How to get CLIENTS from Instagram

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Wanting to use instagram as a lead generating platform? Here’s some tips to get more clients from instagram!

  1. WOW them & get their attention-give them a great first impression (and make them a follower)

    People decide in 30 seconds (or shorter) if they will follow you. Give them the best impression around! Have good quality images, a great bio, engaging content. People are picky so you must impress

  2. Make your offer & bio clear

    Your services on your website & on instagram should be clear. Pick a niche, give a clear call to action and talk about it often. Confusion=

  3. Engage with them
    Create posts that relate to them, make them laugh or get them to comment

  4. Educate them

    Instructions, talk about your expertise and give tips & advice

  5. Sell your services

    Talk about your business, team, services, promotions, testimonials

  6. Get them off of instagram-calls to action on every post

    The point of instagram is to get them off of instagram & onto your website, email or direct message. You want to move beyond the platform to close the deal!

Other ideas for getting clients

Send new followers a DM asking how you can help them-great market research and a great conversation starter!

Use Instagram Stories to ask people for DMs or use polls to learn more about your audience!

Things to Remember

Followers are important but not everything.

If a follower just follows but doesn’t

  • Tell anyone about you

  • Take Action from your post

  • Comment on your post

  • Buy your products & services

They are just a number in the system. Sure it’s nice to say you have more of them, but that’s about as valuable as that person is to your business. However, don’t write them off-sometimes the sales cycle can be long & people may take a long time to make a decision to make that first step.

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