What is a Mastermind & Should You Join One?

What is a Mastermind & Should You Join One?

At our One Day Intensive, one of the questions I got that I was surprised no one knew about was when I was talking about educating yourself on marketing to join a mastermind. All the hands went up and asked what a mastermind was.

As someone who has been part of masterminds in the past, this was a little bit shocked that of all the topics I mentioned, that masterminds were the one the group knew least about.

It is a newerish concept, especially in the Twin Cities, so I thought I would do a post about it!

Mastermind: According to Wikipedia, the definition of a mastermind is “A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.”

It’s like a networking group, except it is more about sharing tips and advice as well as a way to build relationships with other people in similar industries.

Who: Most of the time for masterminds, it’s made of people who are wanting to connect with people like them, as entrepreneurship can be not only lonely, but also confusing.

What: A place where you go with likeminded or different people to talk about business, hear from speakers & more!

Where: Usually masterminds meet in person, at a coffee shop, coworking space or office. They are usually made up of 10-20 people, similar in background or in types/levels of business.

I’ve been part of several and all have been in person. Some masterminds include people from across the country and only meet online or some of them meet in person once in a while in a specific state where people have to travel to them.

When: Masterminds can last for one session up to years. Most masterminds meet about once a month and some have limits (one of them was once a week for 4 weeks, one was once a month for 4 months)

Why: Once you get to a specific level in business, you need to educate and surround yourself with people who are also at the same level. “High Level Masterminds” are some that cost thousands of dollars. Big names like Tony Robbins, Jenna Kutcher, Lewis Howes, Russell Brunson & many more have masterminds for specifically top earners in their fields, (like making 500K per year level) to be able to lead and learn from others who are at the same level.

My experience:

I’ve gone to many workshops, weekend retreats, conferences & joined many masterminds.

Wanted to share some of the ones I’ve attended and where to find more info on local masterminds (all of these are for women-sorry guys!)

Jasna Burza Mastermind

Jasna Burza Mastermind.jpg

Jasna’s mastermind was the first mastermind that was truly a mastermind. It was once a month for four months, with each session about 4 hours. We got to know the 15-20 woman that came each month so well & I’m still friends with most of them today!
While Jasna led the group, a lot of it was through speakers & guests that we really connected.

If you’d like to learn more about upcoming sessions, head here.

BWC (Business Women’s Circle) Annual Forum


Business Women’s Circle is a local organization that has masterminds for women both in professional and entrepreneurial jobs. Their Circles are masterminds that meet up monthly for 10 months.

I attended the annual forum, which happens in July, which was an all day learning experience. I learned more about the BWC and it was amazing!

Learn more about the BWC here

Intentionally Charged Workshop

Jasna Burza Mastermind (2).jpg

Before The Abundance Group, Ashley Ebert (listen to podcast ep 98 to learn more) held a series of workshops called “Intentionally Charged”
Learn more about The Abundance Group here

Women’s Lakeside Business Conference


Last spring I attended the Lakeside Womens Business Conference in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. I hadn’t seen any women’s entrepreneur conferences in the midwest and when I saw who was to be at this one I bought a ticket. It was my first weekend conference out of state. I got to meet many people who I had only been friends with on the internet. Then I ended up winning two tickets to SBHE Live, which I share below!

Learn more about Lakeside Women’s Business Conference Here

She’s Building Her Empire Live


When I won two $1000 tickets to the SBHE Live conference in Milwaukee, I knew I had to do a giveaway-I was so excited when my friend Erika won! She & I ventured on a long drive & learned so much over just a few days in Milwaukee. While not a mastermind, it was very cool to go to a conference with high caliber women & overall experience was amazing.

Learn more about SBHE Live here

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