02.42 Top 10 Tips For Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Instagram

Top 10 Tips For Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Instagram Twin Cities Collective Podcast


1. Upload images & videos from the past

2. Using Canva.com to create graphics & animations for instagram stories

3. Limit to under 10 stories a day (around 5ish)

4. Using Polls

5. Adding boomerangs, rewinds & stop motions

6.  Sharing Behind the scenes photos & making it personal

7.  Highlight your stories

8. Archiving Stories & cropping your photos/videos

9. Using apps like Storeo to cut videos into multiple stories. Utilize snapchat filters and download & upload to instagram stories

10. Adding effects like hashtags, locations, stickers, etc.... which can be featured in local hashtag stories & location stories & text

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