Instagram Post vs Instagram Story vs Instagram Highlights: what to use when & why


So I get this question a lot, which is, when should I use Instagram stories, when should I use IGTV, when should I use the highlights and when should I just post something regularly. So I thought I would make a quick guide for you to teach you about what each of the different options are for. One thing I wanted to mention with IGTV is that it is specifically for videos that are over a minute. You can also create a carousel of videos on your main post, but I recommend doing IGTV if the video is longer than one minute. I also think that Instagram Stories are a great way to post videos as well and you can use an app called continual to cut them into 15 second clips. So if you have a long video and you still want to add it to stories, and then add it to your highlights, you can use continual to do that. But when it comes to actual photo posts or behind the scenes post. I wanted to share some guides with you.

Instagram Posts vs Instagram Stories

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make is putting posts on their instagram that really should have gone on their stories. I consider my instagram as a portfolio and treat it with discretion. I only post photos that really really fit next to other posts as well as posts I want to be discovered in the future. If it doesn’t live up to my personal standards, to the story it goes!


Instagram Highlights:

Since instagram stories launched but more specifically instagram story highlights (the ability to save stories into categories) I’ve saved soo many of them. But as I was going through them recently, I realized I didn’t have a strategy for my highlights. I had too many things highlighted that people. A. didn’t care about and B. didn’t help my business at all. This was both on my personal and the Twin Cities Collective account. So I went through and deleted categories and eliminated stories within categories that weren’t of use or had a purpose. Another thing I did was eliminate things that were multiple stories about the same thing and consolidated to one or two posts per event.