The 7 Unwritten Deadly "Sins" of Instagram

Sometimes I see people on Instagram making classic mistakes that harm them for the worse. Things that put me off, that make go “I wish someone had told you you aren’t really supposed to do that” but not enough that it’s against Instagram’s real rules, but more of the unwritten ones. 

DON’T Make the same mistakes-check out 7 Unwritten deadly “Sins” or rules of Instagram you don’t want to break

(Don’t take the word “sin” seriously. I thought it would be funny to compare them to the 7 deadly sins, but not in a life or death way” )

I’ll also share at the end how to learn more about strategizing your instagram feed :)

The 7 Unwritten Deadly "Sins" of Instagram

Sin 1: Not Crediting Your Sources (Greed)

If you do repost someone else’s photo, make sure you know who the 

Never download a picture from Google, as many of those have copyrights attached to them. Pinterest also.

I recommend using or a stock site like to get stock photos. Or our Stock Photo Shop, otherwise if you do repost from a picture you found on instagram, make sure to tag the person at least in the caption. It’s sooo important to not steal. Most people don’t mind, but you may want to reach out and ask permission. I repost on our instagram, but only people that use our hashtag #twincitiescollective

Sin 2: Sending Spammy DMs (Pride)

If you haven’t read my post “The Art of the Instagram DM” I highly recommend it. It tells you what to do & what not to do while on Direct Message. Being clear about your goal, introducing yourself & not being salesy & vague is soo important. 

Sin 3: Vague Comments (Wrath)

Vague comments like “I like this” or “great content” are worse than not commenting at all. They look like spam bots & offer nothing. A well thought out comment looks great to the original poster as well as others who see that post! 

Sin 4: Self Promotion in a comment (Lust)

If all you do is talk about yourself or say “follow me”, it’s a huge turnoff. Provide value & people will look at your account. It’s basic marketing :) 

5: Posting Without a Caption (Sloth)

No caption is one of the worst mistakes people new to instagram do. A caption is your sales copy. It could be a quote and really short, but add something!!! It’s just lazy

Sin 6: Posting Multiple Photos at the same time of the same thing (Gluttony)

Also don’t post similar pictures right next to each other on the same day. This isn’t a photo album. Use the carousel or save them for a few days later.

Sin 7: Wanting your feed to look like someone else’s, so copying what they do (Envy)

No one likes a copycat. I avoid looking at my competitors so I don’t accidentally follow them. By not being original and copying someone else because of their success will only backfire on you in the end.

Instagram Audits
If any of these or other instagram issues are stressing you out, make sure to head over to learn more about our one hour Instagram audits! These are great for any instagram questions you may have & an overall audit of your current feed & a brand strategy session all in one!