Where does social media marketing fit into your small business marketing plan?

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I was recently asked by someone “How does social media fit into my overall marketing plan”. This is something I specialize in when working with clients, but I realized I didn’t have a great answer. My first thought was “ 80%" but then I thought I’d take a step back & really figure out where social media does fit. You don’t want to do “buckshot marketing” or wildly shooting your money, time and effort on different opportunities in marketing and then sulk when none of them work. You need a strategic, long term plan for marketing & that’s what we are talking about today.

First I wanted to go through the types of marketing

Types of Marketing

Promotional Marketing: This includes business cards, flyers, rack cards, direct mail, banners, signs, brochures and more. You can even put sponsorships & billboards on this list

Traditional Marketing: PR, TV, Radio, newspaper & magazines.

Digital Marketing: Website, Search Engine Optimization, Online Ads

Social Media Marketing: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

Content Marketing: Blogging, YouTube, Podcasting, Email Opt-In, Email Marketing

Physical Marketing: Networking, Word of Mouth, Sales Calls, Trade Shows, Chamber of Commerce

Ok so now we’ve listed off the 6 different kinds of marketing, let’s talk about how they fit together and where social media (which goes together with digital marketing & content marketing, helping those along) goes.

I will say here at TCC, the ones I focus on least is promotional and traditional. While I think it’s imperative to have business cards and a few promotional products, these are usually expensive and don’t get enough bang for the buck. Usually corporate or larger businesses use these as their marketing budgets can afford them.
The only ones I think this works well for is brick and mortar stores. Foot traffic can come from traditional media & can work very well.

Ok so moving into the grouping of three (social, digital and content) as well as physical marketing. If I had to be honest, you should be splitting it half and half. 50% physical & 50% online.

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What does this mean.

Coming up with a website that makes sense is important, but in order to get people there, there’s many things you need. The main three are:

Word of Mouth

Content can send people to your website through links & promotions, fb ads & more
Search engine optimization can bring people there through keywords and search

Word of mouth allows people to google you and find you as a friend has told them to.

Of all the physical marketing, networking and word of mouth are the most important. Attending networking events allows you to meet people, and once they’ve found out about you, they will tell their friends who will tell their friends and the cycle begins. This is SOO important, just as important as social media & content. These are the people who will push you to have more people to market to!

All of this depends on your type of business. I’ve narrowed that down to

Physical/Digital Products: Sales pages, pinterest links & instagram can help you the most. People want what you offer if it’s cool & cute (products) or helpful (digital products).

Services: Word of mouth is definitely the best way to get business. Then the next step a potential client does is research you, so you better be ready.

Brick & Mortar: The traditional route can work here, as many times you are marketing to a wide variety of people, however, many places like shops & restaurants need to have social media to continue to grow.

Marketing & Design Professionals: Your portfolio is your best marketing asset. Finding clients through local organizations and networking events as well as having amazing website & design yourself will help sell your services.

So in conclusion, we use about 50% online marketing and 50% physical/offline. When it comes to budgeting, know your strengths and weaknesses. If you want to create content, create it well and push it to social. Use keyword research and improve your SEO. Or if you need help, hire a digital marketer to set up your website & help your SEO. Social media is just a way to promote the things you are creating.

If you’d like to work with TCC to get a better sense of which direction you should go, schedule a two hour strategy session. Figuring out where to put your time and money with marketing is vital to selling products & services in 2019