All Square Dream Lab

Max capacity

49 people for performances + receptions (sitting or standing)

30 people for simultaneous group dining (table service)

***it is possible to reserve the entire venue (i.e. shut down the restaurant side as well) to double the max occupancy, but we need at least 60 days notice and charge a premium rate


We have tons of free street parking! All of your guests will be able to park within a block of All Square.


We have two spacious omnisex and accessible bathrooms onsite!

Wheelchair accessible


A/V Capabilities

  • Audio

    • Our Alto 8" 2-way self-powered speakers provide plenty of punch with 300w each, and a nice clean sound, whether playing music or movies.

    • Plug your computer, phone, or turntables in to our 8-channel mixer (1/4" or 1/8"), with two mic inputs (XLR or 1/4")

    • BYO mic if you're a DJ, but the room is small enough to hold a conversation otherwise.

  • Video

    • Epson ceiling-mounted projector, HDMI input, with remote.

    • Retractable 110" screen.

Presentation / Training

In addition to our A/V equipment, we have a two-sided, 6' x 4' rolling whiteboard and a presentation remote with laser pointer available for use on request.

Mood music

Always. Play your own music or we have a streaming service that lets us play whatever you're into during the event.


Not yet - but we're working on it!