80 Business Pinterest Accounts To Follow If You Run Your Own Business, Blog or Brand

80 Business Pinterest Accounts To Follow If You Run Your Own Business, Blog or Brand

I’ve had many conversations of late with people who had no idea you can post your business ideas on Pinterest. I’ve had so many people to follow who do that kind of thing that I realize many don’t follow businesses of any kind and thus aren’t introduced to examples of ways you can promote your business. So I spent a lot of time figuring out who may absolute favorite people are to follow and share them with you today. Enjoy and please follow all the people below on your Pinterest account.

Blogging Help

Alex Tooby-Instagram, Blogging & Business Tips

Melyssa griffin-Entrepreneur + Blogging Tips

Xo sarah-growing blog & email

therandomp.com || Online business, passive income and blogging

Caitlin of And Possibly Dinosaurs | Design + Blogging Tips

Social Media Tips

Peg Fitzpatrick-Pinterest, instagram & social tips

Rebekah Radice-Social media

Steph Gilbert-Social Media

Julie Solomon-Branding & Marketing

Amy Howard Social: Social Media + Blogging Tips

Tyler J McCall-Instagram Tips

Raelyn Tan: Blogging + Online Business

Workspacery-Workspace Inspiration


Claire Dobson-Pinterest expert

Rachel Ngom-Pinterest

Nellaino - Pinterest for Business Strategist - Pinterest Influencer & marketer - Lifestyle photograpy

Angie Gensler | Social Media | Pinterest Marketing | Blogging Tips

Branding & Design

Dave’s and Krista Jones-Branding & Web Design

Bonnie Bakhtiari-Brand Designer & Strategist

Magnoliahouse Creative - Brand Styling & Graphic Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

Lilah Higgins-Higgins Creative

Megan Martin-Website Design

Marianne Manthey-DIY Blog Design

Krista Rae-Wordpress Designer

Saffron Avenue-Showit & Website 

Lindsay Humes-Blog Designer

Lauren Hooker-Elle & Company

Megan Garwood-Web Developer for Brand Designers

Organization & Systems

Nesha Woolery-Organization for Solopreneurs

Productivity Zone-Productivity & Systems

Profit Planner-Profit centered productivity

Tonya Dalton | inkWELL Press | Productivity Paradox

Rae at Productive Co-Dubsado Strategist

Brittany Berger-Business + Productivity Tips

Nora Conrad-Productivity Coach

Refined Revelry-Goal Setting

Online Business Tips

Wonderlass Entrepreuneur + Online Business Tips

Boss Project

Lara Casey-Goal Setting

Miranda Nahmias-Growing Your Business

Jessica Stansberry-Personal Development

Stacy Tuschl-Entrepreneur + Small Business Growth

Kyla Roma-Business Coach & Marketing Strategist

Jenna Kutcher-Entrepreneur & Marketing Tips

Reina and Co-Life and Business Coach 

Let’s talk lady biz-simplify and grow

Amber Housley-Creative biz & entrepreneurship

Mariah-Bloom, Hustle Grow

Jessica Nazarali-Business Strategist

Kat Schmoyer-Business Coach

Rule Breaker’s Club with Courtney Johnston

By Regina -for infopreneurs and bloggers

Marie Forleo-Business Coach

Brittany Darrington How To Start A Business | Business Strategist | Corporate Misfit Club

Small Business Partner Amber McCue | Entrepreneurship for Better Businesses | AmberMcCue.com

Hilary Hartling | Brand Strategist + Coach | BRANDPOLISH CO.

Kate Crocco Confidence + Mindset Coach for Female Entrepreneuers

Holly | A Branch of Holly


Manifestation Babe | Manifestation + Money Mindset Tips

Reese Coach and NLP  Yes Supply

Becky Mollenkamp-mindset coach for business owners

Liz White | Mindset, Creative Business, and Entrepreneur Tips

Tonya Rineer Money Mindset for Women Entrepreneurs

Denise Duffield Thomas

Sales Funnels

Hailey of Your Content Empire-Sales Funnels

Amanda Genther-Online marketing & sales funnels

Pamela Dale-sales funnels and click funnels 


Lindsey Hazel-Create Video Content + Grow YouTube channel

Trena Little-Video Marketing help

Erika Vieira-Beauty & the vlog

Other Categories

Jessica Rasdall-Public Speaking Strategist For Creative Entrepreneurs

Christina Scalera-The Contract Shop

Ashlyn Carter-Copywriting + Creative Entrepreneur Tips

Mariah Coz-Marketing for course creators

Caitlin Bacher-Social Media marketing & facebook group tips

Summer Tannhauser-Email Marketing

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