01.34: How to use life coaching to live a great life

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What is your favorite social media platform?

The gram. Love interacting on Instagram!

Personal goal for 2017/2018?

Since 2017 is already almost gone, I share a little about 2018.
One of my personal goals for 2018 is to launch a soul sisterhood rooted in faith. I'm so excited about this! My professional goal for 2017 is to do more motivational speaking & workshops for groups & organizations.

Local Questions: Favorite Local Restaurant or Coffee Shop?

Phenomenal question! I'm a huge Mexican food love so I would say my favorite go to mexican is by far Boca Chica & Burrito Mercado which are both in St.Paul. They are my favorite little hot spots for authentic mexican!  As for coffee, I love all the coffee! The One on One bike shop in Minneapolis has the best Americanos I've ever tasted and the barista, Carna is such a sweetheart! And the coffee shop I love with the best atmosphere would be Nina's in St.Paul.

What do you want to share with our community?

Have the courage to fail each and every day! This helps you grow, take risks, and realize what you are truly capable of!


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