2.72 Growing a Popular Knitwear Company, Building a Cult Brand, & Growing Pains with a Fast Expansion

Growing a Popular Knitwear Company, Building a Cult Brand, & Growing Pains with a Fast Expansion

Not your typical knitwear - Nickichicki is all about style, color, and most importantly FUN! 

A long time lover of fashion, designer Nicole Brown decided to teach herself to knit through various resources and found an immediate passion in the craft. After years of filling up her own family's closets with pieces she created, in she started Nickichicki, and began selling her hand knitted accessories worldwide.

Modeled after her own personal style, the designs are whimsical and trendy. Focusing on unique color combinations, oversized pom-poms, hearts, and a wide array of beautiful faux furs. 

Well loved by many, and no longer able to solely keep up with demand, Nicole Brown hired on an all female knitting team in the midwest to help bring her designs to life.

Our slogan is, "Hand Knit with Heart(s)". The (S) to reflect both our penchant for using hearts in our designs, as well as to reflect the amount of love and care Nicole Brown and her team put into the knitwear itself. The quality you will find in our hand knit pieces is paramount. Our yarn is thoughtfully sourced, our faux fur pom-poms made one at a time in the USA, and our pieces are not only stylish, but truly designed to keep you warm in the colder months. 

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