7 Steps of Instagram Marketing A New Twin Cities Business

7 steps of instagram marketing a new twin cities business

Step 1: Influencer & Market Research

The first thing you have to do is check out the competition. This is never the place to steal or copy but it is helpful to do market research & see what each company is doing.

Checking out the influencers in the space can also lead to step 6, which is reaching out to them & potentially partnering for collaborations or campaigns.

Step 2: : Brand, Business & Instagram Strategy

Strategizing what you want from your account. What is your goal on instagram? Brand awareness? Sales? Overall credibility in the marketplace? Each of these is attained differently so you need to know what kind of goal you want.
In this step you also need to get your visual branding together, like your logo, brand colors, fonts, tone of voice, etc…. as well as set up your website.

Step 3: Planning Your Feed

When you know what you need to do & the overall look, plan and strategize what content you need to provide for your feed. This could include product shots, graphics, giveaways, blog, video or podcast posts, styled images, influencer shots, behind the scenes, location or store based posts, etc….

Having a plan for your feed as well as the purpose for each post helps you plan out a month in advance

Step 4: Brand Photography

Once you have a plan for posting, then you need to do a photoshoot. I recommend doing one shoot a month to get content for the next 30 days to keep it relevant.

Step 5: Posting & Promoting:

Once you have your images, you need to set up your captions & hashtags for the post. Make sure to always have a call to action, even if it’s asking for a comment or checking out the story. Make them do something!
If you have a product based business, you can also set up your products in FB. Post consistently with a plan of action.

Step 6: Do a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to get more eyes on your business. You will make sure to tell people to tag their friends and/or post about it and tag you in their stories. Make sure you follow you in order to potentially win the givewaway!

Step 7: Instagram Influencer Outreach & PR:

If you want some other people to promote your instagram account, you might want to look into influencer marketing

After researching & finding the (right!) influencers, you need to reach out them. Ask for a media kit. Ask them their pricing to post. You can also reach out to traditional media as well, like magazines, podcasts & newspapers.

Overwhelmed?? Don’t worry I’m here to help!

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