02.56 Our Journey to 10K Followers

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Journey to 10K Followers

I recommend creating an LLC (check out our podcast with Wynne on the legalities of that)


I also recommend using a CRM system like Dubsado to organize leads & have contracts, payments as well as proposals & questionnaires.


Top 10 visibility tips

  1. Network, Network, Network. Listen to our last few podcast episodes, especially Lanet & Jennifer’s
  2. Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest) Canva is your friend!
  3. Email Marketing & Sales Funnels
  4. Facebook Groups
  5. Podcast Guests
  6. YouTube Videos & Facebook Live
  7. Instagram, Instagram, Instagram
  8. Brand Collaborations & Sponsorships
  9. Blogging! & overall website information
  10. Coffee Chats

Facebook groups I love

Rising Video Rockstars

Savvy Business Owners

Think Creative Collective

Fueled with Heart

Rising Tide Society (and local chapter)