4 Amazing SEO Tools to see what people are searching for & getting your website to rank!

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SEO: A topic that many find scary but I find fun & exciting. Google is a powerful tool and if you harness it’s power, you can use it to your advantage!

A few SEO Tips!

Label everything. Every page on your website. Every single photo

Speed is important. Upload photos in the smallest size you can (large file sizes can slow down your website and that affects your search results

  1. Google Search Console & 2. Google Analytics

Google is the authority of search so you want to see what their results are for your website.

Google Analytics lets you know where people find you, how long they stay on your site and what search terms they use.

But Google Search Console takes that part a step further, they are specific about how your website is showing up. They also give you ideas for content. You can tell google which pages you want to rank, you can see if there are any issues and see what people are searching for!

3. Answer the Public

This website allows you to type words into the search bar and get ideas for what else people are searching for.


Keywords Everywhere

This is a chrome extension that shows you how much keywords are worth and how much they are being searched for. Great for finding ideas for posts!