Empowerment, Getting Your Book Published, & Confidence in your Personal Brand

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Empowerment, Getting Your Book Published, & Confidence in your Personal Brand with Stefanie Peters

About Stefanie

Stefanie Peters is a national speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur.  She started her first business at the age of eighteen while attending high school. She shattered the glass ceiling and became the youngest female executive in one of the fastest growing companies in North America.  Stefanie was determined to help women, like herself, find financial freedom and independence.  As her movement grew, she founded Lady Boss Empire; an empowerment platform and resource center for female entrepreneurs. Besides building multiple businesses, she is the host of The Boss Life Podcast, creator of the online course The Boss Life Blueprint, certified John C Maxwell coach, and a savvy real estate investor.

IG - www.instagram.com/ladyboss_sp


Jenna Redfield is the leader of the Twin Cities Collective, the largest resource in the Twin Cities for bloggers, small business, entrepreneurs & creatives.

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Hey, guys, welcome to 20 seconds podcast. I'm your host, Jenna Redfield. We're in kind of a new location today. It's kind of been flipped around if you're watching on camera. But we're still back in studio America. And I'm here with my guest, Stephanie Peters. Welcome. Hello. Great to be here. Thanks for the invite. No problem. I was like, Oh, I would love to have Stephanie on this month. We're talking about branding. And you kind of have like this awesome brand that you built. So can you kind of introduce yourself and what you do?

Stefanie Peters 1:27

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, I actually am an entrepreneur. I'm a keynote speaker, author, and I love helping women in business really up level their A game. That's what I am so passionate about. Yeah.

Jenna Redfield 1:43

And so how did you get started on your empire that you run?

Stefanie Peters 1:47

Yes. Well, I founded lady boss Empire, which is a faith based empowerment platform and Resource Center for Women. So actually, when I was 18 years old, I knew that I didn't want to work for the man, I didn't want to trade hours free dollars. And I didn't really want to join the 40 6040 club where you work for 40 years, 60 hours a week. And then you retire on 40% of the income that most can't even live on in the first place. You know, I wanted freedom options. And I really wanted to breathe life into people that they could live out their God given potential. So I actually started training and coaching for Dale Carnegie. And that was really fun, because I went there at 17. And when I graduated from that, they asked me to come back as a coach. And as I was really helping people just put my arm around giving them the tools and the resources. I remember a specific day where this gal Mary came into Dale Carnegie and she just looked like she was as timid as a mouse, and just didn't have much self confidence. And she just she looked like she didn't want to be there at all. And so anyways, I just put my arm around her literally, just as like, you know what, Mary, you you've got everything it takes, you know, I know that you're probably not really excited about being here. But let's just team up in the next handful of weeks. And I know you're going to rock that like last speech. And she's like, I, I feel like I'm gonna I'd rather die than speak in front of people. And I said, girlfriend, I feel you, I've been there. But I will just tell you when you step outside of your comfort zone, that is where that zone of genius can be. And so we work together. And 12 weeks later, she still had a heck of a lot of ways to go. But she owned the stage. And when I saw like the light in her eyes that she was feeling so much better about even herself as a person. That's when I knew no matter what I do in life, I want to empower people in that zone of genius and that confidence. And so from there, fast forward, at the age of 18, I actually decided to partner with an Inc 500 company that teaches on total wellness, and was really, really enjoying it helping people really break through in that total wellness concept, physical, financial, personal environmental. But then, about six years into the game. One of my girlfriends sat down with me over coffee, and she said, Stephanie, I want to make more than just a paycheck. I want to be purposeful. And I said girl, like what's holding you back. And she's like, well, a paycheck. And I said, girlfriend, I've helped many women, you know, walk away from that full time job, let's team up, I'll put together a game plan, go team. So we did. And within six months, she was able to walk away from her full time job. But when I flew out and did a keynote leadership talk out in New Jersey, I flew her out with me. And she said, Stephanie, you've helped me so much financially. But the woman that I have become on the way to the goal is priceless. And that is when the light bulb went on. I need to teach this on a larger scale to women. And that's where lady boss Empire was born.

Jenna Redfield 5:00

Wow. And so you kind of decided to create, like, it was like a community Really? Yeah, absolutely. women that are wanting to become entrepreneurs, basically.

Stefanie Peters 5:11

Yes, yes. And give them a lot of resources. We do anywhere from like, unleash your lady boss. Life seminars, we do success seminars, goals, dreams and attitude seminars. And then we've partnered up with amazing women like cursor Rasmussen, from Fox nine news and other like beautiful, high level influencers that works synergistically with what we have to offer, because we can't be an expert in every zone. And then we just say, then we endorse those other courses. And then they endorse ours. And I love collaborating with like minded women. That's what makes I think our platform so strong,

Jenna Redfield 5:44

cool. So how did you come up with the name lady boss Empire? It's very, like strong.

Stefanie Peters 5:51

Well, actually, we were brainstorming after we went out to New Jersey, with my girlfriend, and she's like, we need we need something. She's like, exactly that we did something strong. And I'm like, Yeah, she's like, I like boss. And I'm like, Yeah, but we want it to be feminine. And like all like game on engine. So she's like, Well, what about lady boss? I'm like, yeah, and then. And then she had recommended, like a couple of other things that were similar to Empire. And I'm like, Empire, she's like, done.

Unknown Speaker 6:21

So that's, that's

Unknown Speaker 6:23

a brainstorm session. Oh, absolutely. With some of my best.

Jenna Redfield 6:27

So so we want to talk about branding this month, and you branded yourself, what do you call yourself? Like the leader of it? Are you like the lead? A lot, a lot of girls will call me the lady. But

Stefanie Peters 6:39

that's kind of cool to like, be like, how do you like, personify that with yourself? Like, how do you become that brand? Well, you know, really, I struggled with my self confidence early on in the game. And that's actually why I went to Dale Carnegie. And when they taught me a lot of the principles of, you know, even just African, and all those types of things. And you know, even though kind of like it, I don't like the term, fake it till you make it, but really putting yourself even when you aren't comfortable in a certain situation, put yourself there, because that's the only way that you're going to grow into it.

Jenna Redfield 7:14

That's so true. Because I think, yeah, we've actually talked about on the podcast before that we don't like fake it till you make it. And it's because it's, you're faking it. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, you have to become that person. I think that's so important. So, so you kind of have decided to build a brand around another name and not yourself. But you're kind of trying to do both, right? Correct. Correct.

Stefanie Peters 7:32

So Stephanie Peters is a brand and herself, because, you know, I do keynote leadership talks, and I am the host of the boss life podcast, and that type of thing. But this is just such a great outlet. And it's an extension to my brand, that can really bring women together. And I think, you know, obviously, together, we are so much stronger. Yeah. It's just, it's, it's epic. Like, it's been so fun to really ask women, what is your ultimate end all be all goal. And let's reverse engineer it. Put together a game plan and then let me put together a plan for you. And then it's not you go do it. It's let's go do it as a team. Yeah. Which is huge.

Jenna Redfield 8:16

Yeah. So how have you been impacted by working with others? Like, because I think that's a huge part of Tennessee's collective to is like building that community? And when like, what, like I guess what is kind of that look like for your business?

Stefanie Peters 8:27

Well, Jenna, I have to say like, shout out to you.

Because honestly, like to even watch your growth from when I became aware of the brand to now, it is just exponentially growing. Yeah. And I think, you know, at the beginning of my business, honestly, I was like, if you aren't Taipei get her done. Like, like, lady boss, I'm like, we love you from a distance. Like those people would kind of like really bug me to be honest. And now like, I love and embrace people from all different walks of life, because honestly, the some of those people that I never would, quote unquote, affiliate with 10 years ago are like literally some of my best friends and have taught me so much about business about life. And when you can just take a little bit more time and give people the benefit of doubt take down like the preconceived notions of who you think they are. There are like boundless, like, miracles in that that person?

Jenna Redfield 9:31

Yeah, I think like sometimes people only, like, if you have to have a certain number of Instagram followers, and then I write to you like, I'm like, What?

Stefanie Peters 9:40

Excuse me, we're all human being like,

Jenna Redfield 9:42

I just have saved my roommate doesn't even have an answer. It's just like, I think that's so weird. Like, I feel like there's certain people where it's like, oh, I unless you have this. I won't like, schedule a meeting with you. And I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 9:53

Okay, yeah, that's the kind of person I want. Exactly. Not Not my tribe.

Jenna Redfield 9:58

And it's cool, though, because I I've been really thinking about this lately is like, like attracts like, yes. And I think that you've attracted to people that like, connect with you. So how have you done that? Like, how have you put yourself out there and marketed your business?

Stefanie Peters 10:12

Yeah, we have a lot of different empowerment events. And that's been a huge game changer. Because when you can really are in I speak at a lot of different events. And a lot of times they asked, Well, how can I connect with you, and then we give them the resources. And so like, even we have an upcoming, I'm super excited about this, I have a book, unleash your lady boss, which is the 10 keys to unlock your ultimate life and ignite the greatness within. And that's been a huge tool for a lot of women that wouldn't normally probably connect with me. But once they read it, they're like, Oh, my gosh, this girl gets me. And then from there, it's just been fun. How they reach out to me organically.

Jenna Redfield 10:49

Yeah. Do you think like having because I've always I know it sounds weird. I've like I would I would love to write a book at some point. I think you should. I like I've been thinking about it more lately. I was like, there's so many. There's so many easy ways to get published, for whatever. And like, you can go on Amazon and everything. I just don't really like writing that much. So maybe I could just talk to someone they write for.

Stefanie Peters 11:09

We can check it out, like, hey, like offline, I will tell you and just side Yeah, I actually am putting together an event in Paris next year.

Unknown Speaker 11:17

My god, it's called ran

Stefanie Peters 11:18

like a boss. And it's going to help you know, people that want to step into that influencer space, you're already in that place. But to really help them if they do want to write a book, how to how to write it, how to make it a bestseller. Do you want to do self publishing? Great.

Jenna Redfield 11:33

I would love to go to a class on that you should do in here too. We could love to go to that. Because I think there's there's a lot of like us influencers around Yeah, I think would have great stories. And even people I've interviewed on the podcast. I'm like, I would read your book. Yeah. Because I think even just from the podcast, so that's 40 minutes or whatever. I think you have such a great story. And I love reading books. I just don't have time to Yeah, like I really connect with a lot of the themes that people write about. And I think that Oh, yeah.

Stefanie Peters 12:00

And as here's kind of more of like biography. It talks a lot about my stories, but also stories of different women. And then what I love the most about it is that there is calls to action. So how can I actually apply it? Because you can you can walk away with all this inspiration, but the next day, it's like, okay, now what? And so even as so many women, actually the feedback that I got from the book is, I love it, I love the calls to action, can we have a build out of like the community going through this together as a tribe. And so that is actually what I'm going to be launching this fall. It's called the boss life blueprint. And it's an online course to really help women to get crystal clear on what their goals are, what they want to achieve, where they want to go, and how to back them up with a Power Hour, a daily mode of operation a dream routine to set them up for success in whatever business they have. That's great. I

Jenna Redfield 12:53

love the fact that it's not like, Oh, this is for photographers. for everyone. Yeah.

Stefanie Peters 12:58

Yeah. Just like your course. Like when I when I came a couple days ago to your Instagram, oh my gosh, that my soul on fire. freaking amazing thing. And I think having those resources for women from all different walks of life, I think is where it's at. And that's where you never know where those people that show up to those events. Gonna go?

Jenna Redfield 13:18

Yeah, I know. And I it's funny, because like, some of them, I'd never even heard of their Instagram. So I was like, you're literally a stranger to me. Some of them. I was like, Oh, I think I follow you. But like, Yeah, I got I never, I think you are one of the only people I've actually met before. So like a lot of those people I didn't know. So that is so cool. It was really I thought this this session was really great. I kind of redid my PowerPoint, everything, I think if you didn't want a better, but I think there were a lot of great questions that were asked. And I think people are very invested in learning about, like, how to build their own brand on Instagram. And that's to me, like, I've kind of just become I guess known for doing Instagram. Like, that's just kind of like locally, that's like what I teach. And that's like, our Instagram is like getting more well known. So it's just like, that's kind of my I guess, zone of genius, as you mentioned. So what is your main zone of genius? Is it empowerment, what it what is like the main thing that you like, say that you are, I would say the main thing that I am is, is empowerment, getting people to the place that they can start to believe in themselves, because that's where it starts. If you don't believe in yourself, you can have the best content, you can have the best brand, but if you don't believe in your own message, it will go nowhere. Super fast. So true. And I think, you know, I asked a long time ago What, what what topics people struggled with? and confidence is one of them. Yeah. And I think it's because people don't take themselves seriously and their businesses and they're afraid that if they post, like on their Facebook, that they're starting a business, their families just going to be like, Oh, that's happened.

Stefanie Peters 14:41

Yeah. Which I don't get why families do that. Families. You shouldn't do that. Yeah, and even even close friends. And yeah, that's why I am always advocating for look around, you know, your their five closest friends, because you are a combination of your five closest friends. Yeah, the books the read in the places that you go to guard that with your life.

Jenna Redfield 15:02

Yes. I totally agree with that. Because I am very much influenced by the people around me. And I think, yeah, like you have to kind of that's why Lately, I've been kind of reaching out to people that are even, I guess, higher than me in terms of maybe success because I'm like, if I'm hanging around people that are maybe at a more beginner stage, I'm going to be in that mentality all the time. True story. So it's like, I need to be more inspired by people that have done it ahead of me. Yeah. And that's something I'm starting to do more. And I'm actually like, reaching out like, like cold reaching out saying, Hey, can I meet with you? Yeah. I don't need anything from you. I just want to talk. Yeah, I just want to like learn your story apps. I'm not looking for any advice. I just want to like meet you. Yeah, like,

Stefanie Peters 15:42

feel your presence around me. And honestly, that is how I started my business. And a lot of people even will ask me to date like, How the heck did you connect with this person? Yeah, it's so funny. So I this this is, this is hilarious. So I had at my book launch that I had at the Mall of America a couple years ago, I was like, Okay, if women are wanting to come to a women's empowerment event, what else would be attractive to them? And a lot of women love fashion, fine family, fitness, all that kind of stuff. So I'm like, okay, so if a lot of women are really excited about fashion, I want to have like, the ultimate fashion show. So So I was thinking, Okay, I could have that kind of an intermission because we have a handful of other women's speakers. And and just like rock it out. So I was thinking to myself, okay, who who are some people? Or what are some brands that I would love to have sponsor the event? And I was like, Oh, I'd love for a and and I was thinking who would be the ultimate people? Well, Victoria Secret would be super cool. Or let's say Calvin Klein, or fab Latics with Kate Hudson. And I was like, really thinking outside the box. And then, like, this little voice was like, Who the heck do you think you are? Do you have any connections with that? And I was like, nope. But I will, because I'm a lady by so that's what you have to start telling. Yes.

Jenna Redfield 17:01

So how do you I guess you said that you had that confidence issues when you were like 17? Like what? I guess what, what did Dale Carnegie teach you about like those negative self talk? Because I feel like affirmations is so important for like replacing your negative self talk. How do you like? How do you like, get out of that? where you're like, Oh, I don't know anyone. So it's not gonna work? Because I feel that way a lot. I'm like, Yeah, I when I reach out to them, they're not gonna want to work with

Stefanie Peters 17:25

Well, I actually, I teach on this quite a bit about the fixed mindset or the mindset. And very aware of that, because the fixed mindset says, Okay, I don't know anyone in my circle of influence that that would like, or even Okay, so I'll just go back to my story with with what happened at the event. So I was like, okay, who would be high level influencers? Or who would be great sponsors, whatever, I had all these negative, this, all this negative doubt, just be like, why are you reaching out to that high level blogger, she's never going to want to Well, she actually showed up, or So anyways, I walked into the first store, and the gal at Victoria's Secret, I just pitched her on the idea. I said, Hey, we're having a really big women's empowerment event, I'm doing a book launch. I'd love to give exposure to your brand, and just really bring a lot of people to your store after the event. And she looked at me and she's like, Are you kidding me? She's like, we've got the angels were fine. I could have completely shrunk at that point, and been like, Oh, my gosh, you're an idiot. Why did you even ask? I walked out of there. And I'm like, well, that went differently in my head. But then I literally was like, You know what? They weren't a sponsor before. They aren't a sponsor now. So I'm like, what, what do I want to choose? Do I want to choose the fixed mindset or the growth mindset, I said, get your butt in the next door. So the next door that I stepped into was Calvin Klein did the exact same thing. said, Hi, my name is Stephanie Peters, I'm having a women's empowerment event called unleash your lady boss. And I'm going to be launching my best selling book there. And she looked at me kind of like the same thing. She's like, Well, we've never done anything like that. But I'll ask a manager. And I was like, Oh, boy, that went well. So I walked out, gave her my number. within two hours, she texts me and she said, My manager is all in, we're going to give water bottles to all the women there, we're going to sponsor the fashion event will give all the women's outfits and she just like literally I the doors of heavens. But if I would have stopped at Victoria's Secret, I doors would have never opened with Calvin Klein. And now they sponsor a lot of events to date.

Jenna Redfield 19:35

Nice. That's awesome that you are able to just go and do that. That sounds like a different ending to me. So that's crazy. Okay,

Stefanie Peters 19:42

well, here, here's the here's an idea. And I teach this, I tell the women that I work with go boss, bold, and bold is an acronym. So B stands for burn it, burn the lives of why you can't be successful, why you can't reach out to people. And I actually, like we have vision board get togethers. The next one that we have going on is July 15, where at first before we do a vision board get together because I used to do a vision board get togethers and just you know, said Okay, put all these visions on your board will walk through exactly how to do it. And people were getting results. But there was still like something that was holding them back. So I came up with the idea I was struggling eternally with some different things that were happening last summer for me. And I'm like, this is ridiculous. I can't get out of my own head. I can't get out of my own way. How can I get rid of this junk in my head because I'm usually a very action oriented person. So I wrote down all the lies that were going on in my head, like, you don't have what it takes, you're not enough, you don't have the connections, all that crap and all that junk. Then on the flip side, I said, Okay, you know what this is, this is not me, this is not serving me. Here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to write out the exact opposite. And all the ways that I want to feel I am more than enough. I am completely capable in Christ. And then for me, I had scriptures that actually backed it up. So then I cut the I actually did a Facebook Live on this, it was ridiculous. But I cut the piece of paper in half. And on one side, I posted all of those on my bathroom mirror of all the truth in the scriptures to back me up. And then on the other side, I literally was at the lake, I was so fed up, I literally lit it on fire on Facebook, and I said here's the deal, guys.

Jenna Redfield 21:27

Wow, that's that's a way to do it.

Stefanie Peters 21:31

It's very symbolic. And so that's what we do with our vision board get togethers, we burn the lies, we write the truth, and we post them so but girlboss bold, B stands for burn it burn the lies of why you can't be successful. O stands for Own your power. You are the only person that can propel yourself forward or hold yourself back. And then L stands for lead lead with heart and hustle. Because, you know, the the way my mantra is work, like everything depends on you. And pray like everything depends on God. Because it does, and then D dominate your doubts. those doubts will creep in. There's going to be people that try to hold you back. There's going to be situations that try to hold you back. Life happens as you and I both know. And that's when you just bless and release it and say this is all happening for me, not to me.

Jenna Redfield 22:26

That's great. I like that you have that acronym. And it's easy for you to say that, you know, yeah. So going back to kind of like your business and growing it. So you've kind of you've you've probably hired people on and has How has that been for that?

Stefanie Peters 22:40

Yeah. So I actually I remember sitting at a, it was a leadership event quite a few years ago. And the guy asked, What is the one thing that if you mastered it would make everything else easier. And the first thing that I thought of is I that it wasn't branding wasn't as big back then. But I saw the trends. And I said branding. I need to brand myself, but literally Jenna. I was like scared.

I was and people are like Yeah, right. I'm like no, for reals.

It was very nerve wracking. But I reached out to one of my girlfriends. And I said, I need a website. I don't even like and then I said, Okay, I need now that my spaces like when I saw there was something there. And then when people started to transition over to the next platform and the next platform, I was like I have got to bring in myself, I but I don't know how to do that. So I hired her for the website, I had hired a brand person I hired just also like a virtual assistant that would just like help me with like a lot of the behind the scenes type of stuff. Because I knew I couldn't do it all by myself. And then like that's when things started really, really like exploded. And now 80% of my leads come from Facebook or Instagram. Wow. That's amazing.

Jenna Redfield 24:05

Yeah. I mean, so what are you doing on those platforms? Like, are you because we talked about this on the podcast, he was like social media marketing and like how you get your name out there and all that stuff. So how are you connecting with everyone? Are you do you said you do Facebook Lives? Yeah, to kind of do things on Instagram as well?

Stefanie Peters 24:21

Yeah, yeah, I don't I actually have never done a live on Instagram. But I do a lot and the stories story are,

Unknown Speaker 24:28

you know,

Jenna Redfield 24:31

I use them all the time. I use them on my personal and my madness all the time. Yeah.

Stefanie Peters 24:35

And I think it's just really great. Because, you know, people the way that I say it is content is king. And

but the interaction is queen. Okay. I like that. And so guess who rules the household? Yeah. So when you really connect with people on a heart level, people do business with people that they know, like, and trust. And

Jenna Redfield 24:58

I think that's true. More with women, too. Oh, absolutely. I think women definitely lead on emotions versus maybe even like, thoughts. And yeah, like all that. So I think that makes so much sense. And I think Instagram is a great place to be more authentic and yeah, more like, share your heart and soul versus

Stefanie Peters 25:16

Facebook can be a little bit more like businesses. I don't know like i don't i i agree that with that. And even like, I love doing the polls, I love you know, interacting, asking questions. And it's just I love that platform. Yeah, I mean, because it feels like you can connect with people on a heart level. Like you're going to see me with no makeup behind the scenes. You're gonna see me in my active where

Jenna Redfield 25:39

exactly I do that to all the time. Yeah, I don't do that as much. Yeah, like I think for me, like I post probably so much. I'm like, Do I know it annoy people? Like I know, I know.

Stefanie Peters 25:51

I love what you're posting. Keep doing it. See, but I don't post as much. Yeah, but I do a lot of like interaction. There's a different thing for different people. There isn't a right or wrong. And I always telling lady bosses that I'm doing high level business coaching for for women that have like a quite a presence on the platforms. But how do I interact more? I just say you really, you need to go with your gut. You gotta listen to that still small voice because they know what's up.

Jenna Redfield 26:21

Yeah. And I think that having set like, because we've kind of talked about this a little bit at the workshop is kind of like being social. Yes. So important, like commenting. And like, actually, I asked for direct messages every day. Yeah, send me a message. Because I like want people to love that, you know, actually give me feedback. And not everyone does it like, yeah, it's actually there's not as many people that do it as you think. But like, it's still good when I get a few people that are like, Oh, yeah, like I absolutely.

Stefanie Peters 26:48

Absolutely. And like I found on my stories. So like, out of all the algorithms, like Facebook Lives are super high in the algorithms. And then also the Instagram Stories are super high and the elements. So that is such a like, I'm actually blown away at the interaction that I get on that. And even like when I asked for feedback, I am it just it literally blows my mind. How many people actually vote? How many people? Yeah, reach out? Like it is so fun.

Jenna Redfield 27:19

Yeah, I think that, that that is just how the platform has completely changed. It used to be more of like, like, look at me. Yeah, no, it's more like, here's me, this is me. Exactly. And that's why I think stories is such a powerful platform. So what's kind of so you have this new thing that you're launching? Yes. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? Absolutely.

Stefanie Peters 27:42

So I'm actually going to be doing the soft launch of the boss life blueprint on July 15. And that is actually about 20 minutes south of Lakeville. So if you're in the Twin Cities, we are going to have a ton of fun by burning the lies and putting together vision boards. And so I'd love to have you there Jenna.

Jenna Redfield 27:59

If I'm there I if I'm available, I'll try to be so so basically you are coaching as well. So that's kind of so what is like all of the things that you offer? I'm just Yes,

Stefanie Peters 28:09

yes. Yes. Great, great question. So the thing that we're going to be launching on July 15 is an online course, to help women get crystal clear on their goals, get out of their own head and get them into action mode, and keep them accountable through the community. And then really helping them put together How do I become more productive in my business? How do I reach out to people and connect and network like a boss? How do I brand myself and so a lot of those different things, it's a huge component of it is a build up from my book, but there's a lot of other like extras to it. So that's going to be what's launching on July 15. We also i'm going to be coming out with a workbook that works synergistically with the online course. And then we do a lot of different seminars. So we do know one of those ones that I'm really excited about crafting his brand like a boss. And the next one that I'm toying with if there's enough feedback of women that are really looking for this, to do some type of a like write a book like a boss.

Jenna Redfield 29:14

Yeah, I would totally go to that one. Okay, cuz i would love it love to some point write a book, because I think that's a great way to like, I guess even like, dude, I was talking to someone the other day where I was like, I don't like if I was to pitch myself to like news outlets. Yeah, what would I talk about, like, if you have a book, like such an easier way to like, get your name on, like local TV, and

Stefanie Peters 29:36

it puts you on the level of expert. Exactly. And I think that is, especially within branding, you need to position yourself as the expert. And so that is I feel like the ultimate tool to do that. And I'm so passionate about it. I learned so much along the way. Like there's so many things that I wouldn't do that I would do that I'd love to be able to share with women say, hey, do you want to self publish? Do you want to do both? Do you want to pitch yourself? Sure, because I've gone down each one of those. I've done any of that. So yeah,

Jenna Redfield 30:03

that would be really helpful for me to like, be like, I don't want to have to go through all the things you had to go through. It was

Unknown Speaker 30:09

such a hot mess. And like,

Jenna Redfield 30:12

Yeah, exactly. Because I just think that'd be such I don't see that around the cities. Like there's no one teaching that at all.

Stefanie Peters 30:19

Yeah, scene. Yeah. You know, well, then yeah, let's chat.

Jenna Redfield 30:22

I mean, yeah, like if you want to even partner up because yeah, I love to, like do something for that. Because I think especially the people that I see around town doing a really good job. Yeah, it's not it's not for beginners. writing a book is basically once you've like, feel like you've mastered your craft, I guess. Or you feel like you have a story to tell. Yeah, like the two ways that I think writing a book, because if you're like starting your business, that's not the right time.

Stefanie Peters 30:43

No, no, absolutely not. But I think the you know, a seasoned entrepreneur, like I wrote my book, about six years into my business. Okay, and how long did it take you? It took me well from start with you. So here's a funny story. I actually wanted to start writing my book, three years into my business. But things got so crazy in my business in a good way that I was like, Oh, my gosh, there's no way that I can do this. And so then what's so funny is I listened to this Audible, called self, I think it's like self publishing school or something like that by Chandler bolt. I listened to it when I was flying back from my vacation home in Florida. And I listened to the whole thing, because it was only three hours. And that's about the length of the flight. And when I walked off that plane, I said, You know what, I'm not going to wish that my business slows down, I'm going to bite the bullet. And I'm going to write my book from five to 7am. So what was so crazy is I made a commitment to myself. For 90 days, it was two that I was going to write from five to 7am, every single day. And so I wrote wrote, wrote, wrote, wrote, and actually went through the self publishing school that really helped me to organize my thoughts to know like, how to like, organize everything. And so within about 90 days, I had an 80 page manuscript ready to go. And then this is just funny how God works. Because we then a week of me finishing the 80 page manuscript, the publisher that I pitched that many years ago, they wrote me on LinkedIn, and they said, Hey, have you thought about writing that book? I'm like, I'm actually I've got an 80 page manuscript. And that's when they picked me up. And that's when it took about nine months after that to actually get it on the shelf.

Jenna Redfield 32:21

Oh, wow. So that's, that's a long time.

Stefanie Peters 32:24

Oh, yeah. It was like, literally, I'm like, Oh, it was like, I've never had a baby. But there were some growing pains. There were some.

Jenna Redfield 32:32

What is that process? Like? Is it like a lot of editing? Yes,

Stefanie Peters 32:34

yeah. Tons of editing back and forth. You know, there were days where I'm even like, with writer's block, I was like, Oh, my gosh, why did I even sign up for this? And then I just, I remember just envisioning what I saw that book doing for the community, how I saw it impacting thousands and thousands of women's lives. And literally, there it is priceless. When you get DMS on Instagram, or Facebook or on our fan page on lady boss Empire saying, you've no idea I couldn't get out of my own way. And that book helped me and set me free.

Jenna Redfield 33:08

Yeah, I'm sure that's that makes everything work. Oh, so worth it. So. So how do you kind of come? So how did you decide to do a podcast and not like a different platform? Well, I just feel like podcasting. Well,

Unknown Speaker 33:19

let me just, this is

Stefanie Peters 33:22

one of the things like that I love is I love communicating with people and hearing their stories, getting that inspiration, because when I hear stories of people that are like, you know, maybe a mile or 10 miles in front of me, Hey, I did this, I did that, I could see myself in that place. And that inspiration was just like, lit my soul on fire. And I'm like, I'd love to be able to connect with people. But I can't always do that in person. And so I think this could be a really great modality that I can connect with people via zoom. And just like I literally have reached out to people via email, Instagram, that are people that I would would deem like, outside my league that have said, Yes, and I just think that's such a fun way to that I can get some great inspiration from it, and then I can pay that forward to my tribe.

Jenna Redfield 34:12

Yeah. And that's kind of why I do it, too. I'm just curious, because like, I've lately, I feel like I've interviewed a few more podcasters you know, because there's not that many. I mean, yeah, but there's not that many. So it's kind of nice to see other people.

Stefanie Peters 34:24

So keep rocking it.

Jenna Redfield 34:26

Yeah. So just kind of finishing up. So you've added these new team members, and you kind of have built this whole brand around the name lady boss Empire. And that's part of maybe talk about that. And in terms of like building that brand. How do you keep that separate from your own brand?

Stefanie Peters 34:42

Well, I read now, they are mingled in some ways Okay, in like, you know, people know me as Stephanie Peters the lady but Okay, so so but but a lot of times, like I share more of my personal stories on my personal Okay, yep. And then I share more empowered, we're men and a lot of key principles and bring in other people's stories on the lady boss. platform. Okay,

Jenna Redfield 35:06

that makes sense, because I think sometimes people have like one brand. Yes. them and their brand. Yes. So it's interesting. And that's what I do, too. I keep it separate. Yeah. Like, yeah, like me. I am not Twin Cities collective. Yes. But yeah, that same time, I am so Exactly. Yeah. And it's just kind of like, well, I run it, but like, it's not just me in the Yeah. Like, it's, I'm building it for the people. And so that's probably what you're doing. Yes, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. So is there anything you want to like talk about? Or like, what is like your biggest message that you try to tell people when they come to your events? Like what like a takeaway basic?

Stefanie Peters 35:45

Yeah, from you? Well, my my complete goal is that when people walk away from that event, that I helped them to become their own fear Crusher and faith builder. And if they can walk away believing that there's a glimpse of hope that they can do what they've envisioned, I've done my job. Yeah, that is really my end all be all hope and prayer. And a lot of times at the end of an event, one of the last key questions that I will ask is, okay, I pass out this card, and on the card, it says, If I fired my fear, I would. And then they write down what they would do if they fired their fear. And then on the flip side, it says, within 24 hours, I will take action on it. And then from there, this is the person that I'm going to text right now that I'm going to tag them

Unknown Speaker 36:43

because it's so good.

Stefanie Peters 36:44

Underneath the fence, and so at that point, I just say, Okay, now make sure that you text your friend that they're going to text you within 24 hours, and that you you actually took action on that commitment that you made to yourself.

Jenna Redfield 36:58

Yeah, I love that. And I think that, like the fire your fear like that, right? Yeah. So awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming in today. Stephanie. How do we find you online? Like what how do we connect with you?

Stefanie Peters 37:10

Yes, well, I am on Well, my actual website is the boss life.tv. And then that's a really great resource. There's some freebies, there's actually a power plan that you can download for free. And then also I am on Facebook, if you just look up Stephanie Peters it's like how a little kid would spell it sounded out Stephanie SDEFA and IE, Peters, that's my personal page. And then also we have a fan page on on Facebook called lady boss Empire. It's facebook.com forward slash lb Empire. And then we were on Instagram as the boss life.tv. And then my own personal is lady boss, underscore SP.

Jenna Redfield 37:50

Nice. Well, thank you so much. And I hope everyone can follow this episode. And you know, if anyone's listening and you're like, I don't have any confidence. I feel like you should talk to

Unknown Speaker 37:59

OU breathing life into women.

Jenna Redfield 38:03

Go to talk to you guys next week. I'll see you later.

Thanks for listening to the Twin Cities collective podcast with Jenna Redfield. Make sure to click subscribe if you haven't already. And make sure to leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks again for Ian at Studio Americana for producing this episode, as well as Melanie Lee for designing the podcast art. And thanks to Nicole I had less for the use of the song in the intro. intro. Thanks so much again, and I'll see you next time.