The 10 Biggest Strengths & Struggles I have in Business (And How I'm working on them)

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Um Why am I sharing this?? How personal!

I’ve asked myself this question and here’s the simple answer: Although it looks like I have it together, I’m as much of a mess as you. We are all a mess and we aren’t good at everything. I’ve found my weaknesses over the years and by voicing them, I’m keeping myself accountable & will be sharing how I’m working on these things. But I’m also celebrating what I am good at and proud of, because this world is negative enough-let’s celebrate success right?

I've sat through two webinars and read a fb post this week that made me question everything I've been doing as I try to build this business. They all contradicted the messages I've been learning over the past few years, but when I really think about them, it's hard to relate them to the very odd and unique business I've built. I've tried all the routes most "online business owners" have taken over the past 3 years-courses, events, podcasts, paid memberships, online videos, passive income products, services like editing and coaching. Many have been successful, some haven't and some have bombed

If I really dig into my passions, what I'd love to do all day is talk to people and create content for my own brand. Both of which don't really bring me money currently (ahhh). 

My unique "online business" is really different because I have a local audience-something that most people online don't have. This has brought in so many amazing bonuses most people don't have (ability to do many events is one) but event planner was never in my list of things I love doing. In fact, it brings me more stress & anxiety than almost anything I do, while making me the most money & bringing in the most people. But if I could hand over the reigns to someone else and just show up I’d do it.
I feel like for the longest time, I’ve struggled with figuring out what brought me joy

I love the feeling of being “popular” as a born entertainer who loves to get eyes on me but just as much I love helping people and feeling selfless and in the background. 

I struggle with overwhelm of emotions, of to do lists, of doing things I don’t want to do. 

It’s a great divide I’ve never felt stronger from either.

As I look to the future of TCC, it goes fuzzy. I don’t know what the future is because I don’t know what I want it to be. I rely too much on the feedback of others because the group is what others have formed it to be. It’s for them but it really is my business.

I want to be everything for everyone, which is 100% not possible

My fear: not living up the potential I know i have but also what people already think I’m at.

I decided to write out the things I need to work on most. There’s two camps for this thought: You work on your strengths (strengthsfinders) or you work on your weaknesses (or hire them out).

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to let weaknesses (or struggles I like to say instead) go unattended. I’ve turned some of my biggest struggles into some of my biggest strengths as well (networking probably as the most)

10 biggest struggles I have in business

  1. Shiny object syndrome & Impulsive Decisions

    This one is tough. Call it “ADD” call it “distraction”, I tend to find something I want to do and do it, without thinking it through. This has been both good and bad, but the bad part is never staying on course & being all over the place. It’s affected my mental health a lot so I struggle with this one.

  2. People pleasing

    This stems from my past of struggling with making and keeping friends I think as well as the culture I’ve grown up in. Minnesota is known for it’s passive aggressiveness and growing up in a Scandinavian culture (and family) we always want to be nice to people. I’m terrified to say no and disappoint anyone, which sometimes spreads me too thin. Saying “No” is harder than saying “Yes”. And as an empath it’s even worse.

  3. Reputation management

    This goes along with people pleasing, but more internally wanting to impress people on the outside. Social media is huge with this. My biggest fear is coming across as a failure in front of my large audience. When certain events don’t bring in as many people, I freak out. I don’t want people to think I can’t do what I say I can do.

  4. Money mindset

    Money mindset is something I didn’t know was a thing until reading “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero and talking about it at many conferences. I realized how messed up I am about money. We talk about this on my podcast episode with Jessica Zeinstra. I’m working on it, it’s a very layered issue.

  5. Not Planning ahead

    This is something I’m working on. I try not to plan too far ahead, but I think I need to have an outline, not a completed final copy. I only plan 1-2 months ahead, when I should plan yearly.

  6. Timeliness & Responding

    Another thing I’m currently working on, is getting back to people quickly and adding some fluff. I’m pretty straightforward in emails, without being kind and adding some happy words. I need to be able to warm up my audience through copy and follow up with them!!

  7. Goals and direction & focus

    Probably my biggest issue is knowing what I want to do. When I started TCC, it was never a business. Now that it is I need to take some time and decide what I want it to be otherwise I’m on a treadmill going nowhere.

  8. Overwhelm and anxiety

    As an empath, I tend to get overwhelmed very easily. I like my relaxation time. I also get a lot of anxiety about a lot of things.

  9. Offering too much

    Keeping my offers simple is hard as I have many talents and want to be able to provide it all, but I’ve learned by keeping it simple is the only way to help people understand what you do.

  10. Boredom/procrastination/ & avoidance

    I’m a huge avoider. I avoid everything “money” like taxes, even filing checks so I don’t have to deal with it. I also get bored easily and avoid what I should be doing. This is something that’s worsened over the years. Any advice would be helpful. I have to block myself from certain apps for a time.

10 biggest strengths

  1. Connection & networking, empathy 

    One of my “special powers” is connecting people. Meeting someone and knowing instantly who to connect them with. This power of mine has become one of the things people know me for and tell people about. It’s one of the reason why TCC has grown-word of mouth is powerful. Also as an empath, having empathy with people is something I can’t control.

  2. Design & content creation

    Over the years I’ve found a talent for creating content-since I was a kid I loved creative things, from TV to making videos, coloring, making up stories. I oozed creativity. Now I create lots of things, from videos to podcasts to blog posts. & I can do it quickly and come up with ideas instantly.

  3. Ideation 

    Another skill of mine & a strength on my strengthsfinders. Coming up with ideas has never been an issue. I rarely get stuck on ideas. In fact I have too many which can slow me down trying to do them all.

  4. Follow through & reliability 

    I’m the kind of person who if I say i will do something, I follow through. I don’t like to be seen as unreliable, especially about showing up. In fact I arrive early. I also trust those who show up and stop working with those who don’t. What a way to mess up your reputation.

  5. Consistency

    I’m pretty consistent when I want to be. My podcast is an example. I do it the same. I’ve posted every single weekday without missing Instagram for almost 3 years. If I figure it out, I’ll stick with it.

  6. Love of change

    This is something I’ve found to be a strength. Some people hate change. I love and crave it. I want every single day to be different. I want to try new things and change it up all the time.

  7. Speed of launch

    Being an entrepreneur, launching is something that’s talked about. I tend to go very fast. While a negative if done wrong, a great skill if done right. IE doing my bets of awards last year, from idea to action was 1 hour. Seriously.

  8. Forward thinking

    I’ve always looked forward to new ideas & being tech savvy and predicting what’s going to be popular. Instagram I jumped on seeing the potential.

  9. Adaptability 

    Being not stringent in “it has to be this way” makes your mindset easier and less stressed. Adapting to situations well allows me to be comfortable and not freak out.

  10. Visibility (making myself known)

    This is something I teach on and think I’m pretty great at-getting my name out there. It’s basically the strategies to do so-I teach this in my 4 week instagram for business coaching program

So what does this all mean? It means I’m

Working on what I’m not great at (taking classes, reading books, hiring people)

& celebrating what I am good at and also doing that more!

What are your biggest strengths and struggles?