The New TCC Website, Branding Yourself & Announcing The TCC Circle

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The New TCC Website,  Branding Yourself & Announcing The TCC Circle

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Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives.

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Hey, guys, it's Jenna. Coming live to you from Studio American and Golden Valley. I run this podcast every single week. You can find us on Apple podcasts, Google Play Music, as well as we just added ourselves to Amazon Alexa through tune in. All you have to say is Alexa, play the Twin Cities collective podcast and it will get started. So if you haven't Alexa, and you're playing it out loud, it might have turned it on right now. But it was played the latest episodes. If you haven't listened to the latest episode, make sure to listen to it on Alexa so you can get the get the loud speaker part of it. So that's exciting. So we this month our topic is branding mindset. So what we did a year ago was the topic was just branding, we talked about, you know, web design, graphic design, all of that. But I really want to talk a more about behind the graphics like what is your brand? Are you living your brand? Are you? Are you understanding your purpose for your business or your brand? And how are you displaying that, not just in your graphics, but also in your messaging, because half of branding is sure it's the design. But the other half is the messages and maybe the copy that you use, or basically what people think about you when they think about your brand. And there's some really awesome brands inside of Twin Cities collective that have really made themselves very consistent in what they do. And consistency is so so so important for our brand. And I think that's something that we've done really well at Twin Cities collective, is have a consistent brand. When it comes to our colors, our style guide. Basically how we deliver everything has been very consistent. And I think that that is so powerful. I actually posted on my personal Instagram last week. And it was a quote that I had found on Pinterest, which I always love going and finding quotes on Pinterest. And if you're like me, but got a lot of likes, because I don't I don't really use my personal Instagram for my brand is more just my personal account. But the quote was success doesn't come from what you do. Occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. And I do believe that is the reason behind this collective success. A lot of people they start a business or start a brand. And they just if within the first month or two it doesn't do as well as they expect, which, you know, first few months first year of a business, it's not going to do as well as you think because it's so new and no one knows about it. And a lot of people just give up, they they basically say, Oh, this isn't working, there must be something wrong, I'm just not going to do this anymore. I do believe that that's why a lot of twin cities, collective type groups in the Twin Cities haven't survived is because, you know, it's, it's something that there's a great idea behind it. But if they don't get that consistency, and they feel like they don't get the result right away, they just give up and try something else. So for me, I kind of just wanted to keep it going. And that's I think why it's been so successful, I could have given up on to this collective within the first few months, and obviously wasn't making any money. It was just kind of slowly building. But I think that having something that is a long term goal, which I think I knew from the get go that 20th collective was going to be a long term project. I think that that's really what has helped us. So we are talking about branding this month.

Last week, we had Yasmina Bertha, and she was talking all about your mindset, and how you think about yourself and your business. And I really want to have more of those people on and I have a few people in mind that I'm going to interview. In addition to that, I do want to talk about the branding side. And by doing that, we're actually going to have a branding workshop. That is going to be on June 27th. It is from six to 8pm. And I want to talk a little bit about what that's going to involve. So that is going to be led by my friend Melanie Melanie Lee from a mobility designs. She's the one who created all of our podcasts, artwork, our podcast cover. She has been a good friend of mine for a few years now. And she is an amazing graphic and brand designer. And when she said she would work on our website, I was so excited because her websites on Squarespace are super beautiful and amazing. And not just that, but they also make sense there. The layout of them makes sense. So if you're listening to this on June 12, or after which this comes out on June 12, I'm really excited to to say we have a brand new twins collective website. And so this podcast is the first episode that we're going to have Since launching that. So if you haven't been to the new website yet, I recommend maybe after listening to this podcast, or if you're on a computer right now, go to Twin Cities collective calm and check it out. It looks so amazing. It has so many new things that are coming and I want to talk a little bit about those. But before I do that, I did want to talk a little bit about what is branding, how to get your brand put together. Also, just a few things about we're going to talk about the workshop. So there's a few things I want to mention. So the first thing I want to say is, if you are not a branding expert, I highly highly, highly recommend hiring someone. Branding is not something that I feel very comfortable doing myself when it comes to our logo when it comes to choosing colors when it comes to fonts. And just building that style guide. I ended up basically outsourcing that for Twin Cities collective to my friend Alan Murray design, who is an amazing branding designer. She has such a an eye for design, she has a really great system. She works with people like me all the time. And it was great for me to actually think about what brand do I want to present for Wednesday's collective one thing I really focused on was the fact that I wanted it to be unisex in a way. So it's not girly, because there are guys in this group, I did want to focus on the fact that this is a Minnesota themed group. So I kind of thought more, you know, cavaney up north woods, the kind of like the Minnesota colors, there's so many trees around here. So we picked green as our main color. Because I thought that was gender neutral, I thought it was a good color. So we have a dark green and a light green. We also have some variations of our logo, that way I can use it on social, I can use it for a lot of different things. So having those options having the the fonts selected for me. So I use those on everything. That way, it just makes it so much more simple for me to create graphics on my own, it makes it simpler for me to keep that brand consistent. So we are going to be talking all about that at the branding workshop. And if you can't afford a branding designer right now, and you want to design it yourself, I really highly recommend coming to this workshop, because you'll be able to understand some of the basics of branding and what it is. And again, it's not just the graphic, it is the entire message that your brand is sending. So Melanie has a personal brand personality free download, you can get on her website, and we will actually have that in the link to this podcast. And you can actually find out who your brand personality is.

So we're going to be talking about that at the workshop, we're going to be walking through what branding is and isn't, I'm not gonna talk too much about the workshop because I want you to go to it. And I don't want to spoil everything that's going to be talked about. But again, it is going to be on June 27 here at Studio co work. And I really recommend you going especially if the word branding, just you don't even know what that is, this is going to be like a crash course on why it's important, what it is how you can make your brand stand out how you communicate your story. So I will have the links to the tickets in the description of this podcast, I really recommend you going. Melanie is an amazing, amazing designer. And just even meeting her is like such a uplifting experience. So if you want to come meet her, maybe learn more about her business, make sure to grab tickets. So I also wanted to talk about branding mindset. So mindset is something that I've really, really started learning more about and really want to focus maybe the rest of the year of rest of next year on learning about how what you think and believe fits into your brand. I went to this conference, I mentioned it on the podcast with Erica few weeks ago in Milwaukee. And there was a woman there who basically talked about manifestation. We talked about it last week on the podcast. And basically, it's all about the way that you think it's all about what you believe about yourself and about the world and about your potential. She talked to got a few things like affirmations. So hearing those words that are strong and something that you feel like you fit into vibrations, which is basically like, What level are you at in terms of your mindset, and how to raise the vibrations with nature, that basically means like raising your happiness levels. And then finally, the law of attraction. So like, like attracts like to get maybe your clients or people in your life. So how you act attracts the right people. So those are a few things that I would love to cover in this month podcast is just some of the things that your mindset affects your brand. Because if you're not happy, and you're not fully involved in your brand, no one is going to see you as a real business or brand. Because they're like, Oh, this person looks like they're putting on a front or Oh, this doesn't seem genuine. So you definitely want to actually live up to your potential brand. So that's a few things we're going to talk about this month. Also, I did want to swing back to the website. So if you if you're on the website, now you'll see a few differences, obviously, just in the overall aesthetics of the website, everything has stayed the same in terms of like the colors and everything, but it just looks way better. There are some updates to the website I did want to mention. So one of them is actually our new sponsorship updates. So for the longest time, I've always struggled with telling people how they can promote themselves in terms of being a sponsor for our workshops, events, and our podcast. So we've actually come up with a new level system of sponsorships. And the final names of these will be up at this time, but I haven't quite named them yet. But there's gonna be three tiers, there's going to be a tier one, which is going to be the main sponsorship. So this is if you want to sponsor an event or a podcast, you can actually do both. So basically what what you get is for the event, you will get a sponsor slideshow. So you'll have your logo and your branding on the slideshow during before the event, you will get an Instagram story shout out as our main sponsor for the event, we also get a logo on our event page on the website. So when people are buying tickets, they can see your logo, it will be bigger than any of the other sponsors. So this is like a main sponsor, selection for being a sponsor. In addition to that, if you purchase this sponsorship for one event, you'll also get a podcast ad. So you'll get a one minute ad in the middle of our podcast, you'll get your logo again on our show notes and on the podcast app, so you'll it'll show up in our notes. So that is going to be tier one, the next one is gonna be a little bit smaller. So this is going to be there's going to be up to five people at each event that can get a second tier. So that the podcast perks is you get a sponsored by line at the beginning of the podcast, you won't get a full ad, but we will shout out your business and maybe a sentence or two about what you do. Again, logos on the blog show notes as well. And for the events, you will get on the slideshow for the sponsors, you will get an Instagram story shout out and logos on the event page. So it'll be a little bit smaller than the main sponsor. And then finally, we

have a third tier which is going to be just an event sponsor. So this is someone who is interested in volunteering, whether it's like highlighting our like our members through their products, event spaces and services in exchange for promotion and our events workshop in social media. So if you want to donate in event space, if you want to donate products for giveaway, or if you want to donate your services like volunteering, photography and video, you can actually do that. So this is going to be the so this is not going to be something that's paid, so you don't have to pay but it is giving more of the service. In exchange, you will getting a sponsor slideshow logo at the event, you will also get an Instagram story shout out and a logo on our event page. So nothing with the podcast. But this is just event only. So basically, again, what I mentioned, you giveaway items, photo and video services. And if you want to give away an event space or something for us to host an event. So that is the third tier of event sponsors. So if you're interested, you can go to the promote your business section on our website, and that will have all that information. This is just an easy way for me to make it clear like what you can do to promote your business at our events, I just never had it very clear before and you can sign up to be a sponsor, if you would like to. And this way, it'll be so much easier for me and for us. Another thing I did want to talk about. So that's the first update to the website. A second one is we're actually kind of changing how the podcast is laid out and how we named the podcast, I actually put a Instagram story. I guess it was a poll last week and I said Hey, does it matter to you if we put the name of the person in the podcast title? And most of you said No, I'd rather know about the topic. So we are renaming a lot of our podcast episodes, to really focus on the topic and not who the person is will still obviously have the photo of the person and have their your Instagram handle in the description and in the subtitle and everything, it's just not going to be the main title. This way. It's easier when you go to the website to find exactly what kind of topics you're looking for. So it's not like a super, super long title. And you're like, what is this really about? It's really getting to the core of the title. And I feel like that actually makes more sense to me, coming from a podcast listener, I'd rather learn about the topic and then eventually learn about whoever's talking about it then be like, Oh, I need to learn about the person first. But I still want to figure out the best way to do that. It's all about learning from you guys. And I every single day I like try to put out a poll, because I'm like, I really don't know what people want. And it's always very surprising to me. So that is the second major update on the website. We also have some other things like events page, we're going to be redoing that, obviously an updated about page. Let's see, we're getting rid of a few things, but still keeping a few things. So one thing that we are not promoting as much as our resources page, that is going to be something that is going to be hidden, we can have it maybe on the bottom, but it's not going to be in the main. That's basically all of our like, you know, conference and meeting rooms, all of that stuff, I will be able to send it to you if you're interested in some of those, but they're not going to be on the main page. Another thing that we're redoing is, instead of having two different downloads as our freebies, we're just going to have an Instagram,

we're going to have an Instagram starter kit download. So this is going to include our Instagram hashtag guide, our Instagram story, icon downloads, and a brand new thing, which is top 10 apps to use for Instagram stories. So if you want to download if you have only downloaded one of the other, you can go there and download our free Instagram's starter kit, which is our new freebie. So that's going to be really exciting for us to have as one download, and you get a bunch of things with it, if you sign up for it. That way, instead of having two different things to download, it's all going to be in one. So And the final thing I want to talk about, it's not on the website yet. And this is something I've never announced, this is a brand new thing that we are launching in July. And that is the announcement of the Twin Cities collective circle membership. This is something that I've wanted for a long time. And it's something that I finally feel like we're we're there to launch a membership. Basically what the is, is you and I'm not gonna share too much about it, because I feel like we might have another launch announcement later. But basically, it's going to be a paid membership, where you get a lot of awesome perks that you get, in addition to what you currently get iTunes, this collective, it's going to be a lot of in person things, it's going to be a lot of online things, it's going to be just the best small group of twins as collective members, a lot more time with me a lot more time growing with each other. We are going to be launching that in July. And I just wanted to share that that's coming all out more information on that will be coming soon, I think we're going to probably talk about it at the branding workshop. So if you want to come to that and hear like the first details about the Twin Cities collective circle, make sure to come to that I really liked the name circle, we were Melanie and I were kind of thinking of names for it. And I really like the fact that it's a circle. It's, it's I love the fact that starts with the sea. So it goes on audiences collective. But I also love the fact that it's like join the circle, it's part it's basically a similar word to collective, it's, it's something where we're all part of it. No one's above each other. It's not like it's a society or anything that's it's very, it's very inclusive, I love the idea of a circle. So it's gonna be called the Twin Cities collective circle. This is going to really upgrade Twin Cities collective from just being a networking group, to being an actual membership organization where we actually feel like we can give way more resources than we even do already. And I cannot wait, there's so many potential things for twins is collective circle to do, I will have way more time to post and even do what I do now, which is on a very part time basis, I'll be able to, you know, work with people do masterminds do all those kind of things that I wanted to do originally. But because of everything was free, it was hard for me to spend the time doing, because this is a paid group, I will be able to spend way, way more time helping people and getting them and their businesses as good as they possibly can be. So I'm really excited about it. I hope you guys are too I think that this is going to be the biggest step we've taken as Wednesday's collective since I probably launched and maybe maybe launching the podcast was a big step too. But I think launching a membership is going to be an amazing, amazing thing. So hope you guys are excited for that more information will be coming soon, including pricing, and all of that. So that's going to be very, very, very, very, very, very, very exciting. So kind of summing everything up. We have new website, we have branding. And actually we also have the Instagram growth workshop tomorrow, it's our fourth one of that. If you haven't gotten tickets, I think they're probably if there's if it hasn't sold out yet, there might be a few left. We hope to do more of those obviously, it's going to be one of our one of our classic workshops is the Instagram growth. Every time I put one on more more people want to come to it. So it's going to be something I keep doing. And I think a lot of people really get a lot out of that. Our branding workshop again with Melanie is on the 27th you can get tickets on our website, our brand new website, and it has all that information. Really, guys, I think you should come to this if you don't understand branding, if you don't understand messaging, if you're brand new your business and you really don't even know what your website is supposed to look like. Make sure to come to this it's going to be really great. Melanie's awesome you should go to my ability designs com and like be super impressed by her website because she just designed such amazing things. Um, I think that's going to be it for today. So I hope to get some awesome guests this month. I have a few people in mind that do branding or do mindset things. And I think that they're going to be awesome, and I hope you guys enjoyed them. So thanks guys so much for listening to me today and I'll talk to you soon.

Thanks for listening to the Twin Cities collective podcast with Jenna Redfield. Make sure to click subscribe if you haven't already. And make sure to leave us a review on iTunes tunes. Thanks again for EN at Studio Americana for producing this episode as well as Melanie Lee for designing the podcast art and thanks to Nikolai had less for the use of the song in the intros outros. Thanks so much again and I'll see you next time