Host Jenna Redfield about the history of TCC & why podcasting & video?

Host Jenna Redfield about the history of TCC & why podcasting & video?

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Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives.

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You're listening to the Twin Cities collective podcast conversations with creatives with your host Jenna Redfield. This podcast is being recorded at Studio co work a brand new co working space in Golden Valley that has a DIY Podcast booth that can be rented hourly. So make sure to go to studio co worker calm to learn more about that. This podcast is all about talking to local entrepreneurs, bloggers, Instagram or small business owners and of course just creative people in the Twin Cities. If you're new to the Twin Cities collective, make sure to go to our website twins this collective calm and join our Facebook group forward slash groups forward slash Twin Cities collective. Make sure your last night you found out about us on the podcast, make sure to subscribe and review us on iTunes and just sit back relax and enjoy this episode. I hope to see you guys there. Hey, good money towards this collective it is your host Jenna Redfield here today, I am going to be doing something a little different. I'm going to be talking about myself which I don't do a lot. And it's I've only done a couple of solo episodes. But I've realized that a lot of people come to me and they asked me about the history of this group and about what my history is. And I've never really shared it on here before. And I thought it would be the good time to do it when it is the month of December, which is not only the one year anniversary of us rebranding the group to today's collective, but also the monthly topic, which is podcasting and video, which are two things that I do. So I thought I would just get started by talking a little bit about this group and kind of how we were founded and kind of the history. And then talk a little bit about what I do a little bit about my past. And I hope that you guys enjoy this episode. And let's get started. So I just wanted to say that we are growing so fast, especially on our Instagram and Facebook channels. But that started about two years ago, this whole group. This actually, a lot of people don't know this, but this group actually was not founded by me. I was actually the person that kind of took over Facebook and Instagram back in the day about a year and a half ago. So basically, the story is this. So I actually got into blogging about let's see, 2014 was when I started my first blog. And for the first year of blogging, I didn't know anyone locally, I didn't have any friends in the blogging world. I didn't know anyone that did blogging, I had no idea that there was even a blogging community for basically all 2014. Then in 2015, I was searching the internet one day, and I was on Facebook, and I discovered this group called Minnesota bloggers. And I thought, Oh, my gosh, I have a blog, I'm in Minnesota, I should join this group. So I did. And I found out that there was an event happening the next day, that was for bloggers, so I decided to go to that event. And that was the first ever blogging event I ever went to. And I got to meet so many people that I still am in touch with. And a lot of them have actually been on this podcast. But that was really my first taste into networking. That was my first taste into anything. And that was in March, I believe 2015. From there, I started going to more networking events after finding out about them through that event. And ever since I've just been loving marketing events and networking events for my blog, and my YouTube channel. And then this group was started in late 2015 by a girl named Lindsay and I didn't know Lindsay but somebody invited me to join the Twin Cities, blogger collective group, and I thought, Oh, this is cool, another blogging group. So I was in that and I went to their first event, which was, I think, in like October, November of 2015. And I thought it was a really fun event really well decorated, and it was it was at a spray tan place. And

after that I couldn't make the next event. But then after that there wasn't any more events. And then I found out later in 2016 that Lindsay was moving to Denver. And I was sad because I thought that Oh, there could be more, you know, blogging events happening. So I I reached out and said, Hey, can I can I take over the Instagram and Facebook? Because I it looks like there's no one that's leading it? And she said, Sure, fine, that's great. You know, I'm moving. So I don't really have to, I don't really need this anymore. So if you want to take it over? Sure. So I did. And that was in August of 2016. So a little bit over a year ago. And then so, so again, this was not a planned sort of group, it just kind of happened because there was an opportunity to take something that had already sort of been there but wasn't quite large enough. That was like a big deal. There was about 800 followers on Instagram and about 150 people in the Facebook group. So as I mentioned before, there was a group called Minnesota bloggers, which I was also a part of, but it was pretty dead. I think that the people that had led it had moved also. So there was no one really leading the group. And one day, like a week after I took over Twin Cities blogger collective, I it looked to see who the admins were because I just didn't know who they were. And lucky enough. The admins happened to be my first cousin, Melissa. So if you're listening to this, Melissa, hello. And so I i messaged my cousin, she actually has also moved out of state. And I said, Hey, I didn't know that you were an admin of Minnesota bloggers, what? What's the deal with this group? And she said, you know, the people left and I'm just one of the admins but you know, no one's really kind of running it. And I said, Would it be okay if I became an admin and decided to move everyone over to the twins is Bulger collective group, so we can all have one group, and not to so she said that was fine. So what I did, it took a while. But I actually just posted in the group and said, Hey, guys, we're all moving over to this page, please join us, it's just going to be consolidated over there.

I'd say maybe about 100. I think there's about 400 people in the group, about 100 of them moved over. And then I ended up tagging everyone else that didn't move. And about half of those people move. So maybe about 300 people moved over. And then about 100 people didn't respond. So I just took them out of the group. So from there, we had about five 600 people in the Twin Cities collective, or blogger collective at a time Facebook group. So then again, this is late last year. And then I decided that I wanted to rebrand I wanted to include not just bloggers, but also the entire creative community because even though I started as a blogger, I definitely have transitioned my my blog into a business. And so I wanted to not only in corporate, all the bloggers, but also those small businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, all the people that you are hearing on this podcast, so that was really exciting, because I just really wanted it to be a place where people could fit in no matter what they do for a living as long as it was kind of in the general media creativity online world. That's kind of our niche, I guess I could say, but I tried to expand it a little bit, especially since I would say over the last two years, blogging has kind of morphed into, like influencers and and Instagram. And I just feel like blogging itself has just kind of changed. And that's kind of what has led me to this podcast and doing video. And so that's all these new mediums while they're still creating content, it's not quite the same as the original blogging. So basically, so I'll keep going with that story. And so then in late last year, I had some awesome friends help me out my friend, Joe from branding babes. And Ali from Allie Marie design, they helped me rebrand. And we relaunched as a twin cities collective in December of 2016. And then in January, we launched a website. So that was so fun. And I think it's really helped by having the Twin Cities collective brand, over the Twin Cities, blogger collective brand, because it's, first of all, it's a lot shorter, it's a lot easier to remember. And it's just, it just goes to show you like with the power of a hashtag and the power of a movement. And that's kind of what I'm trying to make. I'm trying to make a community that is supportive, and also trying to help each other grow each other's businesses. So by supporting local and by just being good people that aren't super, super marketing, like, how do I say this too salesy, I guess, especially in our Facebook group. But yeah, so just some statistics about the growth of Twin Cities collective, I just, you know, people say that, like, I'm too humble. So I'm just gonna humble brag, I guess, um, but we have grown it from about 800 followers on Instagram to over 8000, in a little bit over a year and a half. And then, from the Facebook group, we are at about 15 hundred, and it was at about 150. So basically, times 10, in over a year for both accounts. So that's pretty exciting. For me, this is just kind of something I've just been working on. And I spent way too much time thinking about towards this collective when I probably should be working on my own business and my job, but I really find that it's what really spurs me on and really gives me fire for just helping others. So just wanted to talk about that. And because so many people asked me, and I've realized I've never shared that story before. So I thought that this might be a good episode, if you're brand new, and you don't know anything about us. This is kind of the history of the group and how it got to be where it is today. Again, the the future of the group, not quite sure. Next year, I did post on the Instagram, about what's happening with all the workshops. So that's kind of going to be what we're going to be doing in the future is doing a lot more workshops, which is going to be awesome, because what I've learned is so many people struggle with the same things. One of them is Instagram growth. And that is something that is going to be our first workshop for 2018. And it's going to hopefully be here at Studio co work where I'm recording right now and where I work during the day. And I think it's going to be really fun. So that is kind of what's going to happen in the future. Again, that's the thing about this group. I didn't launch this group, like I kind of launched on a whim. So I didn't really have like a major business plan. But I definitely kind of want to keep growing it and see what happens. And I think this could be I mean, eventually, what would be so cool is to have this be almost my like, like almost full time job. Right now. It's just kind of a side thing. And it would just be really cool, because it's such a passion of mine. But as you know, if you don't know, I actually have my own business as well. So that business is actually that's actually something that I

sorry, just got text messages, I was checking it. So one thing that I want to talk about, especially this month is video and podcasting. Now, video, podcasting are two things that I love. podcasting. First, obviously, if you're listening to this podcast, you you might be interested in podcasting. And I just did a workshop on Tuesday of this week about launching your podcast. And it was so so so fun. We talked about all things podcasting. And I'm I got a lot of good feedback. But I also got a lot of people interested that were able to make it. So I'm going to hopefully be doing another launch your podcast workshop in this coming month. So January. So if you're interested in that I have all this stuff made now. So I'm just going to kind of do a repeat session of what I taught at that workshop. And I'm going to teach you everything from you know how to set up a hosting site to the RSS feed all the technical stuff that's super confusing to people that are interested in podcasting. So in order to find about that, make sure to go to studio, co work calm, and then sign up for our email list. And then I will send out information about that. So that's kind of what I'm going to be talking about with the podcast this month. And I'm hoping to get some podcast guests on that are doing podcasting, which would be so so so cool. Still trying to figure that out. But I also wanted to talk about video. So video podcasting are so different, but they're kind of similar. And this month, I just kind of wanted to go through them. Because I know not everyone does podcasting and video, but I wanted to talk about it because it is such a big part of my life. And it's a big part about the future I think of content. So I'll talk a little bit about my history of video. And and also like awesome ways that you can use it in your business and how you can make it so that it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, which I try to make it affordable for all my clients. Where do I even start? So I, I've always loved videos and film and watching movies. And ever since I was a child. But it wasn't until Hello about high school that I started looking into YouTube. And that's when YouTube came out. I was I think in eighth grade when YouTube came out. And it was something where I thought, hey, look at this, like all these fun videos about some of my favorite shows. And then I started getting into the, you know, Windows Movie Maker and some of those basic systems back in the day. And I just fell in love with it. And so I went to school to be a video producer, and realized it did not want to do broadcast, I literally just wanted to do YouTube. So when I moved out to LA and did film out there, I was like, you know, I don't really want to make Hollywood movies, I just literally want to do YouTube. So when I came back, I started my first business as a wedding videographer, which kind of was sort of what I wanted, where I could, you know, do some local stuff and edit those videos. But I realized that weddings weren't the industry for me, I didn't really enjoy the filming part of it. And so what I did was, I just quit video cold turkey for about a year, I think started my business doing stock photos and doing a lot more photography. And then about a year and I was like, You know what, I really miss a video and I just want to do the editing. That's all I want to do. So I added that service to my business. And that is what I'm doing now. So if people have recorded videos, and they just need like an intro graphics, anything that they you know, need to make it look better. That's what I do now. So it's been kind of a roundabout way of getting there. But I absolutely love editing videos. It's one of my passions, and I just get so sucked into it. I started my YouTube channel again, back in 2014. But my first ever channel actually started in 2006. But I was never on camera, I was just kind of editing random stuff. Then in 2014, I started my first ever channel, which was just like a sort of like a beauty blog, I talked about my

monthly favorites and all that stuff. And I still have this account and still what I post on. But lately, I've kind of transitioned it to more just like basic lifestyle, storytelling and story times as well as monthly blogs. So I fell in my life and I film what I do. And then a couple of months ago, I decided to branch off and do another account that's just for my business. So I have a YouTube channel for my business as well. And so that's just kind of a history about what how I got into video, and just kind of what I do with my business and with my personal channels. But one of the things I want to talk about is how you can use video in your business. Now, video is something that not a lot of people are excited about. They know they have to do it. Because it's such a huge deal right now. But they don't know how and there's so many different ways you can do it. You don't even have to be on camera, using you know motion graphics using your voice using tutorials that are silent, you can do stop motion, there's just so many cool ways to figure out how to do that. So there's one blog post that I wrote on my my general designs account that I want you to read. And I'm going to link it in the show notes. And it's 13 types of videos you can make with your business. And so if you're just kind of getting started and video, and you don't really know what to do, this is a really good guide to that, especially for example, if you're doing a Kickstarter video, or if you just want to do Facebook Lives or an Instagram Live, there's so many options for video nowadays, that just getting started is a great option, especially if you're doing live, I would just recommend starting with live videos. Once you start to build an audience there, then you can move into the product, like the really well produced ones. Now, there's a DIY route, and then there's also the professional route. And obviously, the professional routes can be a lot more expensive, however, it is going to look a lot more professional, you're going to get a really good product and it won't be as much time. But you do not get to invest in any of the items. So you you literally just can rent a company and then be done. Or you can you can get over and actually buy all the equipment, which is something that I have done because it's my business, but it's something that has taken me years, literally years to get all of the great products that I have now and all the equipment for example, my camera, which was not cheap, it took me about two years to save up for that my tripod, which again was not cheap, but totally worth it for my business. So for me, I have all the equipment that you need to make a really great YouTube channel. But most people starting out, honestly, just use your phone, use your smartphone, get a cheap tripod for it and just start and the more that that you go, the better equipment you'll get. But you don't have to start with the right equipment. I do think that lighting is very important though for your videos. And that's something that I would recommend investing in. So if you can invest in a camera, at least invest in lighting, because I think that if people can't see you, they're not going to really stick around much on your channel. So I have some I'll put some links in the description to some of the lights that I use, I use two different lights that I got on them as I think each was like 30 bucks. So you can get two lights that are really, really bright for about 60 bucks. And I think honestly, that's all you need to invest in for your YouTube channel when you're first starting out. And you can also use them for product photography and stuff. And that's what I do use them for as all and they're kind of universal lights for me. So that is what I would do. If you're first starting out on YouTube or even on Facebook, getting some proper lighting, getting a small tripod and your phone. That is the easiest way to get started, obviously, then when you expand, you can actually start doing more videos. And now I

actually as part of general designs, I have a free course on how to use YouTube for your business. So if you go to Jenna Redfield designs, I believe it's January 5 designs dot teachable calm, you can get my free online course on how to create videos. And I talked about everything from microphones, you need lighting, cameras, all the stuff that I use to create my professional looking YouTube videos, and so on, I really recommend checking that out because I can't talk about all this on this podcast. But again, I feel like I don't talk about my business enough on here, because this is the Twin Cities collective podcast, I'm interviewing creatives and entrepreneurs. But I do want to share some of the things that I do for a job. Because I spend so much time on here, I just want to make sure that you also know who I am as a host, someone I'm talking about things you're not confused and don't know what I do for a living. So this podcast probably has been a long time overdue. But I'm really, really excited about it. And I think it's going to be an awesome podcast. So I hope that you guys have enjoyed this little brief look into my life and into what I do for a living. If you want more podcasts like this, or it's just me talking about myself, let me know because I think it's so fun. And I have this studio here at Studio co work. So I can just come in and pop in whenever I want to record a podcast, which is super, super nice. But I hope that you guys have enjoyed this episode. If you are interested in any of these things, I will link them in the show notes below. So make sure to click click click. I also would love a review on iTunes, I realized that we've only had two reviews on iTunes, even though I know that there are hundreds of people listening to this podcast. So if you want to do me the biggest favor ever, Please spend about five minutes just writing a quick review. I would love to be able to read them and get your feedback. And I also just would love to see them on there and so that other people that might want to start listening will look at their reviews and see Oh, this is worth listening to. Thanks again to all of my listeners. I know there's a lot of you that listen to every single episode. So I just want to say shout out to you guys. I don't really talk about you guys enough, but I just I know who you are You tell me that you listen to every episode so and I can see it in the analytics. So it's very, very exciting that we have weekly listeners. So thanks, guys again, for all the love and support on this podcast. I apologize this week was a little bit late. But next week, we're going to have an awesome guest. She's coming in tomorrow. But yeah, so I hope that you guys have enjoyed this episode. And I'll talk to you guys next week. Thanks again for listening to the 20th collective podcast conversations with creatives with your host Jenna Redfield. Make sure to head on over to iTunes to subscribe to this podcast so you don't miss a single episode. New episodes come out every Monday. Make sure to also leave us a review to let us know how we're doing as well as helping us grow our subscriber count. We also want to let you know that we have a website Twin Cities collective calm where you can learn more about us join our online directory learn more about events as well as join our Facebook community. Shout out again to Allison burns, who created all of our artwork as well as our logo, as well as Nikolai whitelist. For the use of the song in the intro. I also want to say thanks to studio cork for letting us use the podcast studio that they have on site. Make sure to go to studio co worker calm to learn more about how you can start podcasting too. Thanks again for listening and I'll talk to you guys next week.