for setting up your podcast.

Included are links to different options for recording, hosting & editing your podcast.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone interested in creating a podcast for themselves.

Podcasters come in all shapes & sizes and many different kinds (which you will see in the course!)

From super low budget to professionals, you can create a podcast today!

Purchase Course

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30 Local Minnesota Based Podcasts you need to be listening to