Why you probably won't get verified on Instagram (Sorry!)

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I recently had a conversation with a friend who was disappointed she didn’t get verified after applying in her IG settings (which is something IG rolled out last year). I wasn’t surprised-I’d applied for verification on Instagram before and gotten denied, even with 14K Followers!

What I’ve learned is that verification is really for the elite. Those with over 100k followers. A public figure on the radio or tv. Someone in the community that has a voice. But instagram won’t ever say that. Maybe if a celeb or large company has a smaller number than 100k but is newer to Instagram, or generally well known in life, it’s easier. You need connections to Instagram. Have a manager to pull strings. They’ve added the “illusion” that you can ask to be verified, but I find it’s only for those who have multiple accounts pretending to be them or at a certain follower & power level in the world of media & business. That’s just the honest truth. As a verified account you receive

-Longer time limit on IGTV videos

-Comments that are higher on accounts

& other perks.

They won’t hand verifications around like candy. It’s a privilege and something they want to award to those who are actively building a large audience. Just like the swipe up is for those with 10K followers or more. People who have proven they have something to say & aren’t just salesy and sending people to spam websites.

But I know of no one in the Twin Cities with a verified blue sticker that has under at least 15-20K.

Are there exceptions?? Yes I’m sure. Just don’t hold your breath for the approval to happen

But you can grow your instagram & get new business without the blue checkmark!

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