01.20-The importance of budgeting & knowing where your money is with @kaileeogdenadvising

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From Pageant Queen to Financial Advisor & Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, Kailee Ogden is a one of a kind woman with an amazing heart for helping others succeed financially.  

After experiencing domestic violence herself, Kailee took her platform in the pageant world and used it for good by advocating & sharing about female victims during her pageant experience and now not only educates but gives saved money back to victims of domestic violence. She works with small businesses and entrepreneurs to understand their spending and creating financial goals. We talked about all kinds of things, including cash flow as well as creating a "budget" & working with money as a small business owner.

You can connect with Kailee at Kailee.Ogden@nm.com or on kaileeogden.nm.com

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