Andrew Manuel, Touring Midwest

Touring Midwest is an online source (mainly YouTube for now) but also ascribe on Instagram,FB and occasionally Twitter. Highlighting points of interest throughout the Midwest, promoting locally owned establishments and hoping to encourage travel to the Midwest. I hope to inspire people to travel when they can and offer them tools and resources to plan and execute the most successful trips possible.

Albert lea

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Rachel Riesgraf, Modern Farmhouse Eats

Growing up on a small organic dairy farm in Minnesota, I learned how to create the best homestyle, country recipes, and Modern Farmhouse Eats is where I share those recipes with some modern twists. You'll also occasionally see me sharing farm life experiences and travel adventures. 

I’ve always been an organic enthusiast, had a love for the country and nature, and a deep passion for educating others on the importance of living a health and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

I find happiness in writing about the adventures of life and sharing with others the beauty (and food) of the world. I'm a lover of the farm life, lake days, traveling and of course, food.

What city do you currently live in?: Minneapolis

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Grace Daleki, Simply Genevieve

Simply Genevieve is me sharing tips and tricks about how to figure out this crazy thing called life, while looking like a million dollars on a student budget! On my blog i have all different kinds of posts; I have tips on how to wash your makeup brushes, to, how to get over that one person who broke your heart. I want to empower and make people happy :) That's the purpose of my blog!


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Debbie Aderinkomi, The Last Debutante

 The Last Debutante is a fashion & style blog created by the eclectic blogger Debbie. The main focus of the site is fashion, but sometimes she talks about things such as her polyglot journey, hair and more. Before starting her own fashion blog, she has been a contributor for and a blogger for Marquette University Wire. Now she is a blogger for WarPaint International and her personal website. Her style icons include but are not limited to Solange, Zendaya, Amandla Stenberg and @coco_pinkprincess. 

Fun fact: Most of the graphics and custom coding were done by Debbie!

Maple Grove, MN

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Carin Skowronsky, Pairs Well With...

Carin, a fifteen-year marketing maven, specializes in marketing consulting, brand building and content creation. After leaving the corporate world to build her freelance business, Carin has found big success working with small brands who want to make a big splash in the marketplace and has collaborated with small businesses and entrepreneurs to turn heads. She creates relatable content that speaks to your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Carin is presently taking on project based work and new clients who need blog articles, brand consulting and increased social media exposure. Curious to learn more? Don't be shy. Ask away and, if nothing else, make a new friend!


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Jenny Anderson, Girl of 10,000 Lakes

Girl of 10,000 Lakes is a visual vacation to the Land of 10,000 Lakes and other whimsical places. It’s my happy place where style and beauty meet the great outdoors. I aspire to inspire the stylish adventurer to take more detours, step outside her comfort zone, and try something new. Let’s explore the forest, the lake, the valleys, the mountains, the trails, the ocean, and everywhere in between.


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Andrea Peña, That Andrea Life

At you’ll find posts about making a glam life into something practical for the everyday person and everyday life. I’ll share the newest beauty, makeup, and skincare to help you stay on top of trends. Tips to help you look your best for any occasion. Fashion, shopping guides, and travel advice to help you save money and time. And of course, affordable finds and dupes for high end styles. On occasion, posts about my dog and life too.


Website URL:

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