Launching your own marketing agency

Launching your own marketing agency

Launching your own marketing agency for the Instagram generation with @byniche

This week's conversation is with Lindsey Higgins, owner at ByNiche & instagram influencer at LindseyKateCo. We talk daily schedules, launching a marketing agency, instagram, hiring employees & more!

You can find Lindsey at &

Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives. She is a well known speaker, educator & social media strategist. You can work with her one on one with coaching and content creation (photo/video) services

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We just had our Instagram meetup last week, it was super, super fun. So if you guys want to come to an event in the future, make sure to follow us in our Facebook group, as well as on our website, we have an event calendar. So we love meeting you guys. It's not scary, I promise a lot of people is their first time coming to an event. And I know that they got a lot out of it. It was a smaller group, which is nice. So we got to kind of like get to know each other pretty well. So I would love to have more you guys come in the future. So make sure to let you guys know way in advance one of those so you can put it on your schedule and make sure that you guys can come. I would absolutely love to meet you guys in real life and just maybe give you a hug. I don't know it depends on how comfortable I am with the situation. So thank you guys so much for listening. This week's episode is a super fun on. I'm interviewing Lindsey Higgins who runs by Nish as well as her Instagram, Linda Kate Co. And she is pretty well known around the area. She has her own marketing agency. And she's not even 30 yet. So that's great crazy that she's she just got nominated for 30 232. And so she's got all this stuff going on. And so I was able to chat with her for a little bit and talk to her a little bit about some of the stuff she's learned over the years. So I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Twin Cities Collective podcast conversations with creatives. This week, I am here with our guests, Lindsay. She is the proud owner of a marketing agency that she just started called by nice and she also runs her own Instagram. So when did you want to introduce yourself?

Lindsey Higgins 2:30

Hi. Yes. Nice to meet everybody. Thanks for having me, Jenna. Yeah, I really love what you're doing here with Twin Cities Collective. It's a definitely a good thing to have in our community. So yeah, thank you for having me on.

Jenna Redfield 2:42

Yeah. So do you want to maybe talk a little bit about what you do every day? And also maybe how you got to that point?

Lindsey Higgins 2:49

Sure. Yeah. Well to get things started off, I mean, today is probably a good picture.

The not norm that is my life. Woke up and had a quick iced coffee. That's good enough to get a Lindsay Kate photoshoot done. My cousin is about cruise takes my photos. She's really talented. And I've been working with it for years. But yeah, so we did a quick 40 minute photoshoot, then I scooted off to a meeting with fashion group international where I'm a board member. And we did some game planning there also a we do work for them with their social media marketing by nice does. So we did some game planning. As far as ways to promote some of their events and work on doing some marketing that's intentional and on brand for them. That was that bachelor farmer. Next we I came, I went to actually be a model.

I take a lot of photos, but I'm not a model. Like to make that distinction. I feel like models know how to like move their bodies and make really awkward poses look not awkward and that's not something I can really do.

Do I just kind of do me and whatever is feeling right in the moment, that's going to be the photo. Not super creative with it. But um, but yeah, so I let one of my clients had asked for me to be the model for this mini shoot, that is something it's a deliverable that we offer it by niche, just do an hour and a half, little shoot taken. Usually it's taken on your iPhone, and then edited on the iPhone, and you get five to 10 social media shots, but everything that would go into a regular high, you know, photo shoots, like the plan, any coordination, fenders, all that goes into all of that, and then had two meetings that I led on one for band of finance, which is a team of interns. And I mean, this is not even the reason I call it Banda by nations because it's professionals all across the board, like young professionals that are in high school and interested in getting to know more about our company and being involved to people who don't have other jobs, but want to do a little bit of money. We're creative dabbling, and I'm the founder. So we did an orientation for the bandit by nation. And we did our staff meeting today, our team meeting. So that leads me to this point, I guess maybe that's a little bit of a rundown of what it's about.

Jenna Redfield 5:15

Yeah, it's fascinating, because I don't really usually hear like what people do on a day to day basis. Um, so you have two different kind of brands, you have your own brand. And then you also have by niche. So how did you get started with your first brand, which was your, you know, social media Instagram accounts? How did you get started with that?

Lindsey Higgins 5:31

Um, well, I was in grad school, actually, for Psychology at the time on route to become a mental health therapist. You know, just that traditional office situation where you got a couch, you got people coming in eight hours and telling you some of their struggles, and then you work through it with them. And, you know, I thought that was my dream job and was on route to that path when I decided, gosh, I feel like I need some of these like entrepreneurial real urges and creative drives that weren't really being satisfied through that means. And so I decided to start this fashion blog, which was, you know, I had, I had followed a couple and before that, I mean, now it's an incredibly saturated marketing don't just ever the person who doctor is a fashion blogger, or Instagram or That's wonderful, awesome. more power to you, the more the merrier, but like, at the time was kind of a novel idea, at least to me and my my circle of friends. And so, you know, but I had found stumble across a couple that I was like, well, this is kind of fun. It seems like a good way to express your style and meet some people and connect with local brands and things like that. So jumped in on that. That was February 2011. Actually.

Jenna Redfield 6:50

That's been I didn't realize you're doing it that long. That's, that's awesome. And then when did you start your Instagram was that like, around that time, maybe a year later? So one was that

Lindsey Higgins 7:01

I feel like this, I'm one of those people that says I'm dating myself now. Because once you get near 30, it's like, oh, people in your industry that are like in your same arena. But you're there's actually sometimes an age disconnect. But no, so Instagram wasn't even on full on all phones at the time, I have an Android leave it like I shudder at the thought now she is Android, and they didn't have Instagram, that app on the phone. So it's a little late to the party to be honest with Instagram, which was generally something I I encourage our brands to avoid, like if there's a new, thriving app, even like, you know, Snapchat had its moment. And, you know, who knows the future of Snapchat right now. But like, I would always be like, get on there. Just get on there. You know, if something seems like it's working, if that's where your target market is, and you got to be there. And so I think it did you, you know, it wasn't an optimal situation for me to be late to the Instagram party. But yeah, so that was actually on a couple years after the blog started, I think,

Jenna Redfield 8:08

yeah. And then how did that how quickly did that grow? Was it like, did you were you? You know, at first, was it really big? Or did it grow over time? How did that How did that happen?

Lindsey Higgins 8:18

I mean, I've really focused on more natural organic growth with that, which as a marketer,

is not what I recommend either. But for this, it was a passion project, and has been a passion project for the most part. And, I mean, there are ways that you can stimulate growth and be really strategic and business savvy about it. But it is interesting to me the whole growth thing. And one of the hard things for me as an entrepreneur and business minded individual is how very much is out of your control, you know, like, it's, we're all at the mercy of the Instagram algorithm is ever changing. Oh, true. So you never know which photo is going to be responded to and which isn't. So I mean, I generally have just kind of tried to, you know, I keep up with my inspiration, I have people that I really like to follow and then engage with and, and I, you know, try to just post what feels right feels in the moment and and a voice that is also in the moment and reflective of my current mood. And but yet no, it's never been more of a steady kind of growth situation, with maybe a couple little spikes here and there

Jenna Redfield 9:32

for various things. That's awesome. Because I, you know, I'm curious about that. Because sometimes people grow like, overnight, and then some people take like, four years or whatever to get to, like a certain number of followers. How have you found that growth has helped like with launching your business? So how did you decide to do that? And how did that kind of you're already had a platform and an audience Did that help when you were transitioning to your new audience?

Lindsey Higgins 9:58

So much, like, it's really something special, this whole evolution, I'm like, I could just cry thinking about, you know, just all the stars have kind of, you know, aligned in their way. And, you know, you kind of go on a little journey, everybody goes on a journey in life, it never seems like a straight line, you know, and so I really thought I was going to do this mental health therapy thing, and, you know, made it the whole way did two years of counseling, before I was able to sit for licensure to become a mental health therapist independently. And I did that and, like, yeah, that's just isn't for me. You know, like, I really, I, God bless the souls of the people that can do mental health therapy everyday. Like, it's, it's something you know, but, um, but yeah, so that was a definitely a part of my journey, and that I decided to kind of go, I was like, I knew something was missing, something was up. So that was when I kind of decided to focus a little bit more on Lindsay, Kate. And then I got frustrated, cuz I was like, well, gosh, I can't control things the way I'd like to be able to.

I had started dabbling in the marketing industry. And so taking on freelance clients, which led to more substantial freelance clients, which led to more people kind of being interested and things kind of landed on my lap quite a bit, but for sure, like having that Instagram platform has opened a lot of doors and you never know what your one endeavor is going to be. Which one is going to kind of land you in a situation that sweet spot? Yeah, yeah, no, that totally makes sense. Do you have trouble coming up with fun and interesting ways to show off your products or your brand? Do you struggle filming your products, your services? Well, you don't have to struggle anymore. I'm really excited to share with you guys a new exciting thing that I'm offering on my website, Jennifer designs. com. It's called social media motion graphics. What it is it takes photos and turns them into videos.

Jenna Redfield 12:00

So you can have a blank stock photo and have your website on there, you can put a video inside the desktop mock up, you can do all sorts of things. from doing animated Instagram stories to animated stop motion type product videos, there's so much really cool stuff that I'm doing, including like iPhone, screen scroll, so you can show off a website. It's great for designers, or anyone that has a website they want to show off. It's great for anything. And I am so excited that I'm launching this on my website. So if you want to learn more, and make sure to go to gentleman for And talk to me about whatever you're looking for, let's get back to the podcast. Is this Have you tried things that have haven't worked? Like in terms of like you, you think it's going to go one way? And then doesn't? Is there any like times when that's happened to?

Unknown Speaker 12:50

Oh, totally, yeah, like, let's say, in particular, I'm like, with my niece or with

Jenna Redfield 12:59

just in general. So I think that like with your Instagram, you might have been like, oh, maybe I'll be an Instagram or full time, but then it's like, probably not, like maybe I should actually have a skill and then actually maybe serve use this as a service for others.

Lindsey Higgins 13:14

Hundred percent. Well, with Instagram, I was like, I mean, I think I was like, I could do this, I can apply all of these strategies that I would be applying to other brands. Mm hmm. So, um, but it just felt like there was a gap there. To be honest, I kind of felt like, I have a lifestyle that I like, and kind of want to live a certain way. And I value travel and I value flexibility. And, you know, and I felt like there was just the ceiling that I was for maybe a too long of a time for my age, you know, like being almost 30, I was like, oh, gosh, you know, maybe if I was in my early 20s, that that would be the moment for this. But right now I want to be entering into, you know, I just want to be able to make a lot of money. And then also do something I'm really passionate about and make a big impact and make a big splash. And I just felt like I was kind of hitting walls with Instagram. And it was having to do a lot of grunt work. I didn't feel that it was necessarily leading to where I was hoping it just the opportunity wasn't really there. And yeah, it's not. It's about merging your passions, you know, what's making sense in the moment for you and your lifestyle and your lifestyle choices. And, you know, if you can make sacrifices temporarily, then go for it. And if it's not working out, try something else and see, see until you land that perfect spot. So for me, it just felt like this isn't the full time thing. And I'm open to that potentially, I definitely want it to stay alive and well as I'm working on things with my nation and growing. But I just I feel like my niece is definitely that. You know,

Unknown Speaker 15:01

it's the end game.

Jenna Redfield 15:02

Yeah, for sure. And so how did you come up with that idea? And like, how did you launch it? Did you just do it quietly? Or? And then I know you had a big launch party a few months ago, and I was there. But how did that kind of get started? And yeah, it was super. So fun. I there was a lot of people that I met that I didn't know before. So how did that kind of get started in that? I know you had been freelancing, but why did you decide to start like a marketing agency?

Lindsey Higgins 15:29

Yeah, well, I mean, I think the reason I decided to start that marketing agency was because this marketing agency was because I'm just as I was sitting across the table from, which is also a very cool part of this job, like all these really incredible inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs that have really fascinating stories, and have learned a lot and a lot of people with really good grit and character and passion. I get to sit across the table from them and ask them stories about their brands and figure out what's underneath it. So I think someone was just loving those conversations and those moments that I was having and wanting to do more. But feeling like, I can only take on so many projects at a time and still live this balanced life that I want to live and have a social life, which I have to have. I just need a social life. Yeah. And like, and I just felt like, I can only do so much in the mirror. I was sitting ceiling again, I'm not a ceiling person, that you're hitting a ceiling, make a move, make a change? Yeah, just, you know? Well, yeah. So there was hitting that ceiling and also have seen opportunity, and to really be helpful. And people, I was getting a lot of good feedback, like, Oh, my gosh, can we do that? Can you do that? I was like, well, I really can't right now. So I had to take a lot of these conversations, I'm going to, you know, put them in little jars and put them on a shelf until you know the moment right. And then I decided, you know, gosh, I feel like I'm getting enough this response with some of these ideas. And, you know, ways of doing things are different enough where it feels like it should be, maybe I've got something here that could be its own brand, its own way of doing things with its own processes and protocols. And that was where I took some time to I was still formula, I was doing freelance about full time and blogging about part time. And just like, really developed my model my business plan and ran it through some business advisors and you know, just people I respect in the industry. And that was when I kind of decided that wherever we go, this is sounds like work, we've got something here to turn into a branch of business.

Jenna Redfield 17:43

So how does it work with all the people that you work with? So how many people are in your agency and how and I know you like kind of outsource to so how does that work with all the people that work for you?

Lindsey Higgins 17:52

Sure. Well, I mean, it's an interesting model, I want to get into it right away. And so I knew I needed, I needed a big how to handle the influx of interest that we were having early on. And so the what I kind of isn't about, I'm not the only person to ever do this, but it was just something that came to me like, well, what if I'm just like contracting people, and, you know, being more of a manager of these teams. And but I didn't want just straight contractors, I wanted them to have buy in with our business, I felt like I needed our work to be done the buying each way, because there was only things that are specific to the way we did and just with our communication style with a way we go above and beyond we're really big on, you know, where the realistic hype delivering type. And I like to really delight and surprise our clients along the way with little things. So all there, I just was realizing there's like a million little things that make us different. So if we just go strict contractor, that doesn't work for me. But if we do, you know salaried positions, that doesn't really work for me, or what I'm going for right now, either right now, because I want to jump in right now. And I'm not interested in doing investors at the moment, or just kind of want to do this with my personal saving that just go for it, you know, but so decided to build this team. And so I really kind of started with people that have stood out to me than my six, seven years in the fashion industry. in Minneapolis here. I was like who, you know, this person, like people that had kind of in my mind walked away with, you're really good at this. And I like their character. I like them as a person, they've proven themselves to be trustworthy. And I've seen them take on great projects and do great things like one of my team members, you know, I remember I'd be in circles with her at places. And every once in a while, she'd say something that wouldn't always get picked up on by everybody. And I'd be like, Oh my gosh, that is really, you know, like, just the creativity, the idea that you there was like, I want this person on my team. And now she's one of my, like, broken women and like, you know, definitely a huge part of the reason that I knew she is what it is. So everyone has been very carefully. Like invited, you know, I just like shown in each other through that aspect, or someone that's expressed interest to us was already kind of resonated with our brand. I was like, you know, this is great, I love what you're doing. Can we sit down and then chatting about things. So yeah, we have a team of about 20 people right now, that are that are subcontractors. And so I have a separate so I have project managers that are subcontractors. And that right now I have one full time project manager and a couple part time project managers that are at full capacity. So I'm growing, we're definitely growing as I have meetings this coming week with a few more to add to the team. But then we have graphic designers, we have web developers, we have content creators, visual videos, all of the things you know, gifs, and animation, stop motion, all these nice, and then we we actually have developed a very nice, which I'm really excited about. So for adding those people, and we'll have another 15 that are kind of part of our team. So yeah, it's been really fun. But the contractor thing works really well because it's a great way for all of us to get to know each other and see if we're a good fit, and I'll be pulling my eventually, probably in the near future, we'll have to move to salaried situation just with the way things are going with our growth. But I want to pull from people that are all SIRs within our team, and then that feel like we're a great match for them and their lifestyle to right now. So. So yeah, we're just kind of, it seems like a good situation for now.

Jenna Redfield 21:49

So then how are you in the mix of that? Are you running out all the operations as well as being like, over running, like hiring and stuff at what is your role? Are you are you the chief strategist? Like what do you do as part of the whole team?

Unknown Speaker 22:02

Sure, um, I kind of do a lot of things like today, modeling was not mine.

Unknown Speaker 22:08

You know, but um, you know, I do everything from if a client is having a launch, they would just collaborate with the client with a really big launch of the product. And she had a, you know, I was meeting with her to do a standard Brandon conceptualization package, like situation, figuring out understand their brand humanity and how to target their, you know, reach their target markets in a way that's palatable to them while keeping a brand voice and employing different strategies there. And so we were meeting about that, and she told me about this thing. I'm like, gosh, we gotta get in there now, like, this is a big deal. We're going to optimize this. And so she, you know, so I met a lot of those kind of meetings, the branding and conceptualization meetings with our clients, and then I'm doing a lot of experience design situations, and I'm with that client, when she was like, Yeah, okay, let's do it. Let's go. You know, I'm up till I'm on, I'm texting with her at 1130. Like, okay, well, how does this block, you know, we put together the shot list with these recommended components. And here's some inspiration houses, like, here's your 36, our marketing plan that we turned around within like, eight hours, or, you know, because some of them really, in the mix in that, you know, hands on with the projects. I'm on the ground, like putting together prototype imagery for mini shoots for brand managers to be getting from our clients. But like, a very much right now developing processes and protocols, and then doing trainings on boardings lot of networking. Like I would say, you know, my favorite thing is like, my whole my social life very much merges with this job. So it's been fun to kind of dream with people about how we can all work together. And a lot of times they're like, good friends of mine that are like, really, let's do this. Let's give it a shot. See how it goes?

Jenna Redfield 23:54

Yeah, how do you how do you keep your schedule, so balanced then with with the social side, and with home life and all that, but because you have all these people to manage? How does that how does? How does you balance your time? Oh my gosh, well, it's, I always say like I'm dating by nature

Unknown Speaker 24:13

is a full time very demanding boyfriend, you know, I mean, at the moment, this is kind of just, I do very much value, balance in life, health, wellness, taking care of yourself, mental health, physical health, all those things, being a part of your environment as a human being and just like replenishing your core taking time to do all of that. I also recognize that there are times you do have to make some sacrifices. And so for me right now, things are just a touch out of a strong focus on my niche. But I have realized that in order for me to make it through the day to day, I have to employ a work hard play hard thing, you know, and I do have to get in front of a Monet every once in a while, like go to the media and just like bask in the impression affection and or, listen, music is really big for me in between things, while things are going on and listening to a lot of music and taking moments for myself a journal every day, at least once a day, just like reflecting on things I'm learning from the grind and emotions, you know, and then yeah, with the social life and the business life, you know, it is a little blurry for sure. Because we are there's a lot of us who were very team me around here. But then I have days where I'm like, I go 36 hours. And I'm like, really the only person that I've talked to today is the caribou person. I call those my Rapunzel and Alicia Joe, cranking it out. But um, but yeah, so sometimes there's stretches where I'm doing a lot of that, and then sometimes I'm doing TV stuff with my nation then go into a lot of events. But yeah, I do need it. I do need that like social component in order to be like,

Jenna Redfield 25:57

yeah, I totally get that too. Because I you know, working by yourself, being at a computer all day long, it can it can be kind of rough. But um, so where are you guys located? ideas have an office space? Or do you all just kind of work from home? Or how's that work

Unknown Speaker 26:12

for it? Well, we do have a home in the north loop right now. We have an office at what is called restore collab. And it's a in a loft vibe. Oh, I'm sitting here right now and one of the conference rooms. But yeah, it's open concept really cool space where we have a couple of desks here and there are like 30 to 40 small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs that will live here with us and work here with us. And they're really beautiful conference rooms that are free to use if you have a desk nice and you know desk rentals really reasonably priced 5200 or something like that. Don't go but we got great location and really inspiring people. And actually, that's, I mean, it's been really helpful to be here because you know, we work with narrate films and their studios a lot and they're right down the hall and so if I'm like Jordan, I got an idea. And we can talk about as opposed to I feel like you know, like sometimes things just going to last and and then several client new clients have come out of these flows. So it's just been kind of fun to be here. So yeah, we have we have an office but a lot of our people are remote and a lot of our stuff can be done remotely so we have people out in Hawaii and people on deck and yet all and our entire social media management is headed by someone like for my name is headed summer in Chicago, like we have people all over right now.

Jenna Redfield 27:40

That's awesome. Because without the whole like starting your own business that is an issue is finding space to work and I think collab spaces are so huge right now and growing, which is awesome.

Unknown Speaker 27:52

It's a great spot. We're really happy here. You just have to figure out how to navigate the parking system. Yeah, so

Jenna Redfield 27:58

yeah, Arthur is interesting. Do Do you like to hang out in the north loop blah like where's your kind of hang out spaces in the in the cities? Oh my gosh, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 28:08

I mean, I love free house. There's shrimp tacos there kale chicken salad total go to his great happy hours. The human hotel is I'm always amazed at the random times is just full. buzzing so many people and good vibes. And like the designer, the space their marketing director, designers just a peach love her. So, yeah, I really like over there. I do love St. Paul, where I'm from though, like or I'm from Wisconsin, but living on Grand Avenue. And honestly, with my life being so go, go go. Like it's nice to have a place to come home to that's a little quieter. It's only like 1520 minutes to people think it's another world. It will be across state lines. But um, no, it's it's homey. It's cozy. I feel like everyone's always smiling on Grand Avenue like MB, strolling the streets with their owners. Everybody's always ready to, you know, chat for a minute. It's certainly the boutique owners and the shop owners are like family to me now.

Unknown Speaker 29:14

Yes, I love I do love the vibes over there too.

Jenna Redfield 29:16

Awesome. Well, coming back a little bit to Instagram. Do you have any like Last Minute Tips for us as listeners about maybe growing your Instagram? Or maybe branding? in general? Do you have like, what's the first thing that maybe you tell potential client? Oh my gosh, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 29:35

What do you think?

Lindsey Higgins 29:37

actually started, you're buying this YouTube channel? And I think some of the initial, a lot of the questions I get from a lot of our clients, and then I did go ahead and write an E book called How to like it's called elevate your Instagram in less than a month? And it's actually it's not really it's not published anywhere. It's just like, I'm only about available by download on our website, under your email address when it comes to that way. But yeah, so we, because I was just noticing was saying a lot of the same things to a lot of our clients. Um, so I feel like if I could just give a couple of little tips, I would say, I mean, you want to be putting out fresh content, that's not just now not just what everyone is doing and overdoing, but keep an eye out for what's next, and how can that fit my voice. So I think the cold the flat ladies that are super white, and sterile and perfect, we're getting over those, we're kind of moving away from those, we want to see a little bit of mess, a little bit of imperfection, I would say like, squeak out a little bit of that, you know, let that let that through, we want to see shadows now. You know, there's things are different, we want to see captions that are not always capitalized or punctuated correctly and want a little more colloquial language coming in there. So like, let more of a peek of your true self come out. I feel I feel like it's fun for people who are following along with your Instagram, when your Instagram, you matches your in real life. You know, I think a lot of times, that's not always the case. So, you know, just focus on really letting you come through. And I think tips for people trying to grow, their Instagram would be just engaged, genuinely engaged, I would say hop on Instagram, I'm telling our brands four to five times a day 10 to 15 minutes at a time and do strategic engagement. So I'm saying hop on relevant hashtags that you're using hop on locations that you go to a lot or that your target market is going to a lot. And you know just hop around and like some photos that you actually like and comment on some photos. Oh my gosh, that's my favorite settled I got that last week. Of course use your brand voice you have to always be aware of that. But also, you know, be willing to you know, get a little personal let down that that Iron Curtain some. And Gosh, I would say follow follow along, you know with new people and find new inspiration. Don't just stick with the same old same old mix things up do videos do boomerangs, do slideshows, make the algorithm happy, like just always be researching? What are the new changes that Instagram is incorporating and then jump on this bandwagon, find a way to do it your way. But like, then Instagram is going to like you and probably show your photos more to your people and to on to explore page. So

Jenna Redfield 32:36

yeah, that's super important to like, if I think a lot of people are scared to try the new things, but I think it's important to be an early starter if you want to grow in that area. So for example, like Instagram Stories is really huge. Like, what, what do you tell your clients about about Instagram stories?

Lindsey Higgins 32:53

Totally. I'm like, get on there get on Instagram stories? No, we don't want to, you never want to over Lord, you don't want to move or tell a story. And I think there's a fine line there. Because there's a lot of story to be told today, and a lot happens in 24 hours. But you always want to leave your people wanting more not over you. Like I'm sure you want to be the ones where they're excited about where you're going to post interested about we're going to post and hanging on the edge of their seat, wondering were going to post not like, Okay, well, you know, I'll hit this because I like them, but maybe something interesting, I'll pop them on a post, you know, and I think I think a big thing to keep in mind is just really making sure your your actual human element is coming through there. And you're aware of your strengths as a brand that set you apart. And you're speaking to your target markets in their language some to

Jenna Redfield 33:43

do you mix in like personal stuff and business stuff? And the stories are like, is that more of the behind the scenes? Or like what kind of content do you put in the stories

Lindsey Higgins 33:53

literally, well, and this is something I would say each brand needs to weigh themselves because sometimes it's a little off setting when you see the owner a lot. And you know, sometimes you're like, I feel like I'm I see the product more. And this may be a few times. Like sometimes it feels like it's a it can be limiting if it's just a lot about the owner and okay. But I think sometimes the owner is so very much tied to the product to the service, that it's essential to build in a certain amount. So this is something to weigh out. You know, the advice of professionals, so most of your friends and family get honest feedback from the business advisors and things like that. But um, for me, I'm, I'm finding that people respond well, to me being a part of it, and our team being a part of it, like people want to see our people in action. And so we're very much getting are the faces of the vine, each team, the vine each fam, on our social channels and sing it up a lot with who was on those Insta stories and what's being told there. But yeah, we're very active on Insta stories and taking through that is, is a lot of fun, it's more natural and raw. For me personally on Lindsay, Kate, it's interesting, because I love Snapchat, I love you know, be a little more raw, a little more unfiltered, a little more edgy, sometimes, you know, on there, and letting some of those components come out. Because we're complex people, you know, I think one of the tricky things is, like, when you're following a person on Instagram, not not necessarily like a brand, a product or service. It's interesting, because you can kind of feel like, you can kind of your brain like fills in the gaps a little bit and try and kind of completes the person, the way you kind of want to complete them through psychology come into play a little bit. But, um, but really, it's interesting in my personal life, sometimes I'm like, like, with guys, I talked to whatever I'm like, I don't really want you to follow you're on snap tower, you know, because I'm like, you can get some idea of where I'm at. It's, it's really just part of, you know what I mean? And so I let blips out of me, but it's not all of me. And that's just because that's how I engage with it. Like, I did not over over Share, Like you can see me and I'll share some things that are more personal, but a lot of things I keep to myself and in my like, close circle, you know, and so it's definitely a conversation to have with yourself and be aware of like, and have a filter and not just like plot everything. be thoughtful about it. You know, sometimes I'm really silly on there and, and sometimes a little edgy and whatever, but it's a store isn't touch more filter, and I'm fine. Sometimes I'll do like I pretty much, you know, cinematography and entire karaoke night with some friends. Yeah, no, on Insta stories, and they really you know that? That was kind of fun. You know, but like,

Unknown Speaker 36:56

I don't know, I don't always do that. And

Unknown Speaker 36:58

you know, it's interesting. It isn't? Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 37:00

for sure. We'll see what happens going forward with like Snapchat, and some of those apps, how they're kind of all coming together. Do you have any predictions for the future of Instagram or future of like social media?

Unknown Speaker 37:12

Yeah, good question. Well, Instagram with Instagram and Facebook merger. I mean, it's

Lindsey Higgins 37:18

definitely be a huge asset to every brand moving forward, I think we're going to see brands taking more advantage of it. I think we'll start seeing textbooks written about your entire courses on Instagram alone, you know, and how to engage and how to maximize. But yeah, I think for sure is the story is, I mean, I can't You can't say for sure, but I think I think it's the story is is probably edging out Snapchat pretty soon. And that's sad to say, I've really stepped in at a wonderful role in my life for a long time. Probably will until it's dying day. But um, but yeah, I think things are moving over to Instagram, it's becoming more mainstream. I think it used to be like, so the population of users was

Unknown Speaker 38:01

so many more girls and guys

Lindsey Higgins 38:04

of a certain age than not. And I think we're starting to see those barriers breaking down. More and more people are just on it's interesting, because people are, you know, Millennials are, they're searching on Instagram, before they're searching on Google. Even a location to find out Should I go to this place or that place? They're searching the human hotel, on Instagram before they're searching it on. You know, Google, it's, it's Yeah, it's just right there at your fingertips and easy to engage with. So yeah,

Jenna Redfield 38:31

that's awesome. Yeah, I mean, I've never really thought about that way. But that's totally true about how it's all gonna kind of change eventually, and everyone's going to be on there. So now that speaking of that, how do we find you on Instagram and social? What are your your handles? How do we find you when we're searching for you?

Lindsey Higgins 38:47

Sure. So um, my personal, like, blog fashion account is Lindsay Kate coat. And that was at YKK. Instagram, or vine he is finding, like, the EY and ICHE.

Jenna Redfield 39:08

Okay, awesome. And we'll have the links in the description to make sure that people can find you. But thank you so much, Lindsay, for chatting with me. I know you're so busy. So I'm glad that you had a little bit of time to do that. Um, this episode will be going up next week, so I'll have to share that when it comes out. So thank you again so much for joining me today. Thank you, john. Yeah. Awesome. Talk to you guys next week. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to the Twin Cities Collective podcast conversations with creatives. If you like this podcast, make sure to give us a review on iTunes and let us know how we're doing. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, or a guest on the podcast, please go to Twin Cities Collective calm to learn more. Thanks again to Alan Murray design for creating our cover art, and for the glide less for the use of the song in the intro intro. Thanks again for listening to conversations with creatives.