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Today I'm interviewing Heidi Mueller of Excelsior Candle Co. Heidi is an active member of the Twin Cities Collective. She runs a handmade candle business out of Excelsior. We talk about how she's always been a maker, how she started and currently runs making wax candles out of her basement. Make sure to connect with Heidi in the group and online!

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Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives. She is a well known speaker, educator & social media strategist. You can work with her one on one with coaching and content creation (photo/video) services

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Welcome to the Twin Cities collective podcast conversations with creatives. I'm your host Jenna Redfield. Today I'm here with Heidi of Excelsior Canada company and she is going to tell us all about her.

Heidi Mueller 1:38

So welcome, Heidi. Hey, thank you very much. My name is Heidi Miller. And I'm with Excelsior Kim a company. And thanks for having me, Jenna, I really appreciate it.

Jenna Redfield 1:47

Yeah, so you've been pretty active in the Twin Cities collective. So I thought you'd have have you on and talk about your candles. So can you give us a little background about how you got started making candles and all that?

Heidi Mueller 1:58

Yeah, years ago, I came to a point where I was making a jewelry and I was selling and I was burning so many candles when I was in my basement doing that at that mall. I like not making my own candles. And so I went to the store and I bought some, you know, ingredients and a couple pots and it was making them on the stove. And it turned out that people really enjoyed them. And I started selling more and more of them. And I started doing it just containers. And it just kind of took off from there. And a year ago, I thought well, I'm going to rebrand and see where this goes. And I turned it from the vintage Pyro into Excel to your Candle Company. And now I use all it's also a candle I use aspiring essential oils and a hand for all great beer and Excelsior, Minnesota.

Jenna Redfield 2:46

That's so cool. So how did you come up with the name for that

Heidi Mueller 2:49

the Excelsior is because I live here. And so I thought if everybody would recognize it, and you know with the whole Minnesota made movement, I thought that would be ideal. That's where I started so it's pretty excited about it.

Jenna Redfield 3:01

Yeah, cuz you said you used to be vintage Pyro How did why did you Why did you decide that name versus Excelsior? What was the Why did you rebrand and why? I guess the two names they're so different. The vintage

Heidi Mueller 3:13

Kairos because I was really I still am into vintage and repurposing and recycling and reusing. And I just I love the vintage those two and a lot of tea cups and jewelry boxes. And I still have the vintage Pyro I'm a huge I love fire. I love starting things on fire. I just love it. So that's the whole vintage fire was just you know, an old soul wanting to burn things. Yeah.

Now, you know, I'm a new new brand.

Jenna Redfield 3:43

That's awesome. So how did you like what? What's your background? And how did you even get into making candles? Were you a maker or Have you always been interested in that kind of thing and making your own business.

Heidi Mueller 3:57

I've always been the maker I've been sewing since I was nine. My grandma taught me how to sew. I took every moment of class, you know. And in high school I also took welding which is kind of kind of odd for a girl to take in high school the only female little older, but I've always made things and I had an apprenticeship was Uber's for a little bit in since then I've always sewed I exist. So mittens and I do odd you know jobs for people with tailoring on the side. But don't tell anybody to do that. I made jewelry I just always and I did scrapbooking, I did a ton of things I was trying to find something that I was passionate about. And I just kind of stumbled upon the candles. You know, I always thought I'd be passionate about sewing or jewelry. And that would that would replace my day job. And that's my goal is I've always been very entrepreneurial. And I've always wanted my own business actually had my own coffee shop. For sure. The captain was cold when it was raining to be rebate. And I had that for two years. And I love that I just love having people come in and making coffee and actually taught myself how to make coffee one day, and I had probably six seven different cups of espresso. And I was so jittery that I was shaking at the counter and other listeners are not going to want to buy coffee from me if I'm sitting here. shaking. Yeah, so I've always been a maker. I always like to make things with my hands. The candles. I just love I love just pouring them and I have a day job to them. When I come home. I still am excited about foreign candles whereas jewelry or sewing. Now I gotta go downstairs. Yeah, nine or 11 do that. But I love it. I just love the smell and everything about it.

Jenna Redfield 5:43

So how what is your process to make them? And the How do you come up with the sense that you have chosen for your candles?

Heidi Mueller 5:50

It's a good question. I had started on my stovetop, so I had all four burners and I went to Michaels when I first started out about little pots, then chunks of wax. And now I buy a 50 pound boxes. But at the time that I can find a little 10 pounds, and you bring it off we put in the end you have to melt it up until some temperatures differ from 182 up to 220. So you nail that down and then the different oils that I use to pour in at different temperatures as well. And then you just let it sit for a while. But now I actually moved down into my studio and I have been on wax melter for a whole 50 pound box of wax and they're melted. It takes about two hours to actually have my daughter turned on the wax note where I get home and I'm like, Okay, this is what you gotta do. She doesn't get it ready for me seconds to that and then it has a little stick on it. So I can just hit her into the pot, add the seventh that I want. And some of them come pre made sense. And some of them I kind of sit downstairs and mix them and so something called me the next trying to know where they're mixing colors to. Just so it's a lot of fun. Yeah. believers in my basement.

Jenna Redfield 7:10

Yeah. So what what is your what kind of sense Do you sell like, what are your best sellers and what do they smell like?

Heidi Mueller 7:18

Right now? I have a sense it's my bestseller Lake Superior mist. And I was very screen like, and very light. It's good bathroom. So that's what I would say. And read ginger safwan which is probably one of my favorites. And then I also made last night a limited edition of raspberry to triple Oh, yeah. So good. They need little bottle cap candles. That's awesome.

Jenna Redfield 7:48

And and what we're okay, so I know you've told me that you saw him in a few places. But where where do you currently sell and where are you kind of planning on selling in the future?

Heidi Mueller 7:58

Yeah, so right now I then cloth skis, burgers, all seven sort of locations, urban patina, and Chaska while rafal. And currently, I'm vintage, the awkward mama scabies. Just loft in Minneapolis, bizarre is an online site. It just started this show. You gotta check them out, too. And then tomorrow, I'm actually in Lower Town at the union people so pretty excited about that. And I have Jeff Bonanza coming up, which is always been a big thing for me. I love to finance. I'll keep doing that. And I have a Twin Cities Live Event actually on May six. Oh, cool. Schools up then Maple Grove. So that's just from 12 to three. So yeah.

Jenna Redfield 8:48

So what do you like selling them in person more? Or what? Or what? What? How did you even get connected with all these places to again, live? I guess?

Heidi Mueller 8:56

I do. I love sales. And like being out to young people and trade shows. And I just go up, I've asked, hey, do you have a camera person or I kind of look into it. And then I said, you should try this candle. It's great. Sometimes I don't tell them, it's me, I'll just hand it to them and tell them they need to burn it. And I'll come back and and then the orders are pretty excited.

Jenna Redfield 9:21

So what's like some advice for someone who's trying to sell products at like trade shows or in stores? Like what what's some advice that you have in terms of like selling it? To them

Heidi Mueller 9:32

a genuine, be very open and personable happy even sometimes you're not in a great mood, but you have to put on that persona and smile. And so I always try to do that. Networking is huge. And certainly fortunate that you know, you have such a great group here with the Twin Cities collective and there's a women's group to that I'm in and

be out there. open and receptive.

Giving back to I think there's a lot of women out there

that are supportive, and you need to find those women and help each other out. really helps you grow too.

Jenna Redfield 10:18

Yeah. And I know, I know that you've sold them. And then they've been resold under different labels. How does that work?

Heidi Mueller 10:25

Yeah, the private labeling, which is fun, I really enjoy that having people come up to me for different shops and pouring their candles and seeing how excited they are. We're doing it. Individuals and shops reaching out to me. And they either give me the containers and I pour into those are all go out, pick out the containers for them and for them, and then just brand them under their own brand or store.

Jenna Redfield 10:50

And has that been more successful than your own are is about the same or

Heidi Mueller 10:54

the same. Okay.

Jenna Redfield 10:56

That's interesting, because I, you know, it's interesting to sort of resell your stuff like, how have you even learned some of the stuff that you have learned about, you know, resale and reselling, or just any of that stuff? How have you just kind of learned on your own? Just

Heidi Mueller 11:18

research everything. And, you know, I'll go back to the networking, that's huge, just going and asking questions and being open and receptive. And, you know, criticism to having people saying, Well, you know, it this isn't really working or you should be doing this, actually listening to that and I felt to grow, for sure. So

Jenna Redfield 11:38

do you sell online? Like besides a few different like local shops? Do you have your own website? or How are you doing that with online sales?

Heidi Mueller 11:47

Yes. finally have my own website. It took nine months and actually have somebody through the collective and the women's work group that helped me with that so they can trigger it is huge. Nine limbs? Wow.

Jenna Redfield 12:03

So you do sell on there? What what platform is it? Is it like woo commerce or Squarespace? What do you using Squarespace. And do you ship those anywhere? Or how does that work?

Heidi Mueller 12:15

Yeah, I had a store from Poland reach out. Now I'm here national. Awesome pizza say Yeah. My gosh, moments. Oh, the heck am I going to do this? And then I start asking questions and figuring it out. Figuring out the winter. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 12:34

yeah, cuz I think shipping is a huge thing that a lot of people aren't don't know much about, um, have you thought about selling like on Etsy or anything?

Heidi Mueller 12:43

at all, or they haven't.

And just trying to

just gets to be a lot to be able just to control what I have right now. And unless I hire some people, I think great. Now this is this is, this is a good spot to be in.

Jenna Redfield 13:03

Yeah. Are you considering hiring people? Are you looking to grow and expand?

Heidi Mueller 13:09

Yes, that is, you know, I always look at other capital companies and who I want to be when I grew up down the line, I'm like to do that I wanted to do a Kickstarter actually, like later this year, secondary, you know, raise funds second building and have employees.

Jenna Redfield 13:27

So would you have like a storefront? Or would it be more of a warehouse? Hold?

Heidi Mueller 13:32

I would like a one stop shop. So you could watch you know, make the candles and other people make them and have workshops and

Jenna Redfield 13:41

kind of fun, I would be really cool. Because then people can make their own sense to you know, yeah, you should do that in Excelsior because then it would be like, place to go. And looking

Heidi Mueller 13:53

at would be kind of cool to have a wine bar coffee.

Place sports just.

Jenna Redfield 14:01

Yeah, that's awesome. Um, so you've, you've always lived in Minnesota. Is that correct?

Heidi Mueller 14:08

Yes, I grew up born and raised in Minnesota.

Jenna Redfield 14:13

Okay, and what

Heidi Mueller 14:14

led you to Excelsior. I like that area. It's just the people out here in the areas so gorgeous. And I live right by the Arboretum. Drink. I'm so excited that spring and summer now I can walk from my house to the Arboretum through their freedom and then back home. I love being outdoors.

Jenna Redfield 14:33

Yeah. And do you do some of your sense? Are they inspired by like flowers? Or anything that you like out in the wild? or How? How do you even get inspired for some of the sense and how is that related to like your life? Yeah.

Heidi Mueller 14:50

Memory based. And that's the nice thing. When I go into different shops, they'll say, Oh, this reminds me of you know, my grandmother, and some of my students like pyramid that reminds me of being up north, I spent a lot of time as a child up along the north shore. And so those smells, you know, I'm in the forest or right by the water, and it just brings me back. So no ties into a lot of that. And I do love flowers, Arboretum. I have a canvas called the Arboretum. Just

Jenna Redfield 15:23

how many different smells and sons Do you have currently?

Heidi Mueller 15:28

I have over 36 Okay, probably should pare that down. But I get really excited. And then I see something or I start mixing again.

Jenna Redfield 15:38

Yeah. Yeah. And and and do you how do you track your sales from all the different companies? Do they send you information about like, what's selling and what's not? Or how do you have like a spreadsheet? Or how do you kind of decide what to continue making? I am spread sheets Excel, nut, and I love tracking things, sadly, a little too much. And I know, they know how many have made already have. So what scientists

Heidi Mueller 16:07

know and what stores need to be restart.

Jenna Redfield 16:10

Okay, cool. I'm just curious if you use like, or like Google Analytics or anything to see on your website, if people you know, are going to certain pages more often or ordering that way? Or is that something that you've worked on? Or

Heidi Mueller 16:24

a little bit that's new to me is still very, very unusual. Gotcha.

Jenna Redfield 16:32

Yeah, I'm already digital, which I mean, that's just me, but I just what I like about Google Analytics, and I guess it's just sharing with everyone that I really liked the fact that you can see like how long someone's on a page for you can see like, what they click and you know, I also use a, what's called

Heidi Mueller 16:54

a what's called

Jenna Redfield 16:57

a heat map. Have you ever used a heat map before? Okay, so basically, what you do is you can see where on the page people click. And so I use that to see like, if they're clicking on my blog, if they're clicking on my shop, if they're clicking on the about page, you can see where on the screen their mouse like lands, which is pretty cool. So just wanted to shout out it's called Sumo calm is what I use. It's free, it's free, you can attach it to Squarespace. That's what I use. I use it for the Twin Cities collective website to just to see where people are, you know, where their eyes and where their mouth is going. But so so going on with what's with the digital stuff. How do you do like social media marketing? How do you market yourself online?

Heidi Mueller 17:43

Instagram is my biggest

constantly posting liking. My the morning is the most

in Facebook, I have a Twitter account. Love Snapchat, people would be smart for being goofy way to a lot of videos on there and making my candles and just more humorous side of Excelsior Campbell.

Jenna Redfield 18:14

Do you have like, do you have a lot of like, do you think people come over from that from Snapchat? Or is it more just like personal?

Heidi Mueller 18:22

It's their personal outside people are on Instagram that post about their snap? And they'll go over to their Snapchat account and follow them and building it that way? Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 18:33

Have you found that it's been harder to build an audience on Snapchat versus Instagram? Just because Yeah, I was gonna say it's harder to find people because you have to know their username. But have you tried Instagram stories at all? Or have you?

Heidi Mueller 18:49

Yes, yes. Oh, do those and I'll do the Facebook Lives, you know, making my candles?

Jenna Redfield 18:55

Yeah. Do you find that people like the behind the scenes or what what kind of content works for you for getting people to learn more about your candles

Heidi Mueller 19:04

behind the scenes? I you know, I'm doing a live video of me making my candles through the process of the candles and not just the end product. But the actual beginning through people really like that. I think it's like seeing the maker to not just pictures of your product, but the person who's actually behind the story. And the reason you know the whole why

Jenna Redfield 19:26

I totally get that because I it's hard for me sometimes to do the behind the scenes because I don't want to like spill any secrets. Is that something that you worry about? Like oh, somebody else will take this, this this process I have and just redo it and then they'll be more, you know, they'll steal all my customers. Is that something you think about ever they do? I mean, it's out

Heidi Mueller 19:44

there, but everybody everybody's making candles, everybody's doing something and there is little you know, you have your little secrets. And I tried to show some things when I'm doing a video are talking about but it's going to be you know, it's like I'm the only

Jenna Redfield 20:03

for sure. Have you ever thought about like coming? I was just trying to think of things for you to do like maybe like a candle cookbook or something. I don't know. I just was like, oh, that'd be so cool to like teach or like an online course or something. How to like make your own candles? I don't know. I think

Heidi Mueller 20:21

I wish they would come out with smell o vision. Scratch, you know, you should make it you should have met it. You can

Jenna Redfield 20:31

attach it to your computer and it just comes out. That's cool. Really cool. I've always I remember going to Disney World as a kid and we go into those 4d theaters that like would spray stuff at you and they could smell like oranges or something that was always so cool. And I was like Why don't movies do this? Because like they can totally do it. They just have to set up the equipment but that expensive. Yeah, for sure. So what do you like to do around town when you're not making candles?

Heidi Mueller 21:02

I like to eat.

Where do you like to

eat my food? I Excelsior has a lot of good restaurants. Yeah, I was tacos. There they have really good food and this banana desert. And you know what it's called bananas. Bananas. Super good. They're all it says really good pizza. And there's Jake O'Connor's in the best popcorn is here at the theater in Excelsior it's probably a little secret you can anytime they have you know brand new movie out you could could just walk into the theater and have to wait in line at the top or go over to done brothers and eat it out on the patio and it's nice glass of wine.

Jenna Redfield 21:50

Yeah, that's I love Excelsior because I grew up in Minnetonka and so that's where a lot of our stuff. Was that. Um, do you like to go on the lake or is that do are you water? Water bug? Yeah,

Heidi Mueller 22:03

actually live on Lake Mina wash that Oh, okay. Very cool. We are out of the beach. go fishing. I love fishing. My daughter, Hannah and I will go fishing.

Unknown Speaker 22:15

That's awesome.

Jenna Redfield 22:18

So what else are you involved in in town? I know that you've mentioned you're part of a few networking groups. But are you part of any other organizations? Or how have you found things online?

Heidi Mueller 22:29

Just word of mouth and through Facebook and through other networkers just being invited to other things and branching out? Yeah. Huge get triggered. It's It was really hard for me to go out it still is I really have to make an effort. It's not as bad. And I remember my first event I talked myself into and I went by my self and I thought that was Wednesday. How do you be okay, it'll be okay. Just once. And I did I needed it. I had a drink. I just didn't buy the wall. It was a victory. And I walked out. Oh no.

No baby steps. Just being stuff.

Jenna Redfield 23:07

Yeah. Do you have any advice for other introverts that I know there's so many people in the group that want to come but they like, you know, make excuses. And then they never do. And I'm always really sad because I'm like, come on you. Like we're really nice and friendly. Just like you know, you can make so many friends here. Any advice to those people, just baby steps,

Heidi Mueller 23:25

just go just show up. Even if you don't go in the room. I know how hard it is sometimes, you know, just walk in and just be able to be there and then see that there are other introverts and maybe we don't see each other. We don't talk but it mean at least real there is a group and you learn things. I mean, these things that you put on are informative and helpful. And it's a lot of fun, actually, and I'm growing a lot as a person.

Jenna Redfield 23:54

For sure. We're taking a brief break from our podcast to hear word from this week's sponsor. Excelsior camera company was born of the belief that the right fragrance can make everyday moments feel extraordinary. All our candles are batch made in Excelsior, Minnesota using 100% soy and essential oils. You'll fall in love with Excelsior candle co at first light. Heidi at Excelsior candle has been creating unique gifts and crafts for over 10 years, starting with jewelry and culminating with access to Candle Company one year ago. Initially, she wanted to make special guests for family friends and maybe sell a few to continue funding her hobby. Until recently she was melting wax and pots on her stove with bottles of scent scattered everywhere. All the burners occupied with small pictures of soy based wax slowly melting while she prepped any and all variety of containers, a lot of trial and error. A lot of spilled wax incense occasionally and accidentally flavoring whatever food item might have been close finally led her to getting a 65 pound wax smelter and setting up a studio. Everything from applying the labels to packing and shipping is done right and Excelsior, Minnesota and by hand. There are no shortcuts and there is no automation. It's an old world process that calls for patients and commitment. The candles are environmentally friendly as as the process and she absolutely loves doing it. So thank you so much Heidi for sponsoring this week's podcast and I hope you guys check them out. I have one at home. It smells amazing. Now let's get back to the podcast. I know that you've connected with like Brianne of timber and Tula. How did that collaboration come about? I met her through time bomb vintage and junk Bonanza. She's such a fun gal. It's just a great, great friendship that she's such a goofy too. So she's on Snapchat.

Heidi Mueller 25:37

It's kind of nice. Yeah, it's just kind of grown from there.

Jenna Redfield 25:41

That's so cool. Because I met her probably around the same time I met you, which was probably kind of think probably around December, or did you kind of the first event which was collective or did you kind of the library?

Heidi Mueller 25:54

I breath three. Yeah. That's the one.

Jenna Redfield 25:56

Okay, that's how I met Brianna. Okay, gotcha. Yeah, so that was cool. Cuz I remember you brought your candles to give out which is so cool. I actually have one in here somewhere. I still haven't I need to. I'm so like, it's funny. Because like my parents again, they like very scared of, you know, candles. They don't want the house to burn down, which I know they probably won't but I need to work on that. But, um, yeah, I love the candles. And I do like do you use candle warmers and all to or do you just recommend people just like them?

Heidi Mueller 26:26

You know, I

don't necessarily recommend the burner for you Just do me with lyst candles. So they do just use cool those are

Jenna Redfield 26:37

because I mean there's so many different ways and I honest I love the sense it's just the fire that I'm a little scared of you know? And it's I don't know if it's like a red white my uncle was a firefighter so like that was like growing up that was like the big No, no was lighting candles just because he told us all these stories about how people left their candles on to unattended and bring the house down. Have you ever had any like issues or something happened like when you're making them or like started burning or something? I have personally shoes.

Heidi Mueller 27:06

I actually like to have one of my hurricane candles in my car in the cup holder? Because it's so pretty at night and you light it up. Okay. So I can't have anybody sit next nice. I had somebody put their arm down it just you know, finish them. They're fine. That

should have morning some dash.

Jenna Redfield 27:27

Yeah, I might. I might not be the same. But you know, as long as you're we should recommend that everyone but maybe just for you. Yeah, so um, so what what other things? Have you learned by running this business? Over the past? How long has it been? Like you said a year or so? or

Heidi Mueller 27:48

How long has it been? It's been a year since I rebranded okay.

Jenna Redfield 27:53

Okay, cool. And what were some like big lessons or like some mistakes that you made that you like, want to avoid few church.

Heidi Mueller 28:02

Just be out there being being yourself and not over promising. So make sure you have your inventory on hand and ordering product. And there been a couple times where I've had big orders. And I go to order my product online. And also, that place is our product. There's a two week lead, or biggest ones are happening in the south, which happened to me and there was a three week way. So just pre planning, making sure you have everything. And when you do trade shows or even events like this weekend, I have that on making sure you're ready and you have your square ready. I've done an event where I had my next door person to me not have their square setup. That's my Yeah, for

Jenna Redfield 28:57

sure. So I guess when I questioned about how stock ready, like how much do you have on hand? Like do you like to have a lot of in stock all of your supplies and stuff? Or how's that work?

Heidi Mueller 29:10

I tried it out. I buy jars constantly. And they're just, like, have about 200 on hand. Just be safe.

Jenna Redfield 29:20

Yeah. What's your biggest order that you have ever had? Like was it was there like big orders of like, 100 candles or something or her burgers?

Heidi Mueller 29:29

Oh, yeah. That pushed me over the edge that was over. It was over 700 candles. And I worked many days straight. So that's nighttime job. Because I were you know, during the day, I still have a daytime job. So every night I get home and work until one two in the morning and then raybould days, Saturday or Sunday and unless I was doing a show, I was making candles and I do on my own labeling. Everything is from scratch, you know never came to candles. I made pork toppers so I can punch up the pork topper which doubles as a coaster. So you're not scratching your table.

Unknown Speaker 30:07

Oh, that's awesome. That's a lot of candles. So how long does it take you to make just one one candle?

Heidi Mueller 30:13

Just one if

20 minutes really for

Jenna Redfield 30:19

one candle? That's crazy. Wow, I wouldn't I thought it would take maybe five minutes? I didn't know, you know, or is it? And then you only make like large quantities at once. Is that kind of how it works? Or how do you

Heidi Mueller 30:31

think we're about 7070? Is

my minimum that or per night? Wow.

Jenna Redfield 30:41

A lot of candles. what's crazy is

Heidi Mueller 30:43

it goes pretty fast, though.

Jenna Redfield 30:46

So the 20 minutes is just if you're making one, but how long does it take if you're making like, or it doesn't take 20 every time you do it?

Heidi Mueller 30:54

Well each part. Once I pour the pad, I have to wait the time everything. So about 10 to 15 minutes from boring, you have to let it sit. And then you pour the candles, you have to wait 48 hours or sell them a lot of settling in them and just make sure you don't get pocket.

Jenna Redfield 31:18

Interesting because I you know, I don't know all these things, you know? Yeah, it's kind of interesting. Um, and is that kind of what you show on your behind the scenes is like the actual pouring or what do you actually show when you're filming yourself?

Heidi Mueller 31:32

They typically just show me stirring the pot.

only have two hands.

Yeah, I need somebody to actually fill me. But

yeah, typically, it's just me stirring the pot. I'd like to get to where I have somebody filming so I can show from. We're dumping the wax and sometimes I've actually opened up my big wax smelter so you can see when the wax looks like looks like a big burden.

Jenna Redfield 32:02

Yeah, for sure. Because I you know, that's a lot of wax

Heidi Mueller 32:06

is huge. My ups guy is not very happy. But yeah, that's so funny.

Jenna Redfield 32:13

Well, thank you so much for talking with me today. Heidi, do you want to maybe share your social media and where we can find you? And especially on Snapchat, you seem to be on there a lot.

Heidi Mueller 32:22

Yeah, thank you for having me. So on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,

pictures, and Snapchat, I know, your candle code. And also on my website is your candle