Organizing projects with tech tools as an online business manager & incorporating your values into your business with @danielle.m.roberts

Organizing projects with tech tools as an online business manager & incorporating your values into your business with @danielle.m.roberts

I've known Danielle for a few years and have seen her grow her business from a VA to a full fledged online business manager for several clients! We discuss some of the tools she uses as well as how she incorporates her faith into her business. I loved this convo and hope you do too!

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Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives.

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Twin Cities collective podcast. I'm your host Jenna Redfield, and today we have a special guest and you'll Robert Introduce yourself.

Danielle Roberts 1:12

Yes, I'm Danielle. I'm from Hudson, Wisconsin. So just over.

Jenna Redfield 1:17

Yo, she is technically not a Minnesotan, but close enough. I was like my mom's like, Jenna. I know you have like mostly Minnesota people, but like, where does it limit go? And I'm like, well, Hudson is like after that. I think that's all too far.

Danielle Roberts 1:32

Yeah, no, no. And I've grown up. I was like, my whole life. So I know all the Minnesota news. Yeah, Minnesota politics,

Jenna Redfield 1:38

all the Minnesota like Vikings. Yeah. And it's closer to them. Like even most Wisconsin cities. Oh, it is? Yeah, for sure. So it's interesting that, you know, right up right across the border. So So we've known each other for a few years now. I think we met a girl creative. Pretty sure. Yes. Like maybe two years ago? coming? Yeah, two years three, or maybe? I don't know, I lose track.

You know, um,

but yeah. So tell us about what you do.

Danielle Roberts 2:06

I am a business manager and strategist for online businesses. And then I also am a mentor for Christian businesswoman.

Jenna Redfield 2:14

Cool. Yeah. And so you I met you because you used to be a VA is that kind of are you still kind of a VA but explain, like, what a VA is that people don't know that

Danielle Roberts 2:24

kind of so virtual assistant, um, I basically do administrative work from my house, I help people get podcast notes that when I met you, that's what I was doing mostly. Um, and then as far as like, looking for media opportunities is another way that I had broken in. And I kind of escalated from there. So there's a variety of things that people can do as a virtual assistant, but mostly, it's an administrative role. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 2:48

So how did you get into that?

Danielle Roberts 2:50

I got into kind of by happenstance, I had met Dan ML staff who is the founder, Boss mom, in a Facebook group. She was looking for readers for her book, boss, mom. And I was like, Oh, I'm a mom, I'm just starting my business. I'll read your book for you. And I can give you feedback. And so that's how we met. And then I had reached out to her because I was like, I need to get visibility. Like, if I'm going to do anything in business, I need to get visibility. So I was like, Can I write a blog on your blog? And she wrote me back? She's like, we want you to be a podcast guest Oh, wow. Like, I have not made money in my business yet. I have no idea what I would talk about. Um, and so that's how we met. And that's how I got started, because she was like, Oh, I want to hire you for this. I was like, Okay,

Jenna Redfield 3:38

cool. So that's we

Unknown Speaker 3:41

work for her. And I still work for her two years later. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 3:44

And so what do you do specifically for her?

Danielle Roberts 3:46

I am her business manager, personal assistant. So I go through her emails, I help her schedule clients, make sure clients are scheduled, I helped her with her schedule. I travel with her sometimes, which is really fun. My share got to go to Milwaukee and Chicago, which I had not been to since I was little Yeah. And kind of just any, anything that involves her. So getting her travel scheduled. And then I also help we have a couple different things that we do. So I help her plan out events.

And then we What else do we do like podcast and make sure that we've got guests? So yeah,

Jenna Redfield 4:24

a lot. So you use probably a lot of systems to stay organized. So what is kind of your, your setup right now?

Danielle Roberts 4:33

My jam is Trello. Yeah, that's like the big overall repository. And then as far as I have a podcast myself, so I'm using Lipson I'm using and then a Google Drive, Google Docs, Google everything, to stay organized with all the moving parts, because we have a lot of people on the boss mom team, I have a team of my own. So I'm, you know, sharing information with them. And the other trying to think of the other systems that we use kind of to stay organized are more of like Facebook Messenger. Yeah, we do. I do that in boxer. So yeah,

Jenna Redfield 5:16

I've heard of boxer. I've never really used it before. It's it's kinda like a walkie talkie is yes, if you try it. I know. I well. I've seen these posts the other day about like, someone was like sending good pictures or something. I'm like, how can you squeeze it into like, random people? I don't even know. I saw. I saw something on Facebook, about it. And I was like, that sounds really creepy.

Danielle Roberts 5:34

I'm trying to cut it now my friend. There's this other one that you can send videos to each other. Okay, so that I don't know. I know there's a box or you can send the Jeff's or gift. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 5:44

Yeah. Interesting. Because I. So how do you use that? Do you just send like voice memos? Is that kind of what? Yeah. Well, so

Danielle Roberts 5:53

we have the team chat, you can have multiple people. So we will send each other information like we have the newsletter coming out. So I'm like, Hey, guys, I need you to get this done by the state so I can get it uploaded into Munch report entrepreneurs. The other one that I absolutely love. That's an email system. That's a CMS. So like, email, you can do landing pages right there.

You can do funnels?

Jenna Redfield 6:18

Wow, I should get this. Check it out. Yeah. Is that? Have you been using that for a long time? Or

Danielle Roberts 6:24

is it Yeah, about six months,

Jenna Redfield 6:26

okay, into these something before that, or

Danielle Roberts 6:29

she's used it a lot longer. I only got started using it. And I use lead pages myself. So

Jenna Redfield 6:34

we I mean, I haven't used lead pages. But we went, we did an event at lead pages in Minneapolis for agencies collective about a year ago. And that was kind of fun just to go down to their headquarters and stuff. Crazy. See how they work? Yeah. So how, how do you use Trello on a daily basis, or,

Danielle Roberts 6:50

um, I use it to communicate with my virtual assistant, my, my social media manager, I pull, whenever I do my Instagram posts, I have my hashtags all in a Trello card. So I go in, and I copy that and paste it into Instagram just to make life easier. So I'm not sitting there going, Okay, this one, what's what's this one. And then I keep all my pictures in there. And then we also put documents, like I said, the newsletter that goes in there. So we can, you know, everybody can read it, see what we need to add. And then we'll have links from the Facebook page, or the Facebook group, the bus moms Facebook group, that will put in there and then any, we use it to communicate with our podcast production team, too.

Jenna Redfield 7:33

So how, how much of what you do is automated, is it? Is anything automated, or is it mostly you just doing it manually?

Danielle Roberts 7:40

We have a lot of our emails automated, okay, we are using Zapier to create zaps from if somebody goes and signs up for a course, then they get added to think epic for the course where it's actually held. And then it goes to the two different sequences, and then it gets added to Trello as well. So if we need to let them do a Facebook group that's just for that course. Then they get I get notified that they need to get added. Gotcha.

Jenna Redfield 8:11

Yeah, so that's really cool. Because there's just so many moving parts when it's when it's like a big company. So you work for her, and they work for a few other people. Correct? Dude, are you doing the same thing for each one? Or is it kind of different?

Danielle Roberts 8:22

Um, for one other one? I work for Tanya Rainier, who's the money mindset. Yeah, she's for her.

Jenna Redfield 8:28

Yeah, she's really awesome.

Danielle Roberts 8:30

Yeah. And so for her, we're working on her retreat that she's got coming up. We are. She just launched a book. And so that's something else that I've kind of helped along, making sure she meets deadlines. So I'm kind of more of a project manager. Okay, for her, but it's still, I'm getting in her email every day making sure she's not missing anything. Yeah. And so it's kind of like that IBM, like, project manager, like, really, really close? Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 8:58

I think there's some for me, I'm not that so like, for me, I'm like, wait, what's the difference between VAOBM project manager, like, like, what would you say? Like for someone? Maybe that's interested in doing this? Like, what how did you change your, the name of your role, and also, like what you do over time, I kind

Danielle Roberts 9:15

of grew into it. So it was kind of something that I would say like the VA is going to be more somebody that has to be told that they need to do something.

So in it, you know, in all sense of the matter, like, it's kind of how

forward thinking you are, or how much you take initiative in your role, or how much you're able to do like, sometimes people can be really close hold with their business and say, Okay, this is what you can do. And you can touch this, but you can't touch any anything else. So the VA is going to be more told what they have to do. The business manager, they know things. And so they're going to do them ahead of time. Gotcha. So I'm always thinking for my clients, what's next? What's coming up? How can I help their business move forward without having to be told what to do? And then the product manager, usually a project is going to be a start to finish. Okay, so one set of time, like retreat planning? Yeah, we have a project manager that says, Okay, what are the initiatives? What are your benchmarks? What are the things that you need to be able to accomplish for the retreat, and as they go through that project, they're setting goals, they're setting dates, they're setting things that we have to get checked off, so that we can have a good retreat. And then that their job will end? So he has limited Yeah, me as a business manager. I also help with the retreat, the my job continues

Jenna Redfield 10:47

after the fact. So you kind of switch to project manager role for that, and then kind of go back to before? Okay, that makes sense. Because I think a lot of people might start out as vas and then maybe, yeah, like, man like that. How did you? Do you? We'll see, find your clients through networking, or Facebook groups and a lot of Facebook groups. So how did how have you found like most of your clients?

Danielle Roberts 11:06

Usually I find my clients through networking. Okay. Um, I did find the Facebook group. And I think it's all about who you know, and how to make connections, either through networking, or, or Facebook groups, which is a great place to, to network, but then I love taking it off offline. And that's, you know, yeah,

Jenna Redfield 11:26

yeah. Like I was just telling you, so I went to this conferences, and you went last year, I did. I spoke there spoke last year, and I went to this conference just this past weekend. And it was so cool to meet people that I've been friends with on Facebook for a long time. And it was just cool. I'm like, I would have never had this opportunity to meet them if I hadn't gone to the conference, you know,

Danielle Roberts 11:42

and that's the power of conferences, or retreats or you know, even something like girl Creative Collective, how you can just meet the people that you were like, I love you.

Jenna Redfield 11:53

Yeah, cuz I think for me, that's why I do twins is collective because I'm like, we like, yeah, we can be friends online. But at what point does it just stay online, when you when you can actually go and meet these people? They don't live very far from you.

Danielle Roberts 12:05

And that's the fun thing. It's like, you know, even Hudson's, like, all the way over there. And I drove an hour to get over here. And like, it's still close. Yeah. And it's still close enough to make those relationships stronger.

Jenna Redfield 12:15

Sure. And like, the retreat was five and a half hours for me. So like, it was like, still doable. But I mean, it's not like close, but it's not like I had to buy a plane ticket out there, you know. So that was really exciting. And I was glad that I found out about I found that out through Lindsay. Okay. She had posted about it. And I think you admit to that last year. Yeah. So I ended up going because I was like, I feel like I know people have been to this. Yeah. Very cool. So how, how are you kind of looking to the future? Like, what are you kind of looking at with your business? So you can continue growing it, you know, growing your team? Like, what's kind of the scaling, scaling, scaling thing? We're going to be happening? Are you planning on that? Or no?

Danielle Roberts 12:50

Yes. So I have been scaling.

And I added a virtual assistant and a social media manager, graphic designer, person last year. So that's kind of the big picture is kind of just to continue growing by myself. Changing kind of what I do. So I'm doing the business management. And then I'm getting more into the strategy side. So I focus on delegation and organization strategy. So I help business managers organize or delegate in shorter amount of time. So it's not like a continual relationship, but it's the one offer to two strategy sessions, to help them delegate or get organized in their business. And I love the organization piece, because it kind of like there's you have to be organized as a business owner. And then I had written my book last year, so continuing to do that. promotion. And I've started mentoring business owners, so kind of helping them through what I've been through.

Jenna Redfield 13:51

Yeah, because a lot of people I feel like for me, John's this collective is kind of the way I can mentor a lot of people. And it's because I'm like, I don't know, like right now I'm like, I'm a I mentor, like one person, but I'm like, at least like this podcast, I feel like I can kind of give advice to people that maybe I can't meet with everyone, you know, all at once. But so many people need help with certain things. And I feel like, I always just say, Hey, listen to this. You know, like, I talk about that, you know, and it's, it's like, you have to take the time to learn it. You know, if you if you really want to, you could hire someone or you could, you know, educate yourself as well. There's like, there's different options. And I also need help, like, I'm I having business coaches helping me because I'm like, I don't know everything. I'm still new to this. So I'm sure you are too. And I'm sure you've had coaches maybe in the past. Oh, yes. How has that worked for you?

Danielle Roberts 14:43

It's been good that I'm Nicole Haugland was somebody I worked with last year and she was a confidence coach. So I used I had her to like, as I was promoting the book and you know, having to put myself out there more like I am very extroverted, but I'm still at the same time. It's like, Oh, I just don't want to be like salesy and sleazy. I'm having to promote myself is really difficult. So I worked with her. And then I also worked with Kate Krakow, who is a visibility and I worked with her like, way back in the beginning when I got started. And I haven't worked with anybody I'm working with on trees row right now, I'm in a mastermind with her. Okay, and that's more of a Christian. Christian mastermind. We're all also business owners, so we kind of do that like, okay, business wise. Yeah. Life. Why? Yeah, that's a blend.

Jenna Redfield 15:33

Yeah, cuz I think that with masterminds? It's definitely kind of they're so different each one. So I feel like it's good to find the one that's right for you. Right? Sure. Yes. And how has these online relationships helped you and not just like your business, but in your life personally, because I know you're like friends with all these people.

Danielle Roberts 15:52

So one big thing is accountability. One of the girls that I had met through the boss moms Facebook group, so immunise she and I have been accountability partners for about the last year. And it's really nice getting that we box, so like every morning, like Okay, so what are you working on? What are you working on? And even on the way over here, she was like, Okay, these are the top things that I want to get done. What are you going to do today? So having somebody that actually cares about what you're working on, they understand, like, my husband's amazing and my husband's awesome, and he loves listening to me talk about my business for some reason. Because I'm interested in it, but he doesn't necessarily know everything. And so having somebody that's very understanding is good, and she can give me advice. And she can be like, hey, so remember when you said you weren't going to get yourself overwhelmed, and you're not going to get involved in like, XRZ? Or, you know, you should stick here where, which is where you really need to be. It's good.

Jenna Redfield 16:50

Yeah, I think having another voice of reason. People just, I had this happen this week, someone's just like, I, they sent me an email. They're like, I just needed you to tell me this. I needed you to confirm what I was thinking. Right? And I was like, it's good to bounce off even one person. Oh, yeah, completely. Because I think that a lot of the times I overthink things and I'm like, Is this right? And then people tell me like, No, don't do that. And I'm like, Okay. I don't know. Like, are they tell me to do it? Like, I feel like it. There's either ways. So going back to, you know, you just mentioned like getting overwhelmed. How do you not get over? Like, how do you keep yourself sane, because you seem to have a lot of projects going on?

Danielle Roberts 17:29

I do. And I have four kids now,

Unknown Speaker 17:31

which I couldn't even imagine.

Danielle Roberts 17:34

Yeah, it's been interesting. Like, I feel like it took a couple weeks to kind of get back on schedule. Um, I, there's a couple different things that I do. So I talk through things. So like, with Sam, or with my husband, or with my sister, here, my sister doesn't really know anything about it. Yeah. But she's like the other person that I can talk to and trust. So and then I have a schedule that I am not very rigid the following, but it's there. And I have to know, okay, on this day, I'm doing this, I'm doing this. And my kids are in daycare, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, OK, minus the baby who's just on Wednesdays. So that means I have time that I have the baby. And he's three months old now. So it's a little bit easier, he sleeps more fully. Um, but I know that I have to be very dedicated to what I'm doing. And knowing that I have to stick to what I'm working on, so that I can feel what I'm working on. Because if you start too many different things, and have too many loose ends, you're just going to get overwhelmed by that. And so do so does that happen, though? I mean, I'm sure that you doesn't die. And how do you keep yourself on track then like, what are your time management tips, time management, I'm know that when you are focusing on something, you're going to be better able to get it done. So having Facebook having notifications going off, like you have to be focused on what you're working on. And yes, we can like multitask. But it doesn't really get us there. So I really try and focus like I have notifications going off on my phone. And I'll shut Facebook off if I really need to get something done. If I'm writing and I know that I'm writing I'm just going to put music on and I'm going to focus on that. And then I batch so I content I've got I'm you know recording on Wednesdays, I'm writing on Mondays, I'm working on stuffer like getting my team going. Because that's kind of where the some of the overwhelm comes in, if I'm not working on my own business as much as I'm working on other people's businesses, and then also being really really good at saying no boundaries. so

Jenna Redfield 19:55


Danielle Roberts 19:56

because I love to get in Facebook groups, and I love to give.

I'm very like I you know, that's where I get my social stuff.

Like, that's where my people are. So being being really good about setting boundaries, like if you need to set a timer, set a timer, that you're going to be in a Facebook group for 20 minutes. And that's it when the timer goes off, you're done. And to like personally, if if I've got too much going on Personally, I can't work on my business, and I'm not giving myself enough time to take care of myself. Yeah. So having, like, having to say no to things is tough. But knowing that when you say no to something, it's going to give you time to do something out or something better, or give back and take care of yourself, which is so important.

Jenna Redfield 20:48

I mean, we did a whole series on self care, Okay, last year on the podcast, but yeah, I think for me, I'm learning to say no. And it's it's definitely hard. Hit us. It's like I like to say people have issues saying yes, I need to say yes to more things. I'm like, I need to say no. Yes, My issue is I'm like I won't do everything. Yes. And just prior so how do you know what to say? No to,

Danielle Roberts 21:11

I usually go back to my gut feeling is a big one. Also, if you've got core values and our mission, mission and vision statement, those are going to be a good way to check yourself if it's something big, or if it doesn't seem like it matches up. So some of my core values are integrity. What did we say? I'm trying to think of like the ones that my husband and I had done some, like, together, we had done core values. So integrity, and then authenticity is another one. So if it's seems just not real, like it's not good. Um, those are kind of like red flags that come up. And also just knowing if I'm overextending myself, that's going to be really tough, because it's not just taking care of me taking care of my family, as a single person. Yeah, you have a little bit more time. But it also means that you need to take make sure that you're not overextending yourself in what you're giving. Yeah. Because there's the propensity to like, Oh, hey, my friends are going out here, I have homework or work or, you know, and you just have to be really mindful of what it is that you're doing and what you're saying no to. And realizing that every yes or no decision has a repercussion.

Jenna Redfield 22:29

True. I feel like I'm in a third.

Cuz I totally need to hear that more. Because I, I am, I'm in my 20s. And I, like wants to always be with my friends. And it's just like, it's hard. Because I also have a business I want to grow. It's like, how do I decide between the two? Sometimes, you know, right.

Danielle Roberts 22:47

Yeah. And so that's when I look at my calendar. I'm, I'm a paper person, I love that lyst lay simplified. Go to a, so I've, you know, I take it and I like, write out what we're doing doing what, what business stuff I have going on. And then if I need to, you know, really need to get out with my friends. I can spend time with my friends. But I can also make sure that I'm spending time later, or earlier in that day, getting the business stuff done that I need to do. And kind of setting benchmarks like if I get this done, then I can go have fun. Or I can go have fun, but I know that I'm gonna have to finish this later.

Jenna Redfield 23:24

Yeah, so kind of having like goals almost and rewards goals.

Danielle Roberts 23:28


Jenna Redfield 23:29

So let's talk a little bit more about so you use both digital and paper. How does that work? I feel like that would drive me nuts. Like, it'd be all like I double be doing double like, I don't know if I like it.

Danielle Roberts 23:41

I guess. So. There's been a couple times since Atticus has been born in he was born in December, there's been a couple times that I've forgotten to carry over. And that's what I'm like, Oh, crap. Like, I need to make sure that I'm doing this. But um, I like the paper planner, because I can have my to do list on the one side. That's right. Like the planner. Yeah, it's because it's got the to do list on the one side, and then the times on the other side. So I'm able to write in like, this is what I need to get done. This is what I have going on the day that day. And I can compare both. Yeah, um, sometimes it does get a little, little challenging, but I like to have I use acuity to schedule Oh, yeah, me too. Um, so I've got that that'll pop up on my Google Calendar. And that'll block it off. Or I can go in and I can say, Oh, I'm going to have lunch with my daughter today. I'm going to block that time off on my Google Calendar, which means nobody can schedule a cutie Yes. Um, and then usually, every few days, I'll go in and Google and transfer over to my paper planner. But I just like to have to see it and like write it out. me Remember to

Jenna Redfield 24:46

so have you looked at other planners? Why did you choose the Emily lay one?

Danielle Roberts 24:51

The Emily lay one. So when I got started in business, my husband bought me Emily lay and Laura Casey's making brands happen. I don't think the course even exist anymore. I was saying

Unknown Speaker 25:01

no to buy that. Did you ask? I don't know. I don't.

Unknown Speaker 25:06

I don't even remember. Yeah, it is because it was like

Danielle Roberts 25:13

so I got started, I think just because I loved her and I loved the personality that you brought to the company, obviously, you know, we buy products because we like or the you know, person, my personality. And so I like hers. I haven't looked I've used a couple from Target. And then made designs just came out with their target brand with blue skies. I'm like, like he designs it killing me. But that's like a good cheaper option. I don't I like the simplified planner. I haven't looked too much at anything else. I think brilliant business moms had one that I was like, Oh, that looks interesting. But it's just a lot. You know, and well as a good one. There's a lot of people don't like that one or the Passion Planner. cauldron. I haven't seen them primarily looked just because I've been

Jenna Redfield 26:02

happy with Do you have Where do you buy them? Do you have online or do because I think they do sell them in stores too.

Danielle Roberts 26:08

There are some, but she's down in Florida. So it's more like the

Jenna Redfield 26:15

stuff. Yeah, I've seen like the bandeau ones. I don't know if you've ever used or not. So I think that Yeah, I bought a banjo planner a couple years ago, and they have a met like What's that one? accessory store? mall? I'm like, trying to think of it. I don't go to the mall. Yeah, but they have it at like some of those like little boutique II place that sells jewelry and stuff. And I'm just like, okay, like, I bought it. And it's funny because I never end up using it. That's my issue is like, I don't want to invest in a planner, if I'm not gonna end up using it, because I like give up. I tried bullet journaling for a while. I was terrible. Like, I have had two bullet journals on this podcast. And I told them I'm like, I can't get what you do. Because I tried. I tried. See, but

Danielle Roberts 26:54

I'm more like I'm not an artistic person. And that's probably why I don't do full journaling. I do like taken you know, if I'm working on a on an idea, I will take in, like do a mind map. Or if I'm trying to figure out a schedule, I'll write it down. Like I have a piece of paper and I've got all that to fill out. Yeah, for sure. Um,

I just yeah,

I'm not the artist to click a draw Tria.

Jenna Redfield 27:21

Yeah, that's why I think I struggled with the journals because I'm, I'm, I'm creative and artistic, if that makes sense. Like, I can't draw, but I also am a very creative person. So it's like I do everything online. That makes sense.

Danielle Roberts 27:32

No, it does. I am a writer like I call myself a creative like I wrote my devotional blog post. Yeah, all that stuff and loved creative writing.

Jenna Redfield 27:41

See, I'm also the opposite. I don't really like to raise so I'm more of a like, visual artists. Like I like to create photos and video. That's like, my thing is like, I don't I don't draw but I can like make things on the computer and with a camera. That's kind of my that's my art, I guess. Yeah, it's like what I think what I think growing up and realizing it now I'm like, my biggest dream in life was to be like a graphic designer, but I couldn't draw. So like, this is like, my alternate thing that I can do. Because I'm still are, you know, so it's just funny how, like, I've been like designing my own websites now. And it's just kind of crazy. Because I'm like, I'm still need help, because I'm not a graphic designer. Now.

Danielle Roberts 28:17

I love my graphic designer, Lindsay Johnson. Oh, yeah. Perfect. Yes. My she wrote my she made my website. Yeah, and, and my logo and everything.

Jenna Redfield 28:27

She's just amazing, I think, important to hire that out if you're not good at it, because a lot of people do try to do it themselves. And I feel like you do sometimes need a person to do it. Right. You know,

Danielle Roberts 28:37

and that's why I'm passionate about delegation. Yes, I know that you can either spend hours and hours and hours learning how to do something. Or you can go to experts and have them do it. And like,

Jenna Redfield 28:46

Yes, I make it was way better that way. But yeah, it does. And I've, I've totally outsource things and like I outsource all of my legal stuff. Like, I was like, it might be more expensive than doing it myself. But I'm like, I'd rather just not have to worry about it. Yeah, like they know what they do it right. So I'm like, I'd rather just pay more to do that.

Yes. And so.

So, final question. So we haven't really talked about it. And I've never actually talked about this on the podcast ever. But you really incorporate your faith as part of your business. How do you do that? And how do you like make sure that like, it's not offending everyone, you know, like, you want to make sure that it's not overstepping the business? How do you balance that.

Danielle Roberts 29:26

So a lot of it goes back to your mission statement and your goals and what you want to do. And I can't remember my mission statement 100%. But it's empower, equip, and encourage, or one way or like mixed mala, whatever, um, women and in business and faith. And so everything I do through my brand, Danielle Roberts is going to go through that mission statement. And if it does not align, then I've got issues. And so I might not come out as a Christian, like, might not be like, Oh, Jesus, you don't have a website? Yeah. But the way that I encourage or the way I empower somebody, or the way that, you know, you just said that. You felt like you were in a therapy session. Yeah, a lot of people trust me, because they know that I'm authentic, and I'm trustworthy. And I have integrity and those core values. So that's how I do that. And I actually had a mastermind that I run ran on this topic last year. And so it's really interesting to see people be like, oh, wow, I can actually do that. And I think when you come off as authentic and having your faith shine through, you're not going to offend. Yes. And I think that a lot of people are very open to, obviously, like, different faiths right now. And so I think that when you have a face, I don't think that people are going to be offended, necessarily. Yeah, it's when you start judging. Yeah. When you start being critical. And when you start really like, heavy pounding, yeah, somebody that's just not interested. Yeah, it's like, exactly. And so I never want to come off as, as the judgmental Christian, that's

Jenna Redfield 31:20

not what I want to do. Um,

Danielle Roberts 31:22

so that's kind of that's how I incorporate. And I do have aspects of my business. I'm, you know, mentoring Christian businesswoman, and I have a Christian devotional, but I'm also open to serving none other than Chris. Yeah. So that's, that's kind of how I do it. I know, there's people that do it differently. Um, but that's where I've found my happy medium so far. That's really cool. And I think that you're doing that in a really like, good way, I think. Yeah, it's, it's, it's, it's, I think it's the best way to do it, where you can still kind of do both, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 31:55

Yeah. So

Jenna Redfield 31:56

awesome. Well, I think we're gonna be wrapping up. Well, thank you so much for making the drive out here. I know it's kind of a hike to get from was from Hudson but uh,

yeah. So how do we find you online? How do we get ahold of you? You

Danielle Roberts 32:07

can go to my website, Danielle and Roberts, and that has only information, like I said at the strategy sessions and organizational strategy sessions are on there. And you can also find me on Instagram at Danielle period, period Roberts.

Jenna Redfield 32:25

Possible I'll have those links. Thanks, everyone, for tuning in. And I'll talk to you guys next week.

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