Accounting & Bookkeeping software recommendations

Accounting & Bookkeeping software recommendations

Hey everyone! This week is a very brief mini-episode on a few different softwares.

I highly recommend checking out dubsado for service based companies! 

This week will be more about me writing/saying a few thoughts and adding it to the podcast

Bookkeeping & Accounting can be confusing, but with software there's so many options!

I currently use an all in one CRM Dubsado and talk about it in the podcast! 

Here's a few popular ones!

Quickbooks. Check out our interview earlier this month with Kayla on Quickbooks! It's the industry standard for bookkeeping software

Xero Another popular online option

Wave  A free online invoicing and bookkeeping option

GoDaddy Bookkeeping an online option with multiple source options

All in One CRMs

17 Hats


My personal favorite Dubsado

Connect in their facebook group

Here are a few of Dubsado's features (from their website!)



















Let me know if you try Dubsado and your thoughts!

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You're listening to the Twin Cities Collective podcast conversations with creatives with your host Jenny Redfield. This podcast is all about talking to local entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners, as well as just creative people that are living in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. If you're new to the Twin Cities Collective, make sure to go to our website Twin Cities Collective calm, as well as join our Facebook group forward slash groups forward slash Twin Cities Collective, and make sure to let us know that you found out about us through the podcast. I hope you guys enjoy this episode. And make sure to subscribe on iTunes. Let's get started with the podcast. Good morning Twin Cities Collective. It's your host Jenna here. I'm really excited to be back this week for a solo episode. This week, I wanted to talk about something that goes along with our bookkeeping and accounting month and that is bookkeeping and accounting software. Now, sometimes you are starting out and you don't have the resources to hire an accountant or hire a bookkeeper. So you have to do it yourself. But you might not know which software to use. I'm going to go through a few of the options that I've heard of, I've only used maybe two different accounting software's. But I'm just going to quickly go through them and then also talk about one of my favorites. So let's get started. So I just want to kind of run through a few of the different options that I've heard it are good. The first one obviously, is QuickBooks. And if you listen to our episode, with Kayla, we talked about QuickBooks and all the ways that you can use that. So that would be my number one recommendation for just basic bookkeeping and accounting software. I've also heard that wave is another great option that is free for people who are maybe just starting out, they haven't made any money yet, that is a great option. I've also heard zero, which is pronounced or is spelled XERO is a great one as well, as well as the GoDaddy bookkeeping, which is what I actually use for a while. What I liked about GoDaddy was it allowed me to not just use stripe or PayPal, hell, or square it combined all of those as well as my bank account. So those are a few different bookkeeping and accounting software is I would look into, however, I recently switched to a new type of software that encompasses not just bookkeeping, and accounting, but basically everything that I do, including contracts, proposals, invoicing, contract, or contracts and, and

contracts and contacts, as well as time trackers. It just has everything and that system is dub Sado. And I'll talk a little bit about website, if you've never heard of it, basically, it was founded about I think, two or three years ago, it was in beta mode for a while. And then last year, it became available for people to use. But basically, what they tried to create was an all in one system. So you didn't have to get all these different apps to do what you needed to do. So in January, when I went full time in my business, I decided to invest that in saying, Oh, I did the yearly plan. And it was the best business decision decision I could have made, because not only is it an amazing software, but it's also amazing people and amazing company behind the software. It's a homegrown and home run company, that is an amazing partner for all these small businesses. They're a small business themselves, they're just getting off the ground, but they have the best customer service that I've ever found in a company that I've ever worked with online. And that's saying a lot, because I've worked with a lot of different software's a lot of different companies online. And up SEO is by far the best customer service that I've ever worked with. If you guys haven't checked them out, go to their website, this is not a sponsored podcast at all, I just really wanted to shower them with love, because they have been so good to me in my business. And I think that they're a really great system. Now there are a few other systems that are a full CRM, which is a client relationship manager. Basically, what that does is it it manages emails, it manages all your interaction and communication with all of your clients. There's a few other ones like 17 hats is another popular one as well as honey book. But I personally have found a lot of those people that use those, they just have a lot of issues with them. And I just have found that with them Sado I haven't seen as many complaints, they seem to be coming out with updates very quickly. And they're very, very transparent about what this stuff does. But I think 17 hats and high books are great as well, I'm not going to bash them. Because I think that all small businesses need to have some sort of client relationship manager. And no matter what you use, as long as you have one, I think that's a great way to start. There's another one that I have used in the past to just kind of organize my email. And that's streak, which is an email for, it's like a gmail extension that you can use to organize your leads as well as your current clients. So if you're a client based business, or even a product based business, this is something that you can use to sort of organize like, Where are you in the sort of workflow, which I don't know, if you've ever seen like a funnel, like a sales funnel, there's the leads, and then the current. And there's all those different things. And I'm not going to really get into the sales funnel today. That's something that maybe we'll talk about in the future. But this is all great things that we all as business owners need to understand. And it's something I did not understand. When I first started my business, I did not know what any of this was, I only again invested in this in January was the first CRM I ever invested in and it was definitely worth it. But it took me months to figure it out. Mostly just because the not because the software was difficult to figure out just because I didn't have all the things in place that I needed to including a welcome packet and intro packet, client expectations, all of these things that if you're a designer, or if you work with clients in any way shape perform, you need to make sure they understand how to work with them. And that's why I loved upset Oh, because it really helps me work with clients. So that is really all that I wanted to share. Today, I wanted to share a little bit about my experience and upset about how amazing the customer services, I highly recommend using them. Let me know if you have questions about it, I definitely want to talk more about it potentially in the group, I would love to do some tutorials, and get people on board because it really really helps your business grow faster and helps you be way more organized. I don't think that I would be able to run my business without software like this. And it's just something that I really, really look to. And I'm really excited about all the updates they have in the future. I'm hoping to get back out who runs the company on this podcast in the future. I know I messaged her and she said she was interested but they're super, super busy right now. So I'm really, really hoping that they can have some time to tell us a little bit more about their story and how they got started and kind of what they found over the last year two years that they've been running the business. So I hope they guys have enjoyed this quick episode. And I'll talk to you guys next week as we start our next topic of the Twin Cities Collective and that is starting and launching a business. So I'm super excited about that. And let's get started. Thank you guys so much for listening to the conversations with creatives podcasts from the Twin Cities Collective. Make sure to head over to iTunes to subscribe to this podcast so you won't miss an episode. New episodes come out every single Monday. And also make sure to give us a review so that we can get more people listening and so that we can give you even more episodes of the podcast. Make sure to also check out our website Twin Cities Collective com where you can learn more about us join our Facebook group join our online business and blogger directories as well as learn more about events that are coming up that we host every single month. Thank you so much again to Allison hall for creating our awesome podcast cover photo as well as Nicola high less for the use of the song in the intro and out yo Thanks again guys for listening and I'll see you next week. Bye.