10 Steps to starting a Blog in 2019


Blogging has now been something many have been doing for over a decade. it’s now easier than ever to start, with new platforms like squarespace making drag and drop setup available to non-coders.
Here’s top 10 tips from TCC for starting a blog this year!

  1. Choose a blog name & niche

    This is an important first step in blogging. You need to decide what you are blogging about & what you will be called. Many times once a blog becomes big, they end up changing to their actual name, so you may want to start with that if you are a huge part & a personality on the blog. Otherwise pick a name people remember.

  2. Grab your social media handles.

    Before you do anything, make sure you grab the handles on the major platforms.
    This includes




  3. Choose your domain name

    While some things like wordpress.com allows you to have a .wordpress.com domain for free, I recommend investing the $20 or so a year domain from the start so it seems more professional.
    You can buy domain names on many sites (SS allows you to buy within the system) just a quick google search.

  4. Choose a blogging platform

    I’ve written a few posts in the past about choosing a platform, but my recommendations are squarespace or wordpress.
    (Why I switched from Wordpress to Squarespace) & Wordpress vs Squarespace: Which one would you choose?)

  5. Figure out a branding color scheme & create some canva templates

    I’ve recently written posts about doing your branding (highly recommend reading. I also then create a canva.com template for my blog & pinterest graphic for each blog post.

  6. Create your first post. Figure out a great headline and content (clickable and pinnable)

    Writing a blog post can be done in many ways. You can have them short, long, bulleted or in paragraph form. I recommend reading some and seeing what you like. Adding photos (make sure to label them) & not steal, use sites like unsplash.com or buy some from our stock shop or take your own!

    You can use the coschedule headline analyzer to write a catchy headline & check out our podcast episode on SEO to learn more about 2019 blogging tips

  7. Start posting your content & then sharing it on social media.

    I recommend sharing on facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram for each post. Joining facebook groups about blogging (maybe TCC)

  8. Create a freebie download so you can start building an email list

    Setting up a freebie with mailchimp automation (or another email marketing platform) allows you to get emails to send blog posts to your audience

  9. Expand beyond blogging with videos, podcasts & products

    While blogging is still a popular medium, in 2019 to stand apart and follow what’s popular, you need to focus on videos, podcasting, social media and creating products. Check out some of our blog posts & podcasts about these topics. You need to expand once your blog is up and running

  10. Build a following and eventually start getting sponsorships

    We’ve talked on the podcast about becoming an influencer, so once you have a following, I recommend creating content & growing organically on instagram.

What are your tips for starting a blog in 2019?