10 Tips for Launching & Promoting A Local Event

10 Tips for Launching & Promoting A Local Event

Since I’ve hosted 15+ events over the last two years, I’ve learned so many things. & trust me, I’m not an expert or a pro event planner. So I feel like these can be used by all.

Here’s a few tips!

  1. Build a local audience

    One of the biggest struggles I’m seeing lately is people who have online businesses not building a local community or following. Sure they have lots of online & international friends, but when it comes to their own backyard, they don’t know anyone. There’s a few ways to change this, but you have to start now & it may take some time.

    #1. Attend local networking events
    #2. Connect with people in local facebook groups & linkedin
    #3. Check out the TCC Social Media Sponsorships

  2. Ask what kind of events are needed/market research.

    Sometimes local audiences haven’t gotten to learn about something that you teach & it’s needed. Or the flip side, it’s not needed so no one has done it. Make sure you ask & see if the event is even a good idea!
    Another is to think about pricing. Sure free events are great, they get more signups but there’s no skin in the game and about 50% don’t actually show up. If you add a price, it becomes a tad harder to sell, but you are making money & the average attendee rate goes up to about 90%. Also don’t overcharge! The TC market isn’t used to spending more than $100 for an event or workshop, so unless it’s an all day event, don’t expect to sell a $300 ticket to many people.

  3. Create a local email list or email tag.

    Emails are powerful for events. The nice thing about most email marketing platforms is you can now add tags to a list, so you can put if someone is local & send messages just to them!
    Once the event is up & ready, make sure to email & invite them.

  4. Post the event on Eventbrite

    Eventbrite is one of my favorite softwares ever. It handles literally everything, including tickets, waitlists, adding additional products, creating a facebook event, everything. My recommendation is to do eventbrite & your website first, then it will prompt you to make a fb event. This way people can checkout through eventbrite.

    Another tip-don’t promote it too early. I never present an event more than a month in advance of it happening.

  5. Post the event on facebook events & invite people

    Facebook events are amazing because you can hand select people to invite and they can share & invite friends too! I’m sure you’ve found out about plenty of events on facebook! Plus now there’s a facebook local app so you can find events all the time!

  6. Create a social media marketing strategy

    I try to talk about the event everyday until the event on at least one platform, whether it’s linkedin, twitter, instagram or facebook. Talk about different elements, share different graphics. TALK ABOUT IT!!
    Also you can make all kinds of graphics on www.canva.com I use it pretty much hourly I love it!

  7. Post the event on the TCC Event Promo

    A bit of a self promo here, but I will say many people find out about events through our Thursday event promo day! You can see other events and share about what’s happening to a “cold” audience (in marketing terms, people who haven’t seen you or knew about you before)

  8. Create ads on Facebook & Instagram

    If all of the above doesn’t work or you need more people, ads are what I consider last resort. Do as much as you can organically and resort to ads when you really need some eyes on your event. Facebook makes it easy to do this, but make sure to target only local people!

  9. Get people to help you

    Having volunteers or hiring people to help allows them to share about the event as well & it inspires a community event!

    10. Provide all the essentials. I’m a huge fan of the following

    • Notebooks & pens. I usually don’t carry a purse so if it’s an all day event, providing those if it’s a training or workshop

    • Nametags. Not a fan of events that doesn’t have nametags, I like to see who the person is!

    • A list of the attendees. Either before or after so you can connect with those you didn’t get to talk to!

    • Time to network! Most events I love to meet people so if there’s no time to network it’s disappointing.

    • Food of some kind. doesn’t have to be a full meal, but a snack or drink is always welcome

    I hope these tips were helpful! What are some of your favorite events??