10 Tips For A Better Instagram Story (For Your Business!)

10 Tips For A Better Instagram Story (For Your Business!)

10 Tips For A Better Instagram Story (For Your Business!)

  1. Create a “story”.

    Literally. One of my biggest pieces of advice for getting more viewers of your story is to have a continuous story. Whether it’s you telling it with words or sharing it with text, having a bunch of 15 second clips keeps people watching, which then tells instagram the post is popular, bringing it higher in the instagram story algorithm.

    Example: My personal insta gets about 100 views/day. I did a series of posts (15-20) about something I was doing and got double that.

  2. Post throughout the day.

    If you only post once, it won’t show up as a “new” post to people who check throughout the day. Stay top of mind for people and get more/different viewers

  3. Send your instagram posts to stories

    This is a newer feature but EVERY time you post on your regular feed, click the arrow button under your post and send it to your story. I usually add a “New Post” gif. This allows your followers to see you’ve posted something new even if the algorithm

  4. Use the Unfold app to create pretty stories

    Unfold is my #1 IG Stories app. I’ve purchased some of the packs they sell and I 100% think they are worth it. They create templates that you can pop photos into and make your stories look super professional.

  5. Cut a video longer than a minute into 15 second clips with continual (or add to IGTV)

    I use the app continual if I want a video more than 60 seconds to be posted on my IG story. However, if it’s longer than 3 minutes I recommend uploading to IGTV, which I recommend now putting on your preview.

  6. Put your face on camera!

    Getting my face on camera transformed my life (no lie!). I’ve been recognized in public from going on instagram stories (multiple times!) Having people see who I am has been a gamechanger!

  7. Add Gifs & fun effects

    Keeping people entertained and excited is a huge perk of IG stories.

  8. Add your best stories to your highlights

    Instagram highlights were another huge gamechanger. By keeping stories past 24 hours, it made sense to do them. You only save the ones that are evergreen or ones that are

  9. Use the Q & A and other useful things (like polls!)

    One thing you can do for your business is use polls to determine things you want to know. Questions, polls, or quizzes you can actually get valuable info from your audience!

  10. Tag businesses and companies to potentially be reposted

    This is a strategy I use anytime I’m at an event. Tag all the people involved, host, location, etc… 80-90% of the time they will repost you, bringing your page to all their followers.