Should you DIY or invest in branding (DFY Done For You) for your business, blog or brand?

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Branding. It’s something that’s been coming up for me lately when it comes to branding your social media. You need to know the following before starting a business, blog or brand

  • Brand Colors (3-5)

  • Brand Fonts (2-3)

  • Logo or Headshot

  • Brand Voice

When to DIY: When you are just started and have 0 budget & you have time to learn.

When to DFY: When you have a budget and want to properly invest. Or you already have a business and want it to look amazing & you don’t have time to learn how to do design. Hire a brand designer.

Questions to ask yourself before deciding on a route

  • Am I techy enough to figure this out?

  • Do I have a good eye/design sense?

  • Do I have the time to learn about my brand & figure out which way I want to go?

If you have selected one or the other, here’s what you will be able to receive


  • Read the books How to Style Your Brand & Brand Brilliance by Fiona Humberstone. These books are great for teaching yourself the importance of branding. A worthy purchase.

  • Online courses that teach you how to design your own brand.

  • Canva Logo. You can download logo templates on to create a basic logo. Don’t recommend for long term.

  • Mood Board on Pinterest. Create a board on pinterest with what you want in a brand.

    You may be surprised what colors pop out!

  • Color Palette from Coolors is a great

    app that allows you to create a professional color

    palette with colors that look good together!

  • Font selection: Choosing the basic fonts that come

    installed on canva or squarespace, I recommend
    searching pinterest for combo ideas.

DFY (Done for You)

Branding can start from around $500+, depending on the designer and the options they provide. Sometimes web design is included.

  • Branding Questionnaire
    When working with a brand designer, they are almost like a psychologist, digging into what you really want your brand to be, this is usually done with a questionnaire.

  • Mood Board from Pinterest. A brand designer will help guide you on how to create one and will pick out certain pics from the board to represent your brand

  • Professional Logo: A graphic designer can redo your logo and change it based on your feedback. This is a great way to get a proper logo in multiple sizes for social.

  • Professional Color Palette: they will be able to see from their eyes what colors will be good for you & you can give feedback on your favorites

  • Patterns & Other Graphics. Brand designers may offer other options when it comes to design, see what add ons they have

  • Professionally selected fonts. Fonts are so important and a designer will have their favorites.

  • Other items like business cards, etc….

In conclusion, you need a brand & you can get one. I preferred to have someone else do ours but it is possible to DIY. Pick the option that’s best for you.

Contact me if you need recommendations on local brand designers!

Twin Cities Collective Mood Board, & Branding including Logos, palettes, etc…. designed by AllieMarieDesign