How to schedule your content for FREE (Best App for Scheduling & Repurposing Posts)

How to schedule your content for FREE (Best App for Scheduling & Repurposing Posts).png

As I’ve been scheduling content for a few years, I’ve looked into all the schedulers





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While they all are good & each have their own amazing features, I’ve found my favorite (which I use in conjunction with IFTTT, which you can read about in this post

Recurpost. Why is it my favorite?

Honestly-because it’s free (with up to 3 social accounts-I do Twitter, FB pages & FB Groups). It includes FB groups, which many of them don’t include for the free versions of accounts. With a FB group that is free to join, it is important to me to keep the costs down. If you can save myself money every month, wouldn’t you?
It also focuses on repurposed content, which some are just schedulers. This one can automatically add it to a queue

Here are the platforms it works with

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 11.35.20 AM.png

You can schedule your posts and even add them to categories.

I’ve been using this with our FB Group for probably a year now. I have categories and it schedules the “Tuesday” posts in the fb group at 9am every week. It just takes away all the stress of uploading our threads.

Now I’ve decided to share more content from our blog. I’m excited to begin sharing some amazing posts :)

What’s your favorite social scheduling tool?