How to get more engagement & comments on your Instagram Posts

How to get more engagement & comments on your Instagram Posts.jpg

Engagement is all the rage as a buzzword. It’s not just about followers, it’s about likes and comments (although like count may be going away at some point!)

Struggling with getting any comments? Here’s some quick and easy ways to drum up some conversations & help the algorithm show your posts to more people (comments do play a factor!)

How to get more engagement & comments on your Instagram Posts

Ask Questions!

One of the ones I use the most, I ask a question in regards to something I mentioned in the caption. But be strategic, general questions usually don’t work-make it something people are passionate about and want to share. I think mom instagram accounts do this super well-usually they ask if anyone else has gone through something, people love to share their mom tips!

Do a giveaway!

This is a great idea for brand new accounts who want both comments & new followers. Giveaway something if they tag a friend in the comments. Make it easy for people & make the giveaway something worth commenting for. Even if you have a small following this can help in the beginning!

Write something relatable

Similar to the asking the questions idea, writing a relatable caption brings comments even if you don’t ask a question. Relatability is the #1 way to get likes and comments on instagram. If people see themselves in your posts they will talk about it

Write an inspiring caption or something that offers great advice

Advice may not bring as many comments, but it brings eyeballs. Free content that helps people? Heck yes it’s gonna bring more people to your account.

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Shoutout other accounts

Sharing your favorites of another awesome accounts will bring attention to them & they may promote you! Be sincere and share specifics about a brand, account or company-they will probably reshare!

Find a common interest or something people love & make it pretty

Beyond relatability, sharing a landmark or something people love (target is an easy one), people love pretty things about things they love. Make sure the image is cute, pretty or overall aesthetically pleasing

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