Instagram Algorithm Changes for 2018

Instagram Algorithm Changes for 2018

Today I share some of the updates from instagram algorithm changes for 2018 & some updates on the workshops! 

Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives.

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Hey, whats up guys, it's Jenna here at the Twin Cities calm podcast, I am so excited to be back recording. This is going to be the first episode of 2018. And I'm so excited. We have a brand new setup for this series. And for this podcast. As I mentioned probably on social, we are actually renaming this podcast. So this is actually going to be called the Twin Cities collective podcast with Jenna Redfield, which is what most people call it anyways, I honestly think that the conversations with creatives was just another name for the podcast. But I've kind of realized that a lot of people just want information. And I love doing solo episode. So it's really fun for me to change the name up, we will still have conversations with creatives, literally, we will talk to other people in the Twin Cities area that have insights on whatever the topic is. And again this month is Instagram. And one of our most listened to podcast episodes was the 15 mistakes that people make on Instagram. So this episode, I'm going to be talking about some updates that Instagram has come out with lately that I found very interesting that I thought I'd share with you again, the ones with me are going to be a little bit shorter, probably under 20 minutes. Just because when you have a conversation with others, it's easier to talk. But for mine, I'm going to be a little bit shorter, so hopefully won't take more than one or two car rides to listen to. But yeah, anyways, um, if I haven't introduced myself, my name is Jenna, I run the Twin Cities collective have been doing it for almost a year and a half a year and a half. Now I would say, Yeah, I guess in February will be a year and a half. And I just shut down my business because I am doing twisted collective full time now as my business. So I'm going to be working here still at Studio co work, which is where I'm recording right now. But I'm going to be doing a lot more to this collective, including a lot more workshops, that's really going to be my focus for 2018 is doing a lot more workshops, doing a lot more events, getting you guys in here and meeting each other and learning about social media and on all of the things that have to do with running a business or running a brand or running a blog. That's kind of our bread and butter. So there's a few tips that I will be sharing out our Instagram growth workshop, which we just added a third one on and so next week, the tickets will go live. But I wanted to talk about a few things that 2018 I saw this actually on somebody's Instagram, and I thought I would share it with you guys. And that is a few of the new changes that the algorithm is having. So the first change I want to talk about is that people will be or at least the algorithm will be more readily acceptable for business Instagram profiles. So if you do not have a business account, you should probably switch over to a business account, I read online that business accounts are going to be better favorite in the algorithm. And so if you have a personal account, and you but it's technically a business that you are running, but it's on a personal account, you might want to switch it over, it's free to switch, you just click a button within yourself. And what's cool about a business account is that you can actually add your phone number, you can add an address you can add. And then the most important part I think is the analytics, you can see who's watching your stuff, you can see the average time what time people like to you know, like your photos, what time people are on Instagram, it's really great for that. So business accounts are going to be heavy, heavily favored in 2018. Another update is about hashtags, which I'm not sure how this will happen. And I don't know when it's going to be changing. But according to this thing that I read, you're supposed to now put hashtags in the caption, which I have been using the

what is it called the the first comment for probably two years, I've been putting my hashtags in a note and then copying them over to my description in the comments. And now I think Instagram wants people to actually put them in the caption in the description, which is a very big change. And they haven't really made any before you could do either. And it wouldn't really affect you. Now, I think they really want them in the description, which I don't think makes sense, I think it's easier to have them in the first comment because there you don't see them at you know, as much. So we'll see what happens with that. But that was another tip. Another tip that I thought was very interesting, and I had never heard before is that Instagram is now wanting you not to change your caption or description for the first hour after you've posted. So sometimes I make a mistake and I tweak it, I add a few letters I changed you know something in a word or something in the caption or description. And I don't think I should do that anymore. So for the first hour, make sure it's perfect post, then if there's a mistake, change it in over an hour after you post. So that was a really interesting one to me that I hadn't really heard about. Obviously, those are the main three that I remembered from that article and ones that I thought were very interesting. And I wanted to share with you guys. Again, this is Instagram growth month. That is our topic this month. I'm hoping to get a few Instagrams in here to talk about how they got started and their growth and their journey into Instagram success. There is so many ways that Instagram has helped us and has helped a lot of people locally, build an entire brand. I know of a group that has over 10,000 followers that never had any other social media and people would show up to their events all the time. People underestimate underestimate the power of Instagram. But I know it's definitely a young person's thing. I was doing research for the Instagram growth workshop, and 50% of users are between the ages of 18 and 30. So it's definitely something that a lot more younger people use. But it's definitely something that everyone can use at the same time. So that was our a few updates for 2018. I will be sharing more and more about Instagram and all these little tips and tricks at our upcoming workshops, which I'm so excited about. We are adding a third one on and that will be on March 7, and tickets will go on sale probably the day after this podcast goes up. So as of now there are tickets available. The first two sold out very quickly, the first one sold out in about a week and a second one sold out in under 24 hours. So if that's any indication, I was like you know what I think that means that we need to have a third one because there's obviously demand for this. So tickets will be going on sale. What I'm really excited about is all of the things that I have been researching about Instagram and just kind of the overall Instagram process and things that people just maybe don't know about different apps that I've used different apps that people have told me about. And just all the different options that people can use to make their Instagram better. There are so many different facets of Instagram. And I think that our workshop will be really, really over overwhelmingly encompassing everything that you need to know about Instagram, even if you're a brand new to Instagram, or if you've been on Instagram for five years. And I don't even know if Instagram is five years old, I think it is five years and an expert. Hopefully you'll learn something from this. Otherwise, it'll be a great networking event, get to meet new people, I love doing that. So that's gonna be our upcoming workshop. I also am just so excited about this relaunch of the podcast and having this new format.

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I am going to be filming all

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of the episodes, I think now going forward as well. So that'll be fun to be able to watch it as well. So I'm actually recording myself Hello, on this podcast. So that will be going up on our YouTube channel. So I'm very excited about that. We'll see how that goes. I don't know if I'm going to continue it just because sometimes people aren't as okay being on camera. But yeah, so I just wanted to give you guys that quick update and relaunching This podcast is going to be so fun. I've had such a great time doing it. And I just wanted to share with you guys that this is what I love doing. And if you haven't listened to all of the episodes, they are available in back order, I guess that that's the right word. They're available on our website, there's about 40 episodes. So there's so many great interviews, some of the newer ones have been so great. And so I guess life changing for me, some of them have been really, really impactful in my life. So I hope that you guys have been enjoying this episode. How do you get involved, I am looking for new people to be on the episodes. So if you're interested in being on there is going to be a process you I'm not going to accept everyone obviously just because there's not enough spaces but if you are interested, I will have a link on our website if you're just wanting to be interviewed and and we might be able to add you to our list. We are also looking for sponsors. So if you want to get your your product on here, if you want to get something that you are really excited about. We also have a page on our website that shares all about the sponsorships and how you can get your name in front of all the people that are here locally. So very excited about that. And I'm just hoping you guys are really loving this season. So that was just my quick intro to season two, which is what is starting we are starting a brand new and starting off in season two. So I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. I hope that you got a few things out of those new Instagram changes. And I hope that you guys subscribe and listen to more this month on Instagram growth season of this podcast of this month. So thanks guys and I'll talk to you soon. Thanks for listening to the Twin Cities collective podcast with Jen Redfield. Again this was recorded at Studio co work in Golden Valley You can learn more at Studio co work com thanks again to Nicola high less for the use of the music in the intro and outros and to Melanie lead of my ability designs for the cover art design. Once again guys and we'll see you next time.