7 Tips for Outsourcing Your Marketing (Things to Look For & Things to Avoid!)

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As someone who does marketing for a living, I’ve seen a lot, both as a business owner and as a marketing director at small businesses. I’ve had to talk many business owners down from spending lots and lots of money on things that aren’t guaranteed or even legit. I’m sharing some of my tips and opinions (but as always take them with a grain of salt!)

  1. Have goals for marketing-as the business owner, you have to know what you want from marketing. Have monthly or quarterly goals that are realistic & attainable and make sure the marketing is focused on that.

  2. Hire Local if you can: Having someone you can see face to face is super important (in my opinion). I actually prefer hiring someone who has a very small team as they are usually more focused and somewhat of an expert specialist who you can reach out to quickly. Know who you want to reach and if that company has had experience and success in doing that

  3. If they have their own analytics software-run! Really focus on Facebook & Google as your main sources-I would recommend someone doing SEO, content & ads & you having access to it all: Facebook Ad Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Google Ad Analytics & Google Analytics. When they have their own software, they can fake many things. If you can’t also log in and see the results, turn them loose! (Beware of contracts also-really read them and make sure you can get out of them-I also recommend doing month to month on everything vs yearly-you can’t escape when they sucker you in for a year!!)

  4. In House vs Agency: Hiring someone to do the marketing is a great way to have more control, however, they may not have as much experience. An agency will have more experience, but be more distracted as they have many clients and you will be just another client. Really weigh what you want. I would recommend hiring someone who does marketing for a few clients but isn’t a huge agency (those usually only work with large scale businesses anyways). If you want any recommendations, make sure to sign up for a free call with us!

  5. Avoid companies that make outrageous promises. Front page of Google is never a true guarantee for even the best SEO companies (unless you pay for ads!) but look at the track record and ask other clients how they found the company. Also if it seems too good to be true, it is. Getting you 1000 followers in 2 days? They bought the followers from an India bot farm. True organic growth takes time, even when doing everything right. Going viral is a fluke, not a marketing strategy. Want to learn more about SEO? Listen to our podcast episode on this topic

  6. Reviews, Testimonials, Followers & Data can all be misleading-look to company culture, client success (seriously look into their other clients) & ask around about their reputation. Be very critical. You want your company to succeed, so do your research!

  7. Price Shop! While I’m not saying go for the lowest bid (usually not the highest quality) don’t go for the outrageously priced one either (they tend to prey on people who don’t know better). Fall somewhere in the middle. Really research. Figure out what is a good ROI. All of this is SO important to know!

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7 Tips for Outsourcing Your Marketing (Things to Look For & Things to Avoid!)