Life as a Fitness Trainer, Experience at #ShesBuildingHerEmpireLive, & Social Media For Fitness Studios with @erikamarie_fit

Life as a Fitness Trainer, Experience at #ShesBuildingHerEmpireLive, & Social Media For Fitness Studios with @erikamarie_fit

We interview Erika Cianciaruso of Erika Marie Fit about Life as a Fitness Trainer, Experience at #ShesBuildingHerEmpireLive, & Social Media For Fitness Studios

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Hey guys, welcome to podcast. I'm your host Jenna Redfield. Today, my guest is Erica Chan. True. So and she is I guess I'll let you introduce herself.

Erika Cianciaruso 1:10

Hi, thank you for having me. I'm so excited to

Jenna Redfield 1:12

be here. And this is your first podcast. It is yes. So

Erika Cianciaruso 1:15

tell us a little about what you do. So I am a fitness educator and professional here in Minneapolis. And I also have my own business as a social marketing consultant for fitness professionals and small studios.

Jenna Redfield 1:30

Very cool. So we just wanted we meet we met a couple months ago. Yes. So I think was last fall. I was speaking at an event and you were there.

Unknown Speaker 1:39


Jenna Redfield 1:40

The women's events. Yes. I was speaking at the women entrepreneurs Minnesota event and were there and I think we'd been following each other on Instagram.

Erika Cianciaruso 1:46

Yes. When I moved to Minneapolis about a year and a half ago that one of the first things I did was join Twin Cities. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 1:52

yeah. Good decision. And so we we met and then we got connected mostly through like Jennifer and her group that I just joined that she was on a couple weeks ago. And then you applied to be part of our giveaway for our I was giving away a $1,000 ticket to a conference. So you won the contest. Then we went to Milwaukee last week for this conference. Yes. So how did you get from, and we ended up driving there together five hour drive. And I learned a lot about your backstory, and I thought was very interesting. So I want to want to talk a little bit about that. So like your background. Sure. I'm happy to share.

Erika Cianciaruso 2:31

So I went to high school outside of Milwaukee. That's why I have the connection there. And I went to college at UW Madison. But prior to that I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. So went from big city, Montreal to small town, the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin, at the age of 14. So it's a pretty big shock. But once I hit college years, I learned to love it. And then from there, moved around a bit. I lived in France. I lived in Chicago, I lived in Shanghai twice. And then life brought me here

Jenna Redfield 3:06

back to the Midwest. Yeah. And you're from a Italian family. Yes, yeah. And you grew up speaking like all these different languages. I couldn't believe how many languages

Erika Cianciaruso 3:16

I did you know. And that's the beauty of growing up in a bilingual city. So, you know, I was raised in English by my parents, but raised in Italian by my grandparents. And for my first few years of life, we lived right next to our grandparents. So they were a big part in raising us. And then it's required by law to study French in Montreal. So I went to a bilingual elementary school. And then when I think it was when I hit sixth grade, I started taking Spanish in school. Then when I moved to the States, I continued both Spanish and French and ended up majoring in Spanish and French, dabbled in Arabic, then met my husband, who was Chinese. And I was like, Well, I guess I'm learning to

kiss kiss speaks. I mean, he's like American English. But yeah, when we moved to China, I learned a little bit of

Jenna Redfield 4:06

that helped you in your career at all.

Erika Cianciaruso 4:09

Related my career, it's my side bonus. Yeah, it makes me really adaptable. You know, and like, I feel like that's one of the things that's helped me live abroad and, and meet different people and connect with people of different nationalities and cultures. And

Jenna Redfield 4:24

why did you go I knew it was mostly because your husband's job you moved back here. Why did you guys move back?

Erika Cianciaruso 4:29

Yes, yes. Because he got a job opportunity with Boston Scientific. He was already working for them in Shanghai, but he got a promotion. So and funny thing is he's originally kind of from here to high school in college. So we've got family here, which is great. You know, I was a bit nervous at first because Minneapolis is way smaller than Shanghai, but it's got a really close knit. Yeah. Awesome. Community. Yeah. So how did you get into fitness. So when we moved to Shanghai was kind of like a fresh start for me, I said, I'm going to do whatever I want to do here. And I'm going to reinvent myself. I can't speak Chinese. So I can't really get another job. No, but I've always loved movement, I was a dancer my whole life. And so kind of fitness kind of just made sense. And I started teaching dance fitness first. And then just really loved the environment. I really loved the teaching aspect, the coaching aspect, had great mentors. And then I decided to take other different trainings in group fitness. And then I decided to do my personal training certification. I just wanted to learn more and, you know, diversify myself and really loved it. And that was predominantly what I did in Shanghai for two and a half years, part time, essentially. And then I became master trainer for boxing, which is a brand out of LA. So that's really fun. Because I get to travel internationally, I get to do conventions and workshops and trainings. And I do still do part of that here in Minneapolis.

Jenna Redfield 5:57

Yeah. So was it a big thing out there, pillock thing, or it we

Erika Cianciaruso 6:01

we were making it a big thing? So I was part of I was actually the first master trainer in mainland China. So I was part of like, the initial team getting it off the ground there.

Jenna Redfield 6:12

Yeah. And so I'm just curious from the bilingual aspect, were you able to communicate with all the people there? Like, I was just curious how you would teach them and if you didn't know,

Erika Cianciaruso 6:25

as well, so I taught at one of the biggest, like, I call like an expat gym, I guess. Okay. It was it was a gym, predominantly, you know, marketed for expats. And there's like over a million expats and Shanghai. So everything was taught in English. So even the Chinese instructors that were hired, were, they were expected to know English culture. I did use some French in Shanghai when I taught the kids ballet classes, because there is a huge French population there too. So. But yeah, I mean, having all the experience learning languages since I was born, it just, I can learn them quick. Yes, more

Jenna Redfield 7:00

quickly, right. It's like all about the brain. I don't know. So that speaking of the brain, we got to transition into talking about our conference. So we both went to she's building her Empire last week in the walk, you might have seen our Instagram stories. We were both on a lot of them. Yes. Which was fun, because I have never really had a lot of other people in my stories.

Erika Cianciaruso 7:21

I love being in stories.

Jenna Redfield 7:22

Yeah. And you do those a lot too. Because you Instagram is one of your main ways of marketing yourself currently, right? Yes, correct. So how did you decide on Instagram?

Erika Cianciaruso 7:30

So you know what's funny, because in Shanghai, or in China, all of these social networks are blocked, right? The government bans them. So unless you have a VPN, you can't get on Instagram and can't get on Facebook. So I was using their local platform, which is WeChat. And I kind of did Instagram here and there, you know, I had a VPN, but the connection was slow. So, you know, one post, every two weeks, maybe Yeah, right. And then I moved here, I kind of felt Oh, my God, I'm a little bit behind the game. And, and I saw a lot of fitness professionals doing well on Instagram. And, you know, I like taking photos. I like being in the photos too. So it just felt like a more,

you know, natural platform for me to be on. Gotcha.

Jenna Redfield 8:12

Yeah. Cool. So we'll start talking a little bit. So basically, this podcast, I wanted to have Erica come on to talk about the pot, the thing that we went to, because it'd be nice to have me talking about but I'm like, well, she was with me to it. So she had the very maybe same but different experience. Because I have your first conference. It was my

Erika Cianciaruso 8:28

first conference. Yes. For like, business. Yes, it was my first conference, because I

Jenna Redfield 8:33

haven't been to one a month before. And a lot of the same people are at this one. So I did see some people I knew, but there's a lot of people I didn't know either. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:39


Jenna Redfield 8:41

yes. So I guess maybe do you want to talk about I guess we could just talk about our personal experiences. So you just you just want me to talk about what you like, what got out of it? or?

Erika Cianciaruso 8:49

Yeah, I mean, I I think it surpassed my expectations. I kind of went in, you know, thinking that it would be a lot of you know, motivational speaking. But I wasn't sure if Am I going to actually walk away with tangible you know, steps and, and a plan for myself. And and I really think that I did. So that's what I really liked about it is that not only was it inspiring and motivational, and we got to hear, you know, the success success stories from the speakers. But they also gave us a lot of takeaways and said, Hey, this is what worked for me, it can work for you. And this is how I got there. And they broke it down and you know, actionable steps. They gave us tips. They shared tricks. So I mean, I was writing like a machine. You know, I definitely learned a lot.

Jenna Redfield 9:34

Yeah, so maybe we can start the first into the first night was a, I guess, like a cocktail hour type event?

Erika Cianciaruso 9:40

Yes. I was eating all of the cheese.

Jenna Redfield 9:41

Yeah, they had like a ternary or whatever. And then they had it was a very nice, like, rooftop place in Milwaukee. And we and I had never really been in Milwaukee. And you're from that area. So we were kind of walking around.

Erika Cianciaruso 9:54

Yes. It was in the Third Ward, which if you ever go to Milwaukee, it's a really nice trendy area. It kind

Jenna Redfield 9:59

of looks like the North loop. Yeah, feel very brick. And yeah, I guess that's when I think I think brick brick and warehouse buildings and restaurants. Yeah. And so we kind of it was kind of more of a networking night. We met a few people. Yeah. Um, but yeah, that was like, what's a girl from Montreal? Yeah, that was crazy. And we met some. I remember we met some people from the Milwaukee area as well. A lot of people that were at the conference, I'd say like, probably like 30% of them are probably from Wisconsin or from that area. And then we were the only ones from Minneapolis, which surprised me. Because it's not that far. Right. And like, they're people from Chicago. And like Missouri, there probably aren't

Erika Cianciaruso 10:37

very many conferences of this type in the Midwest. So you don't want to take advantage.

Jenna Redfield 10:42

Yeah. Especially since we'd have to fly, you know, pay for airline tickets, but right. So so the next morning we went in, and then they had the first so Stacy, who runs the conference was the first speaker. Yes. I'm trying to remember she did a few speeches. I can't remember what she talked about that first one. Remember?

Unknown Speaker 10:59


Jenna Redfield 11:00

I think she talked about her story. It was her story, how she, how she how she got started. So she actually runs a business. She started off running a dance studio, which I think you thought was kind of nice.

Erika Cianciaruso 11:11

Yeah, yeah, definitely have that connection through the dance. Yes, she started, you know, out of her. She was saying her parents backyard. Yeah, out of high school. And then, you know, turned it into a legitimate dance studio. Now she has two locations, I believe she said and then moved into coaching and yeah, line space. And

Jenna Redfield 11:31

I'll kind of give a background. So basically, the conference was for women entrepreneurs and people that were doing online businesses. So anyone from, you know, people that were doing coaching or doing basically any type of online business, a lot of moms a lot of people in their probably like mid 30s to 40s were, I think, to the younger ones, I would say probably, but there's you know, it wasn't I wasn't I didn't feel as young as I did until at the last conference. I felt like really young at that one. But um, it was really great. And a lot of people we're really, really nice. Yeah,

Erika Cianciaruso 12:01

from different industries to those, you know, interior designers, there were people that were you know, just more like selling products, jewelry, jewelry, online courses. There are a few people in the fitness industry. We up there were so it was nice to connect with them. And so the first speaker was Catherine, and she did the mindset. Yes, I'm trying to remember I like wrote down I know mindset. Oh my gosh, she was probably my favorite. Oh, yeah,

Jenna Redfield 12:24

I can't choose. They were all so I know. They're all really good. But like, I think hers probably hit me the most the other ones. I'm like, Yeah, I should probably be doing that. Yeah. So when I was like, I need to actually follow what she does. And I started subscribing to a podcast. Yes,

Erika Cianciaruso 12:37

yeah. Yeah, me too. I went home and I like downloaded all the podcast back.

That's a good use of your time. But what basically, do you want to maybe summarize what she talked about? I mean, she talked about, you know, about getting in the right mindset for success. And the idea of manifestation, which, you know, I didn't really know about, and I think I guess it is a thing that is is trendy right now. But I was like, What is this manifestation? And I said, and then, you know, when she got into it, and you know, talked about affirmations, and basically a way of you, you know, already stepping into that role of, of what you want to become.

Jenna Redfield 13:13

Yes. It's, and they said, I remember what they said was, don't use the term fake it till you make it. It was like another term. What was it?

Erika Cianciaruso 13:20

Yeah. I mean, there were so many, you know, quotable nuggets, like I wrote them all down, I'm going to use them in my Instagram. Oh, I know. But

Jenna Redfield 13:27

what I loved is that it's like, instead of faking it, like you, you become it, like you become what you want to be. And I think for me, I always felt like such an imposter name. So it felt like, Oh, my gosh, I have to actually feel that confidence. And like, you mentioned affirmations, like, basically telling yourself that this is who you are. And I think our society doesn't really do that, like people are always telling us negative things are right self thoughts unconscious. Yeah. And so she talks about how people yeah, they it is or listen to other podcasts to after about different people that use different ways of doing those affirmations and repetition is so important. Yes, that you have to actually make sure that your inner most subconscious believes it. Right.

Erika Cianciaruso 14:17

Yeah. You and I mean, like, she also talks about the truth about money. I think she called it right in saying that it's, it's a tool. It's just energy. And because I think that's something that people really are like, money. Yeah, they put it on a pedestal right.

Jenna Redfield 14:31

Yes. I think that and she lives in California.

Unknown Speaker 14:35

Yes. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 14:36

So it was she travels the world. Yeah. And she talks, she tells the story about how she was in debt. And then she got the part that I didn't I wish she had talked a little bit more was that transition? Yes, me too. I'm like, how it's like she manifests it, but like, but you still have to do things. I mean, of course, she she worked really hard. And you know,

Erika Cianciaruso 14:53

that was evident to in all of this the talks at the convention, it was like, you know, you you can have that mindset, you can do those affirmations, but then you need it. Yes, that's the work. And

Jenna Redfield 15:03

I think that's what she said do the action is is I think she says that the the Miss Noma about manifesting is that it'll just fall on you. Yes, but you, but that's not how it works. You have to actually put the right for what after, then the universe responds in a way and manifesting is basically just like positive thinking, honestly, it that's what it is.

Erika Cianciaruso 15:22

Yeah. And I actually have I wrote something down that she said, she said, match your actions, match your intentions, let go of the how, focus on the what, and the why, and trust that the details will be taken care of.

Jenna Redfield 15:37

You wrote done way more than I was very passionate about my notes. And that would have been a good idea. But um, I kind of just wrote like, have them in my head. I'm terrible. No, no, that's okay.

Erika Cianciaruso 15:45

I have a funny story, though. Because so after the conference, I was like, writing a high Of course, I'm like, I'm in a manifest. Crap, either. Yeah. And, you know, something released that seems really small, but made a difference was I went shopping the next day for an outfit for a wedding. And I have size five feet. So it's really hard to find shoes. And normally I walk into a store and I just go but not gonna have they're not gonna have my size. I'm not gonna find anything like this is useless. So I go in automatically negative and then, you know, I usually don't find anything. And I was like, wait, I'm going to switch things around. I'm going to walk him say, I'm gonna buy shoes here. I'm gonna find shoes today. You know, I did it. And it worked.

Jenna Redfield 16:23

I actually, yeah, I had to happen to Well, I thought I was OK. So the day was like, the day before we hit 10. k was when we were in Milwaukee. Yes. And I was like, all day, I'm like, gotta hit it tomorrow. Like, that was my thing. I was like, I'm manifesting the fact we're going to hit tomorrow, because I wanted to have it be on Friday. I was a witness. Yes. And so it did. And I was, it was just crazy. Because I, I had to believe it like I had to, and obviously you were putting more I was putting

Erika Cianciaruso 16:47

work into it. But that's because you really believed it.

Jenna Redfield 16:49

Yeah. And so I think it's something that I know sounds like a pseudoscience or something that I know is kind of like who exactly, but I personally think that a lot of the really successful people in the world have really good self confidence. They just they believe in themselves. And like I kept referencing Tony Robbins, a lot of people there had been to some of his stuff. I think she was in his like, Master mastermind or whatever. Yeah. And I mean, Tony Robbins, take them or leave them, but I think he does. He is successful. And he is the most self confident person I've ever seen in my life. Like, he just hasn't he doesn't doubt himself. Right. Or at least it doesn't pop. Right does.

Erika Cianciaruso 17:29

Yeah. And that's probably, you know, one of the main reasons why he's so successful.

Jenna Redfield 17:33

Yeah. So anything else about caffeine before we move on?

Erika Cianciaruso 17:37

Um, no. I feel like Yeah, she I mean, she was fantastic. I definitely recommend you guys check out her podcast. And yes,

Jenna Redfield 17:43

it's called manifestation babe. Yes, manifestation, babe, I will leave the links to all these people. So you can check them out. Because they all were awesome. And Stacey picked them up for a reason. As speakers.

Erika Cianciaruso 17:54

They all have something unique to share. And then they all have their own story, which is really inspiring that Yeah, courage, and

Jenna Redfield 18:00

they're all very successful, which I think is good, because I don't like hearing from speakers that I'm like, I'm doing better. Or something you gotta learn from it. Yeah, exactly. And it's what the other funny thing is, I had never heard of any of these speakers. Same.

So, but yet they're very successful in their industries. And now that I see them, I'm like, Okay, I'm going to get plugged into their world. Yes. Which is kind of like I think it's most because a lot of them are from like the coasts. And I tend to know more, a lot more just local people. Yeah, same here. I'm more focused on the local. Yeah. Or people that are super involved in like Facebook groups that I'm in. So anyways, yeah. So let's move on to the afternoon. So then we went to lunch, and we went to the Milwaukee Public Market, which was really fun. Oh, my gosh, it's the coolest place ever.

Erika Cianciaruso 18:41

Yes, we ate a cookie. That was. Don't judge us because I'm in fitness. And I shouldn't be telling you this. But it was two chocolate chip cookies filled with chocolate chip cookie dough.

Jenna Redfield 18:52

There's a lot I was. I was like, shared it though. I really wanted milk though. Yeah, it was cool. If you guys haven't been to Milwaukee with, we can do a whole separate podcast on what we ate. Yeah. I think I recorded a lot of the stories though. So yes, they're probably Rosina. Um, so we're gonna take a quick break, I'm going to do some ads, and then we'll be right back. This episode, the podcast is brought to you by Studio co work a co working space in Golden Valley. This studio opened in summer of 2017. It was previously a radio station for many years, and now has become a co working space as well as private offices for small businesses and entrepreneurs. So if you're interested in not spending your day on the couch and actually getting work done, you should definitely check out studio co work because they have desks you can work at as well as just like free coffee and all this stuff. You can also meet with clients and private offices spaces, which so you don't have to sit in a noisy coffee shop. If you're interested in learning more about studio cork and all the different pricing and availability for memberships. Make sure to go to studio CT calm and let us know you find out through the podcast. So we do all of our Twin Cities, collective events there as well as I work there. So that's really fun. So I hope that you guys enjoy that make sure to go to see your coworker calm. As some of you guys know, we record the podcast at Studio Americana. So I want to tell you guys a little bit more about studio America, because they're awesome. And they make this podcast sound amazing. So they're actually a recording studio that is designed to help businesses and organizations create high quality podcasts, live streams, webinars, and more. I have been a witness to this. And it's awesome. The way that they set it up, they make it super easy, because they do all the consulting, editing and publishing services. So you don't have to worry about the techie side of creating a podcast, they have access to voiceover talent. So if you don't want to be on on anything, you can just do it, have somebody else do it. It's also ready for any level of project. So it's something super basic or something really complicated. They have all the capabilities. So if you are doing a lot of podcast with people in a different state or a different country, they have a full phone system dedicated to that with integration with online services like Skype, so that you won't lose connection, which is super awesome. Thanks so much for NSZ Americana for producing the podcast. And I hope that you guys learn more about them. So let's get back to the podcast. Okay, we are back with Erica. We are switching to the next speaker and her name is Rachel. Yes. And she is all about Pinterest. I've never talked about Pinterest on this podcast ever.

Erika Cianciaruso 21:27

Yeah, I, you know, didn't know much about Pinterest. Besides looking up recipes. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 21:32

I used to be really like that was my thing before Instagram was super, super into Pinterest for probably about three or four years. And then once Instagram. I just kind of switched. Yes,

Erika Cianciaruso 21:42

yeah. So what did you think you got out of hers? So Well, like I said, I mean, I learned a lot because I don't use Pinterest in a business aspect. I use it as a, you know, consumer Yes. And I thought, oh, wow, you can get a lot of analytics from the business side. It's easy to say. And the fact that she said that Pinterest is more of a search engine and non social media platform, because of the fact that all of the pins show up on Google. And it's, you know, great SEO, that was kind of like mind blowing for me. So that was one of the first things I did when we got back to hotel was making a business profile.

Jenna Redfield 22:20

And you can change it from a regular account to a business account. And then you get the analytics. It's the same as Instagram, right? And if you go to I think it's analytics, Pinterest, com, you can see which of your pins has done the best. And in terms of how many people have clicked on it, how many people have repin it on? A lot of people don't know this, you know, right? Yeah. Um, so the search engine part is very valuable for a lot of people that make online content. Have you ever done any, like blogging or anything?

Erika Cianciaruso 22:46

I so I recently started doing video blogging. I had done it when I was traveling, and then I kind of revisited it more in a business mindset now, but I'm not, you know, really into the traditional blog writing as far as Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 23:01

for sure. Yeah. I think that well, because I think the thing they talked about was that if you do two videos to make it a pin and not post the video, because I actually asked that. Yes. And so you basically you can make a blog post where you just put the video in the blog post to your website. Yeah. Which I have been somewhat doing. But usually when I posted a YouTube video, I just posted it to the YouTube same Yeah. And they said that that's better for the video lives in your blog, which makes sense, because then you'll get more traffic to your site, then they'll stay on it longer. And not just because when they go to YouTube, and that this is exactly what I do, too. I get distracted by other videos that I think he suggestions. Yeah. And I click on them all the time, like YouTube knows me very well. Um, but yeah, what's the one thing that we saw that actually this part of it was sponsored by tailwind, which is a it's kind of like one of those Instagram planner type things, but it's but it's automated and it can pin for you. And so they talked about how you should pin five to 10 pins per day. What were your thoughts on that? That seems like a lot. I mean, I, I made my account. And now I haven't touched it yet. I gotta get back to it. But I think first thing I want to do is, is thanks for teaching me about the names of the boards because that's some she talks about kind of using it as keywords because people will search you know, for those keywords. And then from there repenting and then putting my own content slowly. Another thing they talked about was like the headline for your Pinterest account. So like the am Institute was a website where you could actually type in your, your like the like the headline that the title of your whatever post you're doing, and you can actually get feedback on which is like the best in terms of copy. Yes. And it was like 30 to 40% is good.

Erika Cianciaruso 24:43

Yes. And in terms of the different industries, industries to

Jenna Redfield 24:46

Yeah, and so using the right words and using and I'm not a copywriter, so like this would be really helpful for me. I'm trying to think I'm looking through all my notes, I ended up grabbing my note my notes, but I think what I usually do is I tend to just use a canvas to create my Pinterest sized images. And then you know, you want to have them be in your branding colors. And you know, just be at what what what they did that I had never done is make like five to 10 different variations of the same post with different pins. Yes, even though it's all for the same content. I had never done that I've only done like that one. And I think that because then maybe one of them is more clicked. It's almost like doing a B testing Yes. For different pins, which is crazy. Because some of my pins that I've had, I have one pin that drives most of my traffic. And it was from about a year and a half ago. So that's what's cool about Pinterest

Erika Cianciaruso 25:36

is that you know that old stuff is probably still going to get you traffic and get you people.

Jenna Redfield 25:41

Yeah, and so it's definitely more it's more long term for sure, more so than Instagram. But I for me, I think it depends on your business, though.

Erika Cianciaruso 25:50

Yeah. From your audience. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 25:51

For me, like for the longest time, it was great, because I was doing an online business I had, you know, my audience was female entrepreneurs, which I knew are on Pinterest, but you know, some people just might not be good if they're only like a local business. I don't think it's as good for local as Instagram is. But I think it's great for online businesses in general. Yes, I agree. So, um, I'm trying to think if there's anything else, was there anything else from Rachel's that you wanted to discuss? She did like an audit too. So she like kind of went through and looked at people's Yeah,

Erika Cianciaruso 26:23

that's that's that's nice that she did that because that, you know, even though it wasn't my account, per se, just still gave some good ideas.

Jenna Redfield 26:29

And one thing that she mentioned, again, with the keywords are the most important part of Pinterest is not naming your boards, cutesy titles.

Erika Cianciaruso 26:37

Yes, that was very interesting.

Jenna Redfield 26:39

Because usually people aren't going to type in like, whatever the huge creative like random like my thing. Oh, that's clever. But is your ideal client really going to type that? Yeah, exactly. And so I think a lot of people don't think about Pinterest strategically at all, it's more just for fun,

Erika Cianciaruso 26:55

right? Like she was saying that, you know, go in, login to Pinterest as if you're your ideal client and start typing into the search bar, you know, what you're searching for. So let's say in my case, it's, you know, let's say it's women's strength training, and then see what else is populating and then niche it down even further, right, get a little bit more specific. And that's a good way to, you know, figure out what your pins or your boards Exactly,

Jenna Redfield 27:23

and I think she she was doing stuff with like fasting and keto. Yeah. Cuz she was in network marketing before as a wellness coach. Yeah. And now she does, like Pinterest professionally, basically. Yes. Coaching coaching courses. Yeah. And she's she, I think she's also like a, like, just does it for people as like a manager, I think, right? Maybe I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 27:47

You've definitely hired.

Jenna Redfield 27:49

Exactly. Okay, so then that evening, we had a dance party, dance party is ready. And Erica was like killing it because she used to be like a ballroom dancer.

Erika Cianciaruso 27:59

Yes, that's true. I still do a little bit of that. I know, this month's topic is freelancing. Yeah, so I'll do a little.

I don't do dance professionally, anymore, although I really miss it. But I do freelance for wedding dance choreography. So if you know anybody getting married in the Twin Cities area, send them my way. And we'll do a little waltz. I have a few people I can pick up. I didn't know you did that. That's cool. Very cool. Yes. Thank you for bringing up our topic, because that's I haven't

Jenna Redfield 28:27

really mentioned that yet. So Okay, so the next day, it was Jen Casey. Yes. Yeah, she was really great. And she talks about sales, but it was more about the call, like the sales call, right?

Erika Cianciaruso 28:41

Yes. She talked about how, like, she called it the five step framework for sales calls. Yes. And that's something that I think all of us were, like, so tuned in all of us in the room, because when she asked before, you know, how many of you feel confident, you know, a scale of one to 10? You know, you're calling and doing sales calls, and I was one of the people on the lower end, I don't have a lot of experience. And like you were saying in your last podcast, you had a telemarketing job, right? Yeah. And you hate it. I had a job. It's kind of similar for a really short period of time. But I was so stressed every time and I still to this day, don't like making phone calls. I much rather see people in person. But there's definitely, you know, times where you need to own it. on that phone call.

Jenna Redfield 29:25

I think what I Well, what I also learned is that you can use this not just for sales calls, but for emails and for how you actually use your consulting services with people. So that's some of the things that she talks about. Again, I don't have to share everything, because obviously we paid a lot of people,

Unknown Speaker 29:44

like share all this. So this time, you should go to Stacy's conference.

Jenna Redfield 29:48

It's gonna be different people. So it's like, but if you want to, like learn more about these people, I mean, they're there to pitch their services to right. I mean, I'm not sure how, what their situation was financially being there. But I know that they we're there to like, and I'm following now all these people. So it's, I think that conferences like that are great for speakers, because I think that they get their name out to a wider audience. But I just want to say I'm not we're not giving away like the entire conference, I

Unknown Speaker 30:11

just kind of wanted the very long podcast,

Jenna Redfield 30:12

it would end this again, this is like a 20 minute conversation about a two day event or whatever. So but I did want to talk about her because I have never done coaching before. And I'm like, I mean, I never know what the difference between coaching and consulting. Yeah, that whole thing is weird to me. And I never I'm like, Well, I feel like I'm more of a consultant than a coach because I'm not being like,

Erika Cianciaruso 30:34

go go go. Right. I think they are different.

Jenna Redfield 30:37

Yeah. Because for me, I'm doing hourly consulting, versus like, long term coaching is kind of my thought.

Erika Cianciaruso 30:43

Right? And you're not doing like any kind of course right now.

Jenna Redfield 30:48

Not right now. Right. So that's why it was kind of interesting to see how you're supposed to act like what you're supposed to ask people to get them to share with you what they really need. Yes, that was helpful.

Erika Cianciaruso 31:01

Yes. Yeah. And then you could steer the conversation in the way that you want it. And, you know, she gave little tidbits to you about, like how to prep for a call, how to do the follow up

Jenna Redfield 31:11

after the call all

Erika Cianciaruso 31:12

very useful and important to really appear professional.

Jenna Redfield 31:16

And I think the part that that scared me the most, but also was I was never used is getting to the Yes. And yeah, diverting, so if people have these heads in the money talk, yeah. makes me cringe. Sure, makes a lot of people listening cringe. But basically, it's it's if people are hesitant, or they, you know, think it's too much, basically asking them these follow up questions to kind of, basically help them understand what why is there hasn't tendency, you know that Yeah,

Erika Cianciaruso 31:47

what are their struggles? Yeah. What are their goals? Yeah. And then, like you, it's part of it is being really attentive while they're talking. Right? And then it's you repeat it all back to them at the end. It's like so, you know, from what I hear you want this? And this, they're like, wow, yeah, she's totally right. Yeah. You know, yeah, exactly.

Jenna Redfield 32:04

And I think for me, the issue I have is, I never know what questions to ask people. You know, in the moment,

Erika Cianciaruso 32:12

yeah, I think it's really important to plan in advance. And do your research a little bit. I mean, it depends like for, in my case, with my Erica Marie consulting, you know, I'll either approach a potential client, or I'll have somebody referred me, and I'll do my research on that company or that studio before. So I know a little bit and then I can, you know, personalize the questions.

Jenna Redfield 32:32

Yeah. And I think that's so true. Because I've definitely had people come in and like, I don't know anything about you. And I don't know if that's the right strategy or not. Right, you know, yeah. But I guess it just depends on the person. Yes. I'm not very good at preparing. I never prepare competitors podcast, I had to, like, run out to my car to grab because

Erika Cianciaruso 32:48

I didn't have it and make it work. Yes. So um, anything else about? Jen? I would just say definitely check out her podcast. I've been listening, listening to I haven't been hitting the cars, yet called social media to sales podcasts.

Jenna Redfield 33:02

I love that because I was talking to someone the other day, and they're talking about how social media doesn't work as this I'm like, Are you kidding? I cannot believe it. Is I know, it's just I think a lot of people don't A lot of people think and almost like a five years ago mindset where social media is just for fun. And it's not Rachel tool. And I don't think maybe they have had seen anyone be successful with it. So they just don't have any, you know, examples to back up. So I think for her, she uses social media to actually bring about sales. And I've seen it with my own eyes, that social media can bring sales very easily. Yes. And just as easily as any type of marketing that exists, including email, you know, more affordable. Yeah, it is affordable. Yeah. To the business, for sure. But I do think that you have to kind of the flip side of that is you don't want it to people to think that it's free to actually do

Erika Cianciaruso 33:56

know, it's a lot of hard work. It's a lot of consistency. It's a lot of reasons. Hi,

Jenna Redfield 34:00

I'm temporarily hiring someone to do it.

Erika Cianciaruso 34:02

Yeah. And that's, that's what a lot of what I do right now. And and, you know, I call myself a consultant, but I am very hands on too, because I'm still I'm, you know, I tailor myself to what the client needs. So sometimes the client just wants strategy. Sometimes they want more of that management.

Jenna Redfield 34:18

Yeah. And I think that the management part is stuff I don't like doing.

Erika Cianciaruso 34:22

Right. I yeah, it's it's hit or miss.

Jenna Redfield 34:24

Yeah, I think it depends. And, and so my, my thing is, I like helping people teach, teach people how to do it themselves, or their team to do it right now. Yeah, that's great. That's what I've learned about myself over the years, because at first I didn't have enough experience to be able to be in that role. I had to become a manager. Yeah. And and the next Yeah,

Erika Cianciaruso 34:42

yeah. And, and I'm learning every single day. And I think that's one of my goals for myself is getting to that point, too. Yeah, for sure.

Jenna Redfield 34:49

All right. Any last things with Jenna, we'll move on. Okay. And then I think we also went to lunch after that again. So that was the day too. So this is day two. This is on Thursday. Yes. And we went to the same place. Yeah, it's they had soup. And then we went back and then the next speaker, she hadn't been there. The whole conference. She came late, I think, yes, it was coach glitter coach glitter. And she's also from California. She was a makeup artist in Hollywood for a long time and then changed to being a video and like confidence coach, so she kind of helps people learn how to do Facebook Lives. And that was her her her main topic.

Unknown Speaker 35:25


Jenna Redfield 35:27

I think the biggest so I've, you know, I've been in the video space a long time. And so I know a lot of the main video people but I had never heard of her, which surprised me. But it's because she does more Facebook and as much YouTube and I'm more plugged into the YouTube space. So I thought that was really interesting. Yeah. What What did you get out of? COACH glitter?

Erika Cianciaruso 35:45

So she talked about the power of live videos. And this was something that's you know, it has been buzzing around in the AI was already wearing? Oh, yes. live videos. You know, they, they they have they show up more, you know, people's feeds you you know, there a way for you to appear more real, more personable with your audience. There a good way to like launch an event. Yep. Which I I use that this week. Oh, nice. So yeah, and like, one of the things that we talked about to was the visibility, you know, and ways to become more visible. You talked about it in your podcast last week. And that's a great way is through videos. And it can seem a little bit scary for people but he's got to give a try.

Jenna Redfield 36:31

I think live video is the gateway into doing potentially like recorded and edited videos,

Erika Cianciaruso 36:36

right. And that was like how I am approaching it. I you know, this is my first podcast. And I can do kind of a makeshift podcast on

Jenna Redfield 36:43

life seriously. And a lot of people actually turn their Facebook Lives into podcasts, they just download the audio. So Oh, everyone do that. You know, except my one tip for that is don't just say hey, so and so if you're jumping on. So yeah, so I guess like or just at the beginning say guys, this is a Facebook Live. So if you hear that I listen to a podcast, I didn't realize it was facebook live until that started happening. And I was oh my goodness, what's happening so trick to you. But I think with the Facebook Lives, what I didn't know, and this was her biggest thing is to go live on a page and not in a group. Because you can reach we do that as an ad. And you can build up kind of that that pic facebook pixel type thing where you can build that up. And she was saying, you know, use it as a tool to test what marketing what works best for you, you know, video marketing, or maybe it's photos. So yeah. Yeah, says in so yeah, if you're on Facebook Live ZN can do that for you. Um, which is great. So we because we pre recorded all of our podcast episodes and do it as a video, but it can also be live. I could do that. But um, so yeah, cuz I, the thing about live for me is I tend to like having the option to edit because I'm an editor.

Erika Cianciaruso 37:59

Yeah, you're so used to that.

Jenna Redfield 38:01

Yeah. And so for me Facebook Live. And also it's a long time to sit and talk.

Erika Cianciaruso 38:05

Yeah, you definitely like one of the things that she brought up was, you need to be prepared. You know, like, like, just like you mentioned, you should match content should do the same for your videos, if you're going to say, all right, every week, I'm going to do one video kind of plan on what your topics are, where you can talk about or you know, use your audience to find out what they want to hear about.

Jenna Redfield 38:26

Yes. And I think one thing that that Stacy talked about was having backup questions. In case no one asked questions that was super smart. Because I always go on and think oh, I'm going to do QA. And if no one shows up, you're going to have no queues

Erika Cianciaruso 38:39

in your back pocket like Oh, yes, one of my clients asked me or somebody typed in.

Jenna Redfield 38:44

Yeah, and I think that I should also mention that more people watch the Facebook Lives on the replay, then during the live Facebook video itself,

Erika Cianciaruso 38:51

right, so not to get discouraged if you're doing a live and it's only one person, maybe two, you know, just keep going and it lives on your page after that. So

Jenna Redfield 39:00

I think that she also does, um, I think doesn't she do background setups to for the it wasn't that what they're giving away?

Erika Cianciaruso 39:07

Yeah, one of the attendees was a integer interior designer, and she was giving away a video backdrops,

Jenna Redfield 39:15

which is pretty neat. Interesting. And I had never I've done that myself with fairy lights. That's my YouTube backdrop. Cute. And like a clear curtain.

Erika Cianciaruso 39:25

I did a facebook live today in the background was my couch and my dog. So

Jenna Redfield 39:28

yeah, that's super professional. But I mean, I guess it depends. And also some of them are really good. Like they they recorded on a professional camera and they somehow sync it to their Facebook so they don't even use a webcam.

Erika Cianciaruso 39:39

But the good thing for people that are like really new to Facebook Lives is that you don't need fancy equipment, start off true it on your phone, you don't have to have a fancy setup. And then bit by bit you learn and you get ideas from others and grow from there.

Jenna Redfield 39:53

And it was interesting because I think a few people did ask the difference between Facebook and Instagram Live right? And she said that was better for her because that was where her audience was that she said she also does Instagram Live only depends. I've done a few Instagram lives. My issue with Instagram lives is the video quality is always terrible, right? It's like it's very Yeah, and even in the replay doesn't get better. Which kind of stinks. So also What I don't like is that you can't watch the stories if there has been a live video in the last 24 hours. Yeah, you have to do one or the other. Well, you can watch a story but it just it takes like it's harder to get to the store right people might miss your story. Yes, the lives gonna like it over but I will have to say this is that when you do a live on Instagram, your minds people? Oh, look, this is this person. I get a second name thing. Yes. Because it shows up on every person that follows us. If they if they've signed up for you know, that kind of notification. It shows up on their home screen.

Erika Cianciaruso 40:47

Yeah, that this person is going live, right? Oh, it sends you like, yeah, even if you can't you could not even be looking at your phone. it'll send you a note. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 40:54

exactly. And so sometimes it sounds me like five in a row if it keeps dropping, which is kind of annoying. But I know a lot of people in this collective do Instagram lives. I don't see as much Facebook Lives. I don't know, I

Erika Cianciaruso 41:07

I have done a few Instagram lives. And then I tried facebook live today. I think more of my audience is on Instagram. But I'm this is just my third week doing it. So I'm still in that testing phase. And I kind of want to see, you know, the responses that I get, and the engagement. Uh, definitely there were more people interacting with me on instagram than on Facebook. I think timing has a, you know, a mean way. But, yeah, I think it's going to be a little bit of trial and error.

Jenna Redfield 41:35

I think also, one thing I don't do and I showed is announce that you're going to go on,

Erika Cianciaruso 41:39

right. That's something that I told myself today, next time, the day before I should say, Hey, don't forget tomorrow at 8am

Jenna Redfield 41:46

I've seen people create Facebook events over live. Yeah, and

Erika Cianciaruso 41:51

you can get so detailed.

Jenna Redfield 41:52

Yeah, but I mean that helps people if it's like an actual maybe like a five day thing.

Erika Cianciaruso 42:00

webinar type of thing. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 42:01

Which again, I've never done webinar and I'm not a fan. Personally, I just had a number one. Hate they have to go on exactly a specific I don't know, it's just to me that like I'd rather just watch YouTube video then have to sit and wait for someone to jump on a webinar of them going through a slideshow. That's not me boring. I don't know. I just don't get them. And maybe it's because they're so old school that they've been around since like before YouTube, probably. Yeah, I think more people are shifting to the Facebook Lives. Yeah, lives and podcast. And I like those because you can also rewatch them with webinars. It's hard. I don't think you can really rewatch No,

Erika Cianciaruso 42:30

not unless they save the link or something. Yeah,

Jenna Redfield 42:33

there's only one webinar I think I ever watched that I really liked. But I wish I had been a YouTube video. So I,

Unknown Speaker 42:38

you know, is it?

Jenna Redfield 42:39

So and then Stacy talked a few times I'm trying to remember exactly. She talks about a lot of things. She also talked about. She talked about

Erika Cianciaruso 42:48

visibility when we

Jenna Redfield 42:48

Yes, she basically what she did she This is her third time doing the conference and we actually got to vote on the topics of visibility is one the other one was on building your team. Yes. Which I thought was interesting. I never really heard anyone talk about that before, but it wasn't really applicable. applicable to me right now. I'm here. So I was like good to know, for the future. But really, I really liked Stacy's talk, because she talked about

Erika Cianciaruso 43:12

I'm trying to remember exactly what you talked about. When she talked about a little bit of that mindset idea. She didn't limit she called it the limitless growth framework, where she broke it down into five steps, essentially your identity, your beliefs, your self talk, your behavior and your environment.

Jenna Redfield 43:28

Yes, very good. Another thing we didn't talk about, I don't know, I don't remember if this was Catherine, or Stacy, but it was talking about you're the average of the five people you hang around most with remember?

Erika Cianciaruso 43:38

Yeah. So that was part of Stacy's talking about when she got to the environment. Section. And that's Yeah, that's part of her five day challenge to that I'm doing right now. Yeah, basically, that your environment is super important. You know, and it's gonna affect your success as an entrepreneur, whether it's your family, your friends, your office space. Yeah, you know, and she had that was the exercise she had to do was write down five people that we spend the most time with, yes, and said that, you know, where are you? Are you top? Are you at the bottom? You know, you should be in the middle? Because you always want to learn from people.

Jenna Redfield 44:10

Yes. And you talked about that ladder? Was that what you talked about? Or like, there was like a huge, like, there's a five step thing where there's like, yes, identity. Because Okay, so after she, after my drive home from the conference, I started downloading all these podcasts. And she talked about a man named Jim Fortin, who was the guy that kind of came up with that or that she had learned it from. And so I typed his name in on iTunes. And I found that he had been interviewed by Melissa Griffin on her podcast, if you've ever listened that one called pursuit with purpose, so I listened to it. It was probably one of the best podcast episodes I've ever heard in my life maps, right that day, it was I'm going to share it in this podcast episode like notes. I wanted to share about it, I just haven't yet. And it is so good, because and this guy gets into real into the depths of he talked about habits a lot. It has more about that's Yeah, part of behaviors. And so yeah, so one thing he mentioned is, you know, why do so many people fail when they go to the gym in January, and then they just at the end of the month, or they're gone? It's because they don't self identify as someone that works out? Right. And so in order to actually get a habit to actually stick you have to identify that that is the type of person you are Yes. And that's the first step. And that's why like 85%, or 95%, of like habits that you're trying to do fail is because you don't believe it, right? I thought that was so that blew my mind, because I had never thought of it that way. And I go, oh my gosh, I always think this is something I have to do to become that way Exactly. your beliefs directly affect your behaviors.

Erika Cianciaruso 45:36

And so I was listening to this whole episode being like, Oh, my gosh, I have to listen to like five more times to get it in my head, right? and memorize this concept. Right? Which is why I think it was great like that we had this experience in person, yes, at this event. And then, you know, we both been listening to their podcasts following up on these speakers. And a lot of it is reiterating what we learned. But if you just hear something once or you really going to remember it, are you really going to take action? Maybe not you need to

Jenna Redfield 46:04

have it sink in. And that was what he literally said was repetition is what makes your brain believe it because it's so instant, right? That it's kind of like, like the Pavlovian effect where you hear something over and over. And then you have an instant reaction to that, right. And I think that that's something that I don't do is growing up, I always believed certain things about myself. And so then I would just kind of go into those patterns and those habits. And I realized over the last couple of weeks is I have to change my thinking in order to change my actions.

Unknown Speaker 46:36

Yes, definitely. That's step one. Hmm.

Jenna Redfield 46:39

Anything else that Stacy talked about that you try to I took, I took screenshots of like every single slide, so I'm like, I need to like look at those now. But it was so good. You guys, I I really got a lot out of this, which I wasn't I you know, we won tickets. So we weren't sure I wasn't sure much about this conference. I was like, yep, I'm going to go Yeah, see how it goes. And I definitely felt like it was definitely more of that mindset versus like strategy, which I liked.

Erika Cianciaruso 47:06

Yeah. Yeah. I thought it was a good mix. Yeah. And, I mean, they Yeah, I just really loved all of the speakers. I think Stacy did a great job choosing her guest speakers and was a great location. And yeah, you know, this, like, of course, we want the tickets. And I was crazy not to go. But this makes me more open for this sort of thing. And already, you know, with Twin Cities collective with the networking connecting Jenna and with Jenna and Lynette, you know, it's just there are a lot of opportunities here in the Twin Cities. And this makes me more excited to go into workshops, and just gives me a different mindset of how to approach them to like, one of the things we did at the beginning of this event was, we wrote down the intention, Stacy had us write down what are your intentions for this event? What do you want to get out of it? That's a good way to approach you know, everything that you do.

Jenna Redfield 47:54

And at the end, she also asked us like five things we do when we left. Did you remember that? Yeah. Well, we are. So did you run down now? It's now I was like the very last page.

Unknown Speaker 48:04

It was like the last day right? Okay. on

Jenna Redfield 48:06

whether I might have written more than five. Ok.

Erika Cianciaruso 48:10

Ok. Going to get personal up? No, I said I have to one of them was talked to my boss about reducing my teaching hours because that's one thing I want to do to focus more on my consulting career is do a little less fitness group classes. And I did that two days ago. So yeah, check that off my list. Nice.

And then I said, gain visibility. One live video per week, Yo, check.

read at least one article or watch a video relevant to my work per week. Check. Whether three morning routine with affirmation. Okay, I have not done this yet. I wrote down journaling. I don't know I might have to tweak that because I'm not a big journal person. But I have been I kind of tweaked these since I got home these five things that I will do in this quarter. I changed one to waking up one hour earlier.

Jenna Redfield 49:04

I like that.

Erika Cianciaruso 49:04

Yeah. That that. That has made a big difference. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 49:07

So I recommend if you haven't read it, reading the book, Miracle Morning. Oh, okay. It's a it talks about your morning routine. It talks about affirmations I read most of the book. I never finished books. That's like my shoes. I read like a third of my Okay, get the picture of what they're talking about my never finish it. But what I really liked about that is Yeah, it's it's getting super productive in the morning so that your rest of the day is just really good.

Erika Cianciaruso 49:28

Yeah, just like I've been taking it to just get organized, you know, like, figure out my to do lists kind of strategize how I'm going to use little pockets of time, because that's, that's what I do. I run around here, and they're all over the city all day.

Jenna Redfield 49:41

Yeah. And I think for me, I wrote that down to the morning routine. Was that the last one? You said? No. And

Erika Cianciaruso 49:46

I think I had one more that was to reallocate the hours from from teaching into my business, which that's gonna take a bit more time.

Jenna Redfield 49:56

Yeah, that's, that's more of a transition. You get like free time. Really? I

Erika Cianciaruso 50:00

did like, because this was goals for the next 90 days. And I already had four. So when that shows I need to maybe stretch my goals a bit.

Jenna Redfield 50:06

Yeah. And I think it's goals that you're doing every week to it's not like you're doing it once. Yeah,

Erika Cianciaruso 50:11

this is more of those habits, right and forming those habits

Jenna Redfield 50:14

to make it so I guess I can share mine. So the first ones I wrote down was redo my Pinterest because I am well, I need to read just like go through clear it out too. Because I'm not really using it as I should and also getting new content out there. second one was live Facebook videos haven't done that. means do that. record more YouTube videos. So for me, it's a lot of just coming up with video content. Because

Erika Cianciaruso 50:38

Yeah, that should have been one to for me write more content.

Jenna Redfield 50:42

Yeah. And then I then the next one was weekly videos and blog posts. So more just more content, I just don't produce enough content. And then the fifth one was getting headshots. I need to do that too. Yeah. And I have, like a few people in mind that I would use, but I that will help me with my website, because my website is so much more branded to my past business, which was all design. Yes. And now they're doing consulting, I want them to be a little bit more professional, and a little bit more.

Erika Cianciaruso 51:06

All of my headshots are me and sports brands, which is great for fitness not so

Jenna Redfield 51:10

great for the consulting side, but you still will be fun. Like you have a fun brand. Like it's very, like energetic and yes, I don't know. Yes. So I think of your brand. That's good. And then the other one is setup sales funnels. That was my other one. Because I have these blog posts, but there's nothing when you go to them. There's nothing to do once you're there. And they talked about how you should within your blog posts, like have calls to action.

Erika Cianciaruso 51:33

Yeah, yeah, calls to action are huge. And I need to do that with my website in general. There's Yes, nothing that I'm there's no opt in. There's nothing Oh, yeah. And I know that's that's another piece of the puzzle.

Jenna Redfield 51:42

Yeah. Well, that's I think that's everything that we did. Is there anything else from the conference we want to talk about?

Erika Cianciaruso 51:48

I don't think so. It was I think we should challenge you guys now to write your five Yes. Oh, that you will do

Jenna Redfield 51:54

call to action guys call to action. I think i think that i think the other thing I realized is how important it is to listen to podcasts. I know that sounds weird. But I was like, you know, all these people are giving out free advice on pod. Right?

Erika Cianciaruso 52:08

I feel like I think I told you this. So I just got a car a year ago now. Exactly. I never owned a car before. And so you know, for the first six months, I was driving in silence, literally no radio, just me. And my thoughts, which is great sometimes, but I was like, oh, man, and then I started with the Twin Cities, blogs and podcasts and they said oh, you know, I'm I'm not taking other time out of my day. It's just my 15 minute commute. You're in there. And and like I'm learning something, or I'm learning about somebody that I want to connect with. So why not?

Jenna Redfield 52:41

Yeah, and I think most of the ladies on here have a podcast or been on a podcast, I would say so if you want more about them, especially. Like Stacy, obviously she's the one that does this whole thing. And then you know, manifestation, baby. So Jen has one. Yes. I

Erika Cianciaruso 52:56

yeah. And then I think was coach glitter. I don't think she I think she does her Facebook Live. Yeah. Which you could watch that too. So you can follow her. But they've all been guests on a bunch of.

Jenna Redfield 53:06

And I think a lot of them have actually been guests on Stacy's podcast too recently. Yes, yes. Leading up to the conference, but correct. So okay, so finish up this this podcast episode. So talk a little bit more about like what you're doing now with your business. So you what, like, what's your goals for your consulting stuff? Ooh. So like, what are your like? Who are your ideal clients?

Erika Cianciaruso 53:27

My ideal clients are either small business owners within the fitness or wellness sphere. So that could be, you know, a studio owner. I'm usually working with women, but it's not like a deal breaker, just kind of organically gravitated to them. And then or could be like a wellness center. And it just, I just want it to be in that industry. Because that's the industry that I'm involved in.

Jenna Redfield 53:54

You know it. Yes, yeah. And I think Nietzschean to that really helps you exactly. I'd be like I can do social me anyone.

Erika Cianciaruso 54:00

Right? Exactly, exactly. Yeah. I want a niche. And I want it to be specifically for those types of people. But it could be people like that, you know, have no clue. They just want to set up their systems like you're helping people do. That could be people that say, Hey, I know I need to be on Facebook, I have one but it needs help, you know, can you take it over and manage it. So I'm like a one woman show right now, you know, what I do, too, is offline. I do a lot of offline social marketing, which is more of the community outreach and the event planning, which is something that I love to do as well. So for example, I just hosted, planned and hosted an event at Sava, which is a Healing Center, Healing Arts Center, and they're fantastic. And we just celebrated one year anniversary. So I put together sponsors, the whole program and plan and definitely that's that's an in person, alive event, but I love to do a little bit of both. So all of the social thing is my game. Very cool.

Jenna Redfield 55:00

And that's cool, because I think a lot of the fitness places they want people to know about them locally.

Erika Cianciaruso 55:05

Yeah. And what I've noticed is, yeah, they and they want help with a couple different things. Right? That that that relate to, you know,

Jenna Redfield 55:12

yeah, for sure. I think that's so true. So we are going to wrap this up right now, because we could talk forever, we could talk forever. And we did talk talk for five hours. We

Erika Cianciaruso 55:22

hope you guys are still listening. I know I

Jenna Redfield 55:24

this I think this is really good. Because I feel like if I hadn't, unfortunately, not everyone's able to go to the conference, because I did do a giveaway. And yes, and

Unknown Speaker 55:30

I was so surprised that I was

Jenna Redfield 55:32

it was kind of crazy. I was like, wait, that's crazy. So I was manifesting it guys. Exactly. And so. So if you guys weren't able to make it, or you didn't buy tickets to this conference, they do have it every year. Yes. If you lucky, if you want to go back, we're not like paid to talk about this. We just wanted I just thought it would be cool to talk about this.

Erika Cianciaruso 55:53

Yeah, I think like if you are an entrepreneur, you know whether you're starting out or you you've been in your business for a while, I think there is a lot of value to go to these types of events. You might think, Oh, am I there yet? in my career? Do I have enough money? Is it worth it? It's worth my time. You know, all of these women that were there speaking, they go to conferences. Yeah, they're part of, you know, mastermind groups, like they're always learning. That's how they're successful.

Jenna Redfield 56:20

Yeah. And I think it's also very motivational and in terms of being around other people that are doing well. And yeah, just having that community and meeting people that energy. Yeah, having having people that you have never met before. Like for me? I know a lot of the people in Twin Cities. I don't know anyone else anywhere else. Yeah, no, like, I didn't know anyone from Wisconsin,

Erika Cianciaruso 56:40

right? We just brought on network. And if you're an online entrepreneur, hey, you know, it's a win win.

Jenna Redfield 56:45

And so I went to the so the other one I recommend going to that I went to before was the women's like side business conference, and that is in Lake Geneva and think it's in March. Yeah. March, that one was about I think was like three or $400. And this one's 1000. So

Erika Cianciaruso 56:58

it's this one, though, comes with an online course.

Jenna Redfield 57:00

Yes. Yes. I didn't get it because

that makes sense. But you know, I think that a lot of people think that's a lot of money. But if it's going to kickstart you, and then you get $1,000 within like a month, I mean, exactly off, right. And I think that nothing compares to going in person.

Erika Cianciaruso 57:19

Yes. 100% I think that that made the difference.

Jenna Redfield 57:23

And I don't forget memory I'll have for a long time to you know, just going so it'll be cool. I'm wanting to go there's another conference this summer that I kind of want to go to is Jenna cultures in August. Oh, it's in Iowa. I'm Kat bar. I'm considering it. Oh, Trey. I know. So if anyone's interested, Alex, Stacy's going live right now I'm recording this. Um, so yeah. So thanks so much. How do we find you online? like where do we follow you?

Erika Cianciaruso 57:47

So you can follow me on Instagram? At Erica Marie. That's Erica with a K. Erica Marie underscore fit. And on Facebook for fitness is Erica Marie fitness. You'll find a lot of workouts, fitness inspiration, lots of fun, good stuff there. And then for the consulting. That's Erica Marie consulting, on Facebook, and website. Cool.

Jenna Redfield 58:11

Well, thanks so much, Erica, for coming.

Erika Cianciaruso 58:12

Yeah, thank you so much for having me. I loved it.

Jenna Redfield 58:15

Awesome. So thanks, guys, and we'll talk to you next week. Thanks for listening to the Twin Cities collective podcast with Jenna Redfield. Make sure to click subscribe if you haven't already. And make sure to leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks again for Ian at Studio Americana for producing this episode, as well as Melanie Lee for designing the podcast art and thanks to Nikolai had less for the use of the song in the intro outros. Thanks so much again, and I'll see you next time.