Building an audience through Facebook ads & groups

Building an audience through Facebook ads & groups

Paid Social Media Strategy & the changing state of internet marketing with Facebook Strategist @janetejohnson

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 Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives.

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Hey guys, welcome. This was this collective podcast. I'm your host Jenna Redfield. Today I have a special guest Janet Johnson. She is a social media and Facebook ad strategist and professional. So do you want introduce yourself?

Janet E Johnson 1:15

Yeah. Thanks for having me on. Yeah. My brand is Janet E. Johnson. So if you put me in there, there you go. Yes. And I've been doing this since Believe it or not. I've been online marketing since 98. Wow. Scary to say. We I bought my first social media platform was my space. Oh, wow. Yes. And I thought Facebook book was dumb back.

Jenna Redfield 1:42

That's so funny. I felt the same way about Twitter. I didn't get all I was I love Twitter now. But there's certain platforms where it takes a while to warm up to them.

Janet E Johnson 1:52

Yeah. And believe it or not, I was like that with Instagram. I'm like, really?

Jenna Redfield 1:55

Oh, yeah. I think my the ones I like jumped on to Pinterest when I just

Janet E Johnson 2:02

right away a bit too. Okay. It takes me some of them. I mean, it's interesting, because I did I did Periscope and blab those ones I jumped on. So fast. Yeah. And so now I hinder more now. Yes, I've seen some so many come and go.

Jenna Redfield 2:18

Yeah, I think that all of those, some people are wary, because they don't want to build an audience. I was thought we were talking earlier about vine. And how that but that was big for a while was and I don't think that the people that are on there knew it was going to end or they just kind of jumped on and were like, I'm just gonna try this out. I don't think anyone went on there thinking it was going to be a big night.

Janet E Johnson 2:39

No, it was very much all those vine stars. You know, that kind of goes to my one of my latest state sayings is don't build your brand on one piece of land. You know, just make sure that you are in a few spots. And yet get them back to your website and your emails. And there's my tip of the day.

Jenna Redfield 2:56

Yeah, you own your platform, or guess you own your website.

Janet E Johnson 3:00

Exactly. And your email list pretty much.

Jenna Redfield 3:03

We talked about that earlier this year when the Facebook scandal happened. And I was like, well, Facebook, should stone have a backup plan. What are your thoughts on that whole thing that happened?

Janet E Johnson 3:13

Oh, boy. Facebook lies about it. You know, I have seen Facebook go through a lot of changes over the years. And I don't believe that anything's really going to take them down. And I still believe they are right now the best targeting most cost effective ad platform out there. They own Instagram. It's funny, because I hear a lot of people go well, I'm going to shut down my facebook account. But wait, but uh, you're still on Instagram, you're still part of Facebook yet. So I think that the Cambridge Analytica was a rude awakening, but not just for Facebook, I really believe fame, Facebook got the brunt of it. Mm hmm. But Twitter, Google, all of them do the same thing. I think the with the GDPR there's just so many things going on out there right now, where the rules and regulations are going to be paying more attention to it's not gonna be as free as it used to be. But also social media. When I first started, I used to tell businesses that I was marketing, Facebook, for instance. 2007. And they were like, that's not gonna be around for five years. You know, what a joke. We don't need that. And it used to be free. It used to be 100%. Organic, and the world has changed. And it's just another Blip. But I think we're fine.

Jenna Redfield 4:32

Yeah, that's what I thought to about Facebook. I think it's all about just paying attention to all of the stuff that's happening and planning ahead. And not knowing knowing that you don't know what's going to happen.

Janet E Johnson 4:45

Yeah, exactly. And just making sure that you're just, you know, make sure you're using a couple of platforms, get them on your email list. Get them back to your website.

Jenna Redfield 4:52

Yeah. So you so you started in 98. Was that like your first time working in the internet? Or was it? Yes,

Janet E Johnson 4:59

yeah. Yeah. I'm a little older than you. And I grew up in with a car in college. I have an elementary education. Okay. And we had we were I was cool, because I had a word processor. I mean, that's like, yeah. That's crazy. Yeah. So I mean, I made myself here. But we did not have internet or maybe we did. I don't know, dial up. Maybe. Yeah, so nine a big thing? No, not at all. 98 was kind of my day, the time that I ran into shopping on eBay, and I thought, I'm a shopper. So I thought, wow, this is cool. Well, then I learned that people were selling stuff on eBay. And I thought, well, there's a way to make money on the internet, I'm going to try this. So for a while I was selling just very high end women's clothing on eBay, actually ran a daycare in my basement and was dabbling on the side on that with that, and that business became better than I turned that into affiliate marketing blogging, did, I've done pretty everything across the board on the internet over the years and just kept changing my you have to transition with the times. And over the years, I became like the Google expert, I was putting people at the top of Google, I did every social media site out there and just realized as it got bigger and bigger, bigger and more deep, you just have to streamline and niche a little more. And so then I moved more to the social media and Facebook would be the top

Jenna Redfield 6:30

10. Yeah. So how has the internet changed? In your opinion over time? I mean, it has obviously, but you know, you mentioned that, but what has been the biggest shift?

Janet E Johnson 6:40

You know, I think, from what I see from when I started, the biggest shift right now is that social media is fully embraced by 90% of businesses. It used to be a joke, and that social media was, I mean, I came from and I've done, my husband's been a contractor many years, and I did all his marketing for years. We send postcards and put an ad in the newspaper, or just the old school way of things. And now I mean, honestly, really, Google and social media is pretty much the only way to market your business.

Jenna Redfield 7:15

When I was in college, which isn't that long ago, it was still kind of weird that I was on social media with from marketing business perspective, they thought it was just for fun, and not really. And so when I was looking, most of the jobs out there were unpaid internships because they wanted their intern to do their social because they're like, oh, they're young, they get it. But I've realized over time, what a bad decision that is, because they don't understand. Yeah. Which when I was first coming out of college, I was like, oh, but that's like, that's fine. Like, I need a job. Like I was coming from the student perspective. But then I realized, since I've been doing it now a couple of years, oh, no, there's actually a strategy and you it's actually a really important for your business. And it's not just like a throwaway thing that you really have to like, if if a social media mistake happens, it could ruin your business reputation. So that's kind of what

Janet E Johnson 8:08

good point. Good point? Well, I think a lot a lot, I see it a lot. Now to this day, I mean, that people will bring in, they they, for instance, dentist office, they have a dental assistant, and they say that person is just going to run the social media, but they've never been trained in and out of it. And what happens is, is they throw content on the wall of any whatever it is Instagram, Facebook, and then hope that, you know, there's no true strategy and planning happens today.

Jenna Redfield 8:39

Yeah, and I do think a lot more colleges are starting to teach social. I've seen that for sure. That's spoken at a few that are like, Oh, that's my major. I'm like, Whoa, that's changed in the last five years. But so you basically focused specifically on Facebook ads, is that correct? Or is it just Facebook? in general?

Janet E Johnson 8:56

Facebook in general? Yeah. I mean, my my top platforms are actually Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And I also really talk a lot about using video. Okay, the video marketing side and I don't

Jenna Redfield 9:12

you do a lot of live

Janet E Johnson 9:13

allows you to do a lot of live,

Jenna Redfield 9:14

which I don't do a lot of Oh, okay, so I got a lot of pre created and edited video. Yeah, so that's more because I love the editing part. So that's why I live for me has been a hard the

Janet E Johnson 9:23

editing I know.

Jenna Redfield 9:25

That is like, the weirdest thing about me is that I love editing. And most people that is their least favorite part. Let's

Janet E Johnson 9:31

do time consuming to me.

Jenna Redfield 9:32

Yeah, true. But I mean in order for but here's the thing like to make a short video nowadays, it doesn't take as long. No, because you're just cutting out all the crap and keeping all the good stuff. So what is your like average, like, client? Who is your client? Are they businesses? Who are the people that?

Janet E Johnson 9:51

That's a good question. I hate to say it, but I can go from large to small but i do i have some big brands that I manage their account, okay, fully managed. They'll have a team member do the actual posting, but I come up with the full strategy, I always will manage fully manage their Facebook ads if they're bigger client typically. Because that's my my I've hired some pretty big business coaches and really delved into the world of Facebook advertising. Yeah. But then I also have an online course. Okay, so I have a community and online course. And that helps me to be able to use my elementary education skills from back in the day. And I want to help everybody, but some people, the smaller entrepreneurial type businesses just, you know, they can't pay with those big brands do. So that's how I can help them too. And I'm going to the stories in the case studies of what I learned at the big brands, to the smaller community to help them learn. So I learned from the bigger cloth,

Jenna Redfield 10:49

that's a great because I always struggle with that, too. Because a lot of the people in Twin Cities collective our startups are brand new. And it's, it's hard, you can't charge as much know certain things. So I've kind of struggled because I'm such a empathetic person to like, I want to help you. Yeah, but how do I do that? And also still make a living?

Janet E Johnson 11:06

You got to make a living? Yeah, that's the thing. Yeah. So I kind of the bigger clients for me, as has been. I mean, I love working with them. That's kind of my my paycheck. And then I still can help the others and I, you know, make additional income on the side. But it's, that's more just because I want to help. Yeah, the smaller companies,

Jenna Redfield 11:26

did you always want to go on your own and have your own business? Or was that?

Janet E Johnson 11:31

That no well, and in 94, I graduated from college thinking I was going to be a teacher, you know, and answered an ad in the newspaper, out of the blue, have a network marketing company did that for five years, and my mindset kind of changed to entrepreneurial world. So that's kind of my story.

Jenna Redfield 11:50

And so have you. You've been since then, full, like full time, and I've done

Janet E Johnson 11:54

a few things. No, no, I did the like I mentioned daycare for actually six years and my basement while I did online marketing. Back in. I went full time with this business in 2006. I believe okay. 2007 is when this this company is has been around. So

Jenna Redfield 12:14

yeah, over 10 years. Oh, that's congratulations. Yeah. Yeah. To me, that's a long time for a social media. Like, you know, business being around.

Janet E Johnson 12:23

Yeah, yeah. Well, and it was Google back was okay. Yeah, so I kind of did all the online marketing pieces, but you know, over time, niched it a little deeper.

Jenna Redfield 12:31

Yeah, so, um, let's talk a little bit about Facebook ads, because I think a lot of people don't really understand them. We've had a few different people on to talk about Facebook ads, but I still feel like always, there's more information. Yeah, that can be talked about. Sure. There's a lot. So what is your thoughts on like, how to get it so that it's the best ROI in terms of like money and all that? Like, how do you get it so it's not super expensive for someone

Janet E Johnson 12:54

now, that's it, you need to take and and test. First, if you can test, copy first, you can test graphics first, but you need to test everything, but you need to keep one criteria at a time. So you might want to test a video versus a graphic versus this graphic. I am always To this day, I mean running many, many, many, many accounts, I To this day, get surprised. So meaning, the video can outperform the graphic or the next time the graphic wall perform the video, or maybe a test Instagram versus Facebook, Instagram, maybe less expensive, maybe Facebook will be just don't know until you've tested it. So that's the number one way is by testing platforms by testing the copy the writing of it, and by testing. And I mentioned the graphics and the videos, but also the audiences.

Jenna Redfield 13:53

Oh, yeah. So how do you how do you decide who's the right audience for your each client? Like the like the I guess, the age range location? How do you decide that?

Janet E Johnson 14:03

You know, it's interesting, because a lot of people will come to me with thinking they know their audience, but it turns into something else. And that's another thing with testing. I mean, it is testing, testing, testing. And if you don't want to take the time to test then you're probably going to pay more for your ads. Yeah, that makes sense. They might not even convert at all.

Jenna Redfield 14:22

Yeah, so one question I had from someone who asked me is what where do you send the people do you send to a sales funnel? Or do you send them to like what what is the ad go to usually is it to sign up for something does depend on the business?

Janet E Johnson 14:35

I mean, it completely depends some of my larger clients are they aren't they're selling out of a Neiman Marcus or Target or Walmart. So we're doing more brand awareness campaigns. Okay. And that tends to there's no true sending them anywhere necessarily. And then with those clients then I with conversion pieces that the conversion piece come up with is an email list okay, so we build an email list and take them to a landing page and then you know use one of the platforms a Weber MailChimp, whatever that may be. And then that's a conversion at least it's something that's trackable.

Jenna Redfield 15:16

Yeah, and you use retargeting I guess with like the Facebook pixels as well. So people have been to a website. How does that work for you?

Janet E Johnson 15:22

Yeah, there's lots of retargeting scenarios but retargeting some of my best has been retargeting video viewers. Okay, so people watch the video on the front end you build that like know like and trust factor. And then you can create retargeting video viewer audiences and getting back back in front of the people that watch that video. So let's say somebody you have a two minute video and somebody stuck around to watch 50% of it, you can re target that 50% viewership to know that it's big, big. Yeah, so it's three seconds. 10 seconds 25% 50% 75% and 95%. You could break it down video viewer viewership, so that's probably the best way

Jenna Redfield 16:09

I should do.

Janet E Johnson 16:11

It is amazing for for getting an ROI. I had one client, they sell soul deck railing we spent $600 in ads and had 5060 70,000 video views on it. We retargeting the video viewers with a special offer. So if they went into the store and bought the deck railing, then they could actually go to the website and fill in the form. And then they get $100 gift card. Well we had enough for that client was able to profit 30 Grand $600 ad spend by doing this retargeting of the video viewership That's amazing.

Jenna Redfield 16:47

So are those like live videos you turned into ads or are they doesn't matter? It doesn't matter.

Janet E Johnson 16:54

Doesn't matter at all. This was a that one happened to be a customer testimonial. How much he loved the deck Raylene, so it just worked really, really good.

Jenna Redfield 17:04

Very cool. Have you found there is a better way of doing it. Like you said, there's a difference in graphics and video. Have you found just in general videos work better? Like what would you say? No,

Janet E Johnson 17:15

no, just never know. You never know. Yes. In general, for brand awareness. I say top of funnel is what I call it. First thing you want call a cold audience to see would be video. Okay. Yeah, but but for conversion. It's typically actually graphics. Okay, work better. But I've been surprised many times.

Jenna Redfield 17:37

So you mentioned the testing of it. So you said that the hardest thing that you realize is people don't like to spend the time testing. Is that true? Or how do you? How do you spend that? Like? How do people figure out how much time they should be spending on testing? or How long do average campaigns last?

Janet E Johnson 17:56

Well, it depends on like if you're doing a webinar funnel, but for it instance, if you're doing something long term, like we're email list building for this client forever. I mean, we're consistently doing it. Yeah. So you can scale that too, because you're getting more. The cool thing is it helps the algorithm if you get more likes, and it helps that social proof. So if you can do a long term ad, it actually works better. But do you ever stop testing we were paying under under dollar 50 per conversion for this email, this one campaign and that's really good with Facebook, the average email conversions kind of like the three to $5 range, it says yeah, okay. And over time, it's creeped up to now it's around $3. So I'm testing other audiences and testing different things so that I can bring that cost back down. So it's To be honest, it's, it's never ends. It never ever. So the testing, yeah, in the beginning, you do more?

Jenna Redfield 18:57

For sure. Because I don't know anything about this. So I know, because I think a lot of people like for example, I was talking about before we started, I've never done any ads for 26. I think I did one for the mug, but it was not. I didn't know what I was doing. So I didn't put I put like a $5 Max, like, every day like I just was doing. So how do you how do people even get started? Like, what kind of things? Do your people actually advertise? Like, what is the most common thing? Ever? I mean, there's no local thing. Well, I guess a common thing would be email list building, guys. I mean, those are common place, you know, is there like a freebie that they get? Like, I'm like a, like a

Janet E Johnson 19:38

opt in or something to be an opt in, like, I have a content guide that I give out. So that's one of mine. That's a freebie, but I also do webinars. The bigger clients that I'm working with, we actually don't even have a giveaway. We just ones pearls. And we talked we have a blog about pearls, did you want to learn more about pearls? And that certainly put in there. But usually it's some sort of giveaway is the best thing to do of some sort. Okay?

Jenna Redfield 20:06

Because I think that a lot of people say, Well, I'm not getting any thing back from that moment, materially if you're just getting email, so then what do you do with once you get those, then do you have to have a plan on how to monetize? right?

Janet E Johnson 20:22

Exactly. Got to have that funnel setup, where you have the ongoing emails out to them. But now you can reuse that email list and upload that to Facebook. Yes, you can into the audiences and reuse it and get in front of them again. So even if you have a 20% open rate, you still can put your ads out in front of them.

Jenna Redfield 20:41

Yes. And I haven't updated mine a long time. Probably in the last six months. Since I've gotten new emails. I haven't upload that new list to Facebook. How often do you do that?

Janet E Johnson 20:50

Well, it depends on your some software's like, I know drip and entrepreneur. Infusionsoft, I believe those actually, automatically. Yeah, I use a Weber. So that has a manual, I would say it depends on if you've done a push to get more emails, then go ahead and update it then. Otherwise, if you're just trickling in, I mean, I would try to do monthly, but quarterly at the minimum. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 21:14

So where do you find a lot of your clients? Is it word of mouth?

Janet E Johnson 21:19

I'm kind of everywhere. Okay. And it comes everywhere. Yeah, I have done funnels, Facebook ad funnels myself, I know, just to get clients. Mm hmm. So I do that if need be. I don't have that turned on at this moment. Right now I'm doing actually a more of a webinar launch. Okay, for my community side of things, not my to get clients business. And that I'm using Facebook ads for the otherwise I get clients. Actually, my the meetup group that I run for social media has brought me a lot of clients recently. And then I do work with a high level agency to that. Luxury jewelry. And that's what brought me into. So they found me through LinkedIn, which is actually not something that I I found a few clients have found me on LinkedIn. Just be because I exists there. But

Jenna Redfield 22:10

yeah, I think LinkedIn is something I've been using more just to find interesting people to be friends with, or connections. I don't know what the term is.

Janet E Johnson 22:18

Yeah, yeah. I mean, I optimize it years ago for so I was the top person social media Twin City. Really? Yeah. So I

Jenna Redfield 22:27

do that. Like, how does that work? I've never even thought

Janet E Johnson 22:33

I had done that. And I don't know, I haven't looked at it recently. I'm sure some people beat me at this point.

Jenna Redfield 22:38

Well, I think it's what you search for. Because what what I, once I just looked for influencer, I just searched that and then typed in Minneapolis to see who works with influencers that work for like a bigger business, because I was launching like, yeah, an influencer connector website. But it's kind of long. Sorry, it hasn't happened yet. But I was like, I want to be connected with people that work with influencers, because that's most of the people that are influencers in the Twin Cities are in Twin Cities collective, I would say like a lot of them are in there. Great idea. Yeah. And so I'm trying to figure out, like, if I could maybe make some connections with people that work with influencers, I would love to be the middleman between, and like, somehow partner and like, try to get those connections. Yeah, that's I don't know. But I was like, that is like almost like a PR agency. And I was like, I don't know if I could do that by myself. So that was one that was wrong. I was like, I started thinking about it more and more. And I go, oh, man, I have literally no PR experience. So this isn't, this might not be what maybe in the future. But right now, I just need to figure out what to do with my business. And maybe not just like, try to launch something that I have no idea what I'm doing. So that's just another Yeah.

Janet E Johnson 23:42

So that's where you were using link. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 23:44

And I think just finding people that went to my college people that want you know, people that are, you know, doing similar things, or, you know, just getting on their radar and stuff, because I do actually talk about Twin Cities collective on my LinkedIn, I get actually a lot more, you can also see the views on their number of people seeing your posts. So I don't know. Do you know anything about LinkedIn ads?

Janet E Johnson 24:08

Yes, we actually my podcast business growth time, we interviewed the top LinkedIn ad Oh, wow. The shows I wish I knew the number but I don't. But just go back and look, look for that. Because it was amazing. It was really good afterwards. But the ad budget needs to be extremely, extremely. For an entrepreneur small business should get it for SAS companies. Interesting. Because ad budgets are like three to 10,000 Oh, wow.

Jenna Redfield 24:37

Okay, that makes it it's I think, which so so I guess this question is so not LinkedIn. But between Google and Facebook, which do you recommend for someone who has a very limited budget? Would you really

Janet E Johnson 24:49

Facebook? By far, it also depends on the business like I've worked with some HI, worked with an H fat company. And they did better with Google, because it's something that breaks down so people are gonna go search for it. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 25:01

Well, we found a studio co work most people that have taken tours here, just type in Golden Valley co working, or they type in so they look at maps, like maps is the biggest thing that they look at, because they don't want to drive very far. So the people that are we're targeting is within the like, Golden Valley sales Park area.

Janet E Johnson 25:19

But then you could also, if you look at the other side, it's interrupted Facebook ads are more zero. That's true, you could target the people that you think are your potential audience in that local area and spend hardly anything. I mean, it's just so cost effective, especially if you're, if you're doing brand awareness videos, there's nothing that beats it because you're looking at a couple pennies of views. So

Jenna Redfield 25:41

yeah, that's true. I think I need to work on Facebook. More. So again, I'm so used to organic, and that was worked for me. And now at some point, you hit that limit, I guess, like Yeah,

Janet E Johnson 25:53

and I think that right now Facebook's turning more to if you are going to be doing organic, you really need to get that to a group pages or pages are dead, or dead if you don't don't advertise on them. It there's no point other than, yes, you have a placement. It's just like having a website not driving any traffic to it.

Jenna Redfield 26:14

I love groups. That's why I created it as a group because I it's such a more of a community feel then pages are very, like, blah, blah, blah. Here's something I don't know. I guess.

Janet E Johnson 26:27

Yeah, that's more a shout out. Yeah, to build a community in a you back in the day, like I didn't like groups. And we used to try to do what you do in a group now like building the community on a page. But now they've really I mean, that's, I mean, Oh, my gosh, I think back in 2008, nine, those days you didn't there were no ads. I mean, that's crazy. Yeah, you know, there were no ads. So everything was organic. But over time, and they even let you when they first launched ads, they let you have ads on your personal profile. Oh, wow. That was beautiful. And then they removed it. Yeah. So it's changed over time. I think the community side of things is groups. But yeah, you know, you could drive the traffic, what I suggest to people's use your page, do some paid, get to the people the right, you're going to get to a new audience that way, bring them over to agree. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 27:25

that's exactly what I basically use the group for. I actually invite people to like our page if they don't know about our group, because sometimes I feel weird adding them to the group. Because sometimes people have their settings where they just automatically get added. Sometimes they have to actually approve when they are, I think it's in your actual personal settings. If you can have to, you have to say yes or no to being added to a group. Yeah. Sometimes I've added people and they don't get added right away. But then I add people in there in right away. So I'm like, what's the difference? Yeah, I don't know if you know. So let's talk a little bit. I approve in my Yeah. So let's talk a little bit about your podcast, and maybe some of the other mediums you use because you use video. And now you have you've had a podcast how long as a podcast and a belief over three years. Okay. And what why did you decide to do that?

Janet E Johnson 28:11

Oh, because it was the latest, greatest thing. I did it actually I launched a social media hangout time with another partner. And then we revamped or I wasn't sure what I was going to do after 40 shows. We had some great people on and I won't even talk about that podcast, because it was entertaining. We had

Jenna Redfield 28:32

any oh my gosh,

Janet E Johnson 28:34

yeah. Go look it up. Yeah, if you want to have a little laugh, but I try to like make the puppet disappear out of my life. But she's still on the internet. So we ended up I had a high school friend reach out to me. And he's built the biggest networking business group in Detroit area. Oh, cool. And he just said, and all these questions about a podcast, and I said, Well, I'm not sure if I'm going to continue or if I'm going to drop it. I said, but if you want to, and we can just revamp this one that I've been doing, and then we changed the name to business growth time. So we teach both sides, social media now. Social media, and then business networking. So he's the business networking guy. And so we do both sides of things.

Jenna Redfield 29:17

Cool. And so is it mostly? Because I was I was a guest last week? Yes, Gordon? Yeah. So is it mostly interviews? Or is it mostly just you guys talking?

Janet E Johnson 29:26

It's a mix of both the mix of Yeah, we will sometimes interview each other in a way. Yeah. So it will be me kind of showing my expertise or him showing his expertise. And then we bring on guests to so we do. We've had a lot of great guests, I mean, from Chris Brogan to, but just amazing guests, and then we and then I try to bring it into the local. Yeah. And then we've had a lot of his local area. So we've

Jenna Redfield 29:50

had some communities.

Janet E Johnson 29:52

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So it's two different areas. And at this point, we just we just honestly have so much fun with it, Terry, I mean, you met him. Yeah. And you know, we joke about my e every time and just just kind of laugh at things. And yeah, have a blast with it.

Jenna Redfield 30:08

It's definitely very conversational, which I like. Yeah, yeah. It's not so much like, some podcasts are just very stiff. Yeah, not very, it's very much like, here's a question. Here's an answer. And that's why I don't I don't prepare as much for my I kind of like to have like five to 10 questions in my head. Oh, God, I don't like sit and go. What is the questions?

Janet E Johnson 30:28

Yeah, yeah. What Terry, I don't I don't need questions.

Jenna Redfield 30:34

I think people like to listen to conversations too. Yeah, they feel like it's organic. It's not very and that's why people like podcast that's why podcasting is

Janet E Johnson 30:43

in there right in the ears. I like I love it. Listen podcasts personally, because I can do other things. Exactly. I'm clean my house exercise, whatever.

Jenna Redfield 30:50

Because I think with at least personally, it's it's an easier thing to do consistently. I think then video because

Unknown Speaker 30:57

video I

Jenna Redfield 30:59

it's so funny. I love it. I struggle to do consistently because it's just a lot more work with the editing side and the well. I love it. But it's hard. It's a lot of time.

Janet E Johnson 31:07

Yeah, it can be but well, for instance, the other side of things that I do is I do a weekly on my page. Every Thursday at 9am. I do social coffee time. Oh, it's a social coffee time is a Facebook Live. So there's really no time in the room and there's no now that does get repurposed on to the podcast. Oh, that helps in our downloads. It helps with getting you know more episodes and teaching a little obviously, it's a little more social media sided, but I have a virtual assistant. Gotcha. That helps.

Jenna Redfield 31:39

So do so is it like a q&a type Facebook Live? Do people ask you questions? Are you just talking just talking more? Okay? Because I've been considering doing that. But I'd want it to be more of like a Ask me anything every week.

Janet E Johnson 31:51

I've got it that too. And people can it's just Well, to be honest, I've been kind of bad about, like promoting it ahead of time. Okay. So I'm not the best about Allison and Mike, oh, I gotta get this this done, you know. And so then I don't have a ton of people on and you don't get a lot of people on your page. But I also boosted typically afterwards and then get to a new audience or reengage my Facebook fans that I have, because I have over 10,000 So yeah, you know, I want to reengage those people. Do

Jenna Redfield 32:23

you ever post that live in the group at the same time?

Janet E Johnson 32:26

Yes, you do.

Jenna Redfield 32:27

Okay. I was curious about that. Because I

Unknown Speaker 32:29

yeah, because I share it over.

Jenna Redfield 32:30

Because sometimes I'm like, Oh, I should just do it in the group. And I'm like, but then the people outside the group won't see it. It's my thought.

Janet E Johnson 32:35

Yeah. And then I also suggest to people start from your page, because if you want to amplify it with paid advertising, then that's the only place you can do it. And

Jenna Redfield 32:44

I think that that is something I've learned from multiple people telling me that because I because I have we have more people in our Facebook group than our followers on Facebook. Oh, sure. So that's why I was like, oh, but we have a bigger audience in the group. But I was like, Yeah, but it's not as easy to reuse, I guess.

Janet E Johnson 33:00

Yep. So you could just share it to that group at the same time. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 33:02

So how is it most of us after then it's like

Janet E Johnson 33:07

80 plus percent is after.

Jenna Redfield 33:10

That's always my thing is like, no one's watching.

Janet E Johnson 33:13

You kind of feel like a loser. Believe me, we all do. So any of you doing it out there, you know, it's we all feel the same way. It's not that we always will have people on I'm like, for mine, I will once that's my main focus, or a little more of a focus and Ben, I'm going to be using some messenger marketing to really build that. Yeah, we do that. So. We do all that too in our agency.

Jenna Redfield 33:41

I keep hearing about that. I go I just don't have time to do all these things.

Janet E Johnson 33:44

It is a world to learn I actually had my employee learn it not me nice because I just didn't have time for it.

Jenna Redfield 33:51

Yeah, well one thing I actually have seen some people doing with Facebook Lives as they create an actual event and invite people to it and say

Janet E Johnson 33:58

yes, like 9am live See that? A lot of my I see that a lot. I think that's something you know, I haven't decided you know, I've thought maybe I should cut my back to twice a month. Yeah, to make it you know, weekly it just comes it comes up so fast for me on top of it. So mine's only been I've been doing about two months the commitment. Oh, wow. of it. So Otherwise, the random Facebook was happening a

Jenna Redfield 34:21

lot. Has the viewership gone up over time? Or is it stayed about the same?

Janet E Johnson 34:25

It stayed about the same just because of my own promoting? But now granted the viewership? Actually, when I talked about Cambridge Analytica, that was the biggest viewership. They had the hashtag I bet it was the hashtag Oh, do? Not typically. But this was a popular one at the time. And I don't know it just like all of a sudden, I had so many viewers on that one. But otherwise, yeah, I think you will get a growth but you need to be more strategic have like, get it to your email list. My email list isn't necessarily for the Facebook Live. So I don't want to bombard them every single week with I'm show up at Facebook Live show up at my Facebook Live. So that's why I'm to start a messenger marketing to that only.

Jenna Redfield 35:07

So what do you put on your email? Do you How often do you send out emails to your audience? Or what do you

Janet E Johnson 35:12

do every week? I tried to minimally once a week. More if you're doing a promotion. I know that there are internet marketers out there that do way more than that way more. And I think we all and I don't want to have that be the way my list is. So I tried three to four times a month. And it might happen where you get a couple more during the busier times.

Jenna Redfield 35:38

Yeah. So we talked a little bit before we started podcasting about Instagram. And I just kind of want to kind of go to that. So what are your thoughts on Instagram? Because I know that you aren't as big on there. Like that's not something that you focus on. So what are your thoughts? Because a lot of the people listening are big on Instagram. And that's just kind of our audience. So what are your thoughts on Instagram?

Janet E Johnson 35:57

Well, I mean, I work with jewelry clients, and like, that's been our focus. Now it has moved that direction it took time to get over there. I think for for me to for business, Facebook is a given. I mean, no matter what, you need a Facebook presence, then you choose the next platforms based on what your business is and who your audiences. And Instagram to me for some businesses is not the answer.

Jenna Redfield 36:28


Janet E Johnson 36:28

it just depends on the business. But for a jeweler, it's Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, you've got to be on those three. It completely depends, but I really think Instagram is becoming. It's interesting. It reminds me of Facebook back in the day. Because Facebook used to be so organic and used to get so much engagement with the picture and all this stuff. But now it's crickets on Facebook, if you post it on a page, that kind of thing. Yeah. So it is growing. But I still, like Instagram's story ads for the Facebook ad is really growing, and Amanda's results with that. So I think that I suggest now people set up an Instagram presence, if possible. And if they don't want to, you can now advertise on Instagram, even if you don't have an Instagram account. There's a Facebook platform. So I test all my clients with both places.

Jenna Redfield 37:27

And can you set that up through Facebook? Or how do you set up the ads for Instagram? I've never done an Instagram ads. I've no idea

Janet E Johnson 37:32

both both places. Okay, so there's the Promote on you've probably seen the Promote, if you have a business account on your Instagram alone, and you could do it through your phone. I've The results have been pretty. I've done a lot of it. Okay. And it's the targeting options are not as as deep as what Facebook offers. And it's kind of vague at this point. Whereas you can get very, very strategic and deep with the Facebook side going through

Jenna Redfield 38:02

is this kind of like a boost versus a paid ad? That's

Janet E Johnson 38:06

like a boost? Yeah, exactly.

Jenna Redfield 38:08

And I think it's, it's easy for people that are just like, I just want to add something right now. Like, you know, and I think it's interesting, because I do I do see those Facebook, or sorry, Instagram story ads? Are they Yeah, this like, because they're vertical. So how are those created? Are they created in the Facebook platform, or how I

Janet E Johnson 38:31

actually did did them recently, and I just did it on my phone up and down, I made sure it was under 15 seconds. And then at the very end, use a swipe up. So you've got to leave. So if you're going to do something like that, I would suggest video but I've done, I haven't tested enough to know how it works. But how well it works. Let's put it that way with clients to do just a static picture and then swipe up and a little bit of information about the product. But you can do it either way. So you just need to create the I don't have the exact pixel size

Jenna Redfield 39:04

10 at my 9020 There you go. Yep, I know, because I create, I create a lot of stories on

Janet E Johnson 39:10

the same thing.

Jenna Redfield 39:10

So is that more expensive?

Janet E Johnson 39:14

No, not at all. Really? No, no, the thing you do is when you're inside of if anybody's listening that knows the Facebook Business Manager area, the ads area, you in the ad set level, you would uncheck all but the stories. So you would uncheck every placement that you have accepted.

Jenna Redfield 39:36

And that's how you do that one specific ad Exactly. Gotcha. Okay, because otherwise, yeah, it would be vertical on Facebook, or

Janet E Johnson 39:42

Yeah, you could do it on Facebook as a vertical on Facebook takes up more space. And it actually could could work still

Jenna Redfield 39:48

interesting because I you know, being a video person, I have a struggle with Facebook and Instagram lives because it's you can do it vertically. And that's not how videos are meant to be.

Janet E Johnson 39:58

You know what, though? It's cheated. life change. Actually, I talk a lot about and I'll be talking about this in my webinar a lot about square videos, actually. Yes, the best they do. You're right now the top videos, the best. But that's you want to make sure if you're doing those just turn off the desktop and keep it to mobile.

Jenna Redfield 40:15

Yeah. Because I think that a lot of people film vertically, because that's how phones are set. And that's kind of what people have kind of learned to hold.

Janet E Johnson 40:23

Guy when people would do. Yeah, but now if you're trying to repurpose it on YouTube, it's really like then yeah, exactly. I know.

Jenna Redfield 40:32

So one of my issues personally, is I wanted to do a monthly blog where I just do clips of my life. I always had to film it this way. But then I'm like, Well, I do stories every day, why don't I just turn my stories into my monthly vlog and then I was like, but I'd have to like crop them really weird. I'm still in that space of like, I don't know what the hell, I wish

Janet E Johnson 40:49

I kind of wish YouTube would change so that they didn't age, you know,

Jenna Redfield 40:55

that, you know, if you do watch vertical videos, now you can click them, and then it gets through the black and you can watch them vertically. Okay? It depends on the specific, because if they're old vertical videos, it doesn't work. But if they're newer, they've kind of made it so that if you just click it, it just kind of jumps out. And it knows that it's a vertical video. And so then it just fills your whole screen. I've definitely seen that. And I think that it's helpful, because if you are watching, but if you're watching on a computer, it doesn't do anything. That's like the difference is if you're watching it on mobile, it's you see it, how you would see it when you're filming it. So it's weird to see it because you're seeing it like you're seeing it in front of you. That's the weird thing about it. It's like, Oh, this is like on my phone. So is there anything else you would recommend to our audience about, you know, getting involved with social media, most people listening are really new to social, or they're just trying to figure it out? And like maybe what are your thoughts on like, just getting started as a business on?

Janet E Johnson 41:57

Yeah, I've worked with a lot of people just starting out. I guess I could give my my program, I have a online course social strategies, one on one. And then I have a community for that to that actually goes A to Z through anybody that's getting started in some Facebook ad basic strategy, even how to optimize all your channels and just has the basics for people what type of content how to create a content calendar. So those are some of the things the basic things that are needed. The next level, once you've gotten that going, it depends on the business. Okay. I think like I've talked to lately, a lot of network marketers, and I suggest they they kind of focus on the group over a page, but then the bigger businesses, you want to focus on your pain. Yeah, that's true. So it's just events on the business, too. But I would in the end, I mean, the world of organic is still working to an extent, but I do highly suggest people learn Facebook ads.

Jenna Redfield 43:02

Yeah. I think that's so true. And I think it depends on what your goals are with social to.

Janet E Johnson 43:10

Exactly. Yeah. What are your goals? And what do you want to get out of it? But the best ROI at this point is probably the Facebook. Ad. Yeah, if you know what you're doing.

Jenna Redfield 43:22

Yes, that's the that's what I always struggle with is I'm like, I don't know. So why put the money down? is kind of my thought. Um, okay, cool. Well, how do we find you online? Like, what are your links?

Janet E Johnson 43:33

Probably the best place would be just Janet E. Johnson. calm. Also, the podcast is business growth. And then you can connect with me pretty much the Facebook, the Instagram, all those are right at the top of my website. Yeah, there you go. And then the courses are also there, too. So any of those courses in in the Twin Cities, the group

Jenna Redfield 43:55

called the Twin Cities social media marketing network?

Janet E Johnson 43:58

Yeah, long one.

Jenna Redfield 44:01

I did want to mention before we go, I am speaking at your next week or two weeks, I guess. Yeah. So it'll be the week after this comes out. So I will be talking. It's a free event free meetup that you do it every month.

Janet E Johnson 44:14

Yep. The last Wednesday of every month. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 44:16

And actually next month, you doing Facebook ads, right? Yes. Yeah. So this month, I'm going to be talking about YouTube marketing. So if you want to go join the Facebook group, and then the meetup Link is in there. And I bet Yes,

Janet E Johnson 44:27

you got it. Yeah. You don't have to be part of the meetup necessarily. I'm not a big stickler on that. I mean, we'll see

Jenna Redfield 44:34

what happens there. Is there a max number?

Janet E Johnson 44:37

We can fit over 100 Okay, good.

Jenna Redfield 44:39

I was like, because it was I think it said there was a 40 max on the meetup and I was like, Oh, I

Janet E Johnson 44:44

limited it at one way but at this point. And in the world of meetups, not everybody shows

Jenna Redfield 44:51

true that is a say preach sister. We you know, we do free events, but then we also do paid ones I'm always surprised people that have paid that's about it. Still don't show Yeah, we always get about five every time isn't my interest. Yeah, so now I've kind of overbooked knowing five probably that's what we do, too.

Janet E Johnson 45:09

Yeah, we had 100 that were RSVP. last event and we had 60 show.

Jenna Redfield 45:13

Oh, wow. That's a lot. But I mean, it's free. You know, that's true to meet up. So yeah, I think that, wow, I it's funny, because we can only fit about 40 here, like our max for all of our events. So like, we try to try to sell them out. So it's just trying to

Unknown Speaker 45:28

figure that out. So

Janet E Johnson 45:28

yeah, yeah, no, actually, I mean, we're really looking to grow that group. It's really the only social media. Yeah, and then there's this one, and there's not too many. And we we I've been doing this long enough that I'm well connected to some really good speakers. So I brought some Yeah, people in

Jenna Redfield 45:49

cool. I'm honored to be one of the It's awesome. Yeah, I'm excited. Sweet. Thanks, guys so much.

Thanks for listening to the Twin Cities collective podcast with Jenna Redfield. Make sure to click subscribe if you haven't already. And make sure to leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks again for Ian at Studio Americana for producing this episode, as well as Melanie Lee for designing the podcast art and thanks to Nikolai had less for the use of the song in the intro. intro. Thanks so much again, and I'll see you next time.