Which Comes First: Your Social Media Accounts or Your Website/Blog?

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When I talk to my social media coaching clients, usually they need help with either their website or their social. But sometimes they have neither and want to know which one to work on first (what’s the priority).

I decided I should put my opinions out there so I can reference this in the future and those reading it see what I think.

Here’s my answer: It depends on the situation, but 80% of the time I would say setup and grow social media first.

When I first started my first online business, I launched an etsy shop and my instagram only. When I launched TCC, it was the instagram and fb group only, with the website launching 5 months after. So I’ve always started with social first.

One of the reasons is this: When you launch a website, how are you supposed to get lots of people to go to it? With instagram and social media, you can clearly show what you do and have direct contact (email button & dms) with potential clients or audience members. Instagram can become your temporary website (even using sites like linktr.ee to send your audience to different landing pages & email marketing signups).

But I do think having a website is important. It’s a place where you can use things like SEO to attract audiences to you in another way. It’s a one stop shop for shops, events, about pages, blogs, services, etc…. Pinterest & Google Search bring in a lot of my traffic, but between social and the website, the faster platform to grow & get traction with is social media. Websites on the other hand tend to do better if done long term. SEO is like wine-the older the better. I still get clicks on posts from years ago-something that doesn’t happen on social media posts.

What does “blogging” look like in 2019??

I have a lot of people coming to me wanting to start blogs.

While I think there’s a place for blogging in 2019, I often steer them towards instagram before launching a blog. Why?

First off, it’s a great way to experiment and beta test your audience. Figuring out your niche and if it’s even something people want to learn about. Using instagram captions as your blog to practice talking to an audience. Learning how to get likes, clicks and comments. Creating photos and graphics that attract (all things your blog needs also) attention. Once you get to a point where you are getting enough traction, then it’s time to start a website.

I was curious about the label “blogger” so I did some googling. Here’s my findings based on Google Trends

The term “Blogging” on Google Trends over time

Blogging Google Trends

The word “Influencer” on Google Trends over time

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 2.44.53 PM.png

The thing about blogging and websites-only you can see your traffic and follower rates. With social media, you can see how many people are following you-this changed the game. You used to be able to on blogs, but it’s uncommon now.

Social proof is huge now, so thus the rise of the term “influencers” over “bloggers”

What are your thoughts?? Do you agree?